The Best of the Week in Covers – 11.16.2011

“And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing who to cling to
When the rain set in
And I would have liked to have known you
But I was just a kid
Your candle burned out long before
Your comics covers ever did.”

— Elton John, Bernie Taupin in a ditty about comics covers

Batman #3 cover by Greg Capullo

Nope. Still not done gushing about Batman #3. While the over-designed logo doesn’t do the composition any favors, Capullo’s depiction of Batman and Talon locked in mortal combat is no less striking. I agree with iFanbaser Firevine, who commented, “I get a sense of [Capullo] channeling a bit of pre-crazy Frank Miller with this cover too.” It’s all in that squared jaw and gritted set of choppers. But it’s also there in that unnervingly expressionless gaze from Talon. How do you follow up something as impressive as that “Black Mirror”  Detective Comics run? Just like this.


Incredible Hulk #2 cover by Marc Silvestri

I’m tempted to offer a “‘Nuff said” and leave it that, but i’ll try and earn my keep. As if great white sharks weren’t formidable enough on their own, Bruce Banner’s got some puke-green Hulk Sharks circling his island stronghold. Just imagine the implications this little experiment would have, not just on the ecosystem, but on a Marvel Cosmic level. A single Hulked-out great white could probably give Thanos a long weekend’s worth of trouble. Anyways, this is the kind of image that would’ve sent 9-year-old Monty’s heart racing. And little has changed 17 years later.

Catwoman #3, cover by Guillem March

While I haven’t embraced the new direction for Catwoman overall, I kind of get the appeal here. Grindhouse Selina is an acquired taste, and this image makes no apologies. Backed against a wall, she’s the pampered house cat gone beyond stray to back-alley feral. It’s far-removed from the high society cat burglar we know and adore, but it’s a perfectly applicable alternative within the bounds of the concept. The image is so strong, so unapologetic, that I’m tempted to give the series a second look after a harsh dismissal. That’s saying something.

Mudman #1 cover by Paul Grist

A winning pin-up. Simple as that. It’s impossible to deny the allure of the Eisner spirit imbued in that hand-drawn logo. The brown monochrome color scheme seals the deal with a mocha latte decadence.

Northlanders #46 cover by Massimo Carnevale

Carnevale is doing gods’ work on this series, of late. They’re dark gods, coiled in the sulfurous bowels of the earth, but luminous nonetheless. More than a mere victory pose, this image begs the question…”Did that dude just impale somebody on a stalactite?”

iZombie #19, cover by Mike Allred

Love hurts. This image would be beautiful without the dimensions of light and shadow, but it’s those elements that make this next-level astonishing.


  1. Marc Silvestri’s cover for Uncanny X-Men 243 was the image that drew me into comics (yes, I blame Silvestri for all of my longboxes). It’s nice to know he can still bring it.

    I love the Mudman cover. I don’t have any history with Grist’s work, but I think I’ll check that one out.

  2. Pandering to who?

  3. I’m not really a big fan of Capullo, and I actually had the Batman cover was the worst I picked up this week. Maybe it’s because of the inking or the color, but to me it looks like Wolverine, not Batman.

    That Northlanders cover was definetly my pick.

  4. Hulk cover is awsome

  5. I love the white space on the Batman cover. It makes the rest of the image pop.

  6. The graphic elements on Batman and Catwoman take those covers from awesome down to pedestrian incredibly fast. I just can’t separate them. Very unfortunate.

    That Mudman cover is so great….smart and well done.

  7. Remind me why I’m not picking up iZombie every month, again?

  8. I was hoping DC Presents might get a look in this week. Loved that cover.

    • Just missed the final cut. I think I’ve included every other Sook cover from the last year and I’m worried about receiving some kind of restraining order.

  9. Pandering to me. I love reading about mole people .. .. what can i say…. reading Hulk is like reading Cat Fancy magazine to me except with Mole people.. instead of cats. Aaron really captures that desire i have to have more mole people in my life and I for one thank him for it.

  10. I love the Hulk Cover and I have to say I am actually enjoying the new direction they are taking Catwoman.

  11. With that Catwoman cover I’m gonna have to give this series a another look, seems like alot of fun. I really like the Hulk cover too but the whole, ”World War Hulks” marvel did last year has left me very fearful of reading a Hulk book again.

  12. The Catwoman cover just kinda screams Hack/Slash to me (not a bad thing).

    Anyone else think the Batman cover looks like Wolverine fighting Echo?

  13. “It’s far-removed from the high society cat burglar we know and adore, but it’s a perfectly applicable alternative within the bounds of the concept. The image is so strong, so unapologetic, that I’m tempted to give the series a second look after a harsh dismissal. ”

    I love this so hard!

  14. I bought the Northlanders book based on the cover alone. I know it is ending and in the middle of the arc but there was no way I could not buy the issue based on that incredible cover.

    Also, I bought Invincible in the single issue too because of the cover. Although I am trade reader for Invincible, I felt like this issue was going to be haunting or a big change.

  15. That I, Vampire cover is amazing.

  16. This week’s Venom cover should get a shout out. Creepy goodness indeed.

  17. I think Capullo often channels a pre-crazy Miller on a lot of the interiors as well. Some of the character designs and some of the layouts must be an homage. I think this at least a couple of times per issue. Loved the cover, very striking.