iFanboy Upstarts: Thony Silas

Some artists break into comics and hone their skills for a long time before becoming name talents, while others drop into your lap without so much as a warning. J. Scott Campbell did it with Gen13, Nate Simpson did it with Nonplayer. In this week’s edition of iFanboy Upstarts, we discover an artist that we were surprised hasn’t gotten a break (yet).

Artist Thony Silas has been doing art professionally since 2000, but most of that time was spend drawing children’s educational books and only in his native Brazil. Silas got an early start however, being hand-picked at the age of 12 by an adult Brazillian artist named Wamberto Nicomedes to start his career drawing books. Silas drew this until 2003, when he transitioned to becoming a teacher and pursuing a career in comics. He’s done a handful of Brazilian comics, but as far as the U.S. goes the only work he’s done is for some Spider-Man trading cards. Once you see his art however,  you’ll be as gob-smacked as I was when you see he has yet to get the attention of an American publisher.

Check out a sample of Thony’s artwork below, and tell us what you think he’d be good drawing for Marvel, DC, Image or any other publisher out there!



  1. I like his lines and all, but those bikini bottoms are a bit dangerous. Geez.

  2. Does Wonder Woman have arthritis in her knees?

  3. That is some ridiculously beautiful art, but I have to agree with @nudebuddha, those bikini bottoms are… odd

  4. great art, but Dayna is on something. not a fan of the knees, really like the pencils of Power girl, Wonder Woman, Super Girl panel. thanks

  5. great great art. any flaws with it a minimal and easily ignorable. this is fantastic stuff and i’m just as shocked as Chris that he hasn’t done any major projects or gotten any mainstream attention

  6. He’d be good on something like Red Sonja (as the image above demonstrates). Something where those kinds of tits actually make sense. Warlord of Mars, Lady Death, something like that.

  7. Bikini lines are NOT odd. Brazilian artist know woman have Brazilian waxes…I’m just saying. lol

    • ha. You fell into a logic trap. He may be Brazilian but he is also a comic book fan so he has never seen a woman naked in real life

  8. His art sure is pretty, but his over-sexualization of women doesn’t exactly sit well with me. Those bikini bottoms are cut real high (as stated above) and the breasts he draws tend to look like they don’t obey the laws of gravity. He could reign that all in, though.

  9. I love those X-Men pages, also that Fantastic Four would make a fantastic cover.

  10. Its all very cool looking but not sure i like it. in anatomy terms it looks like body parts are scaled up depending on if a teen wants to see them, resulting in stange breasts and ill fitting undies. still a million times better than i could do so i should shush.

  11. Well that’s as close to ‘x’ rated as you can get in mainstream comics with those bikini bottoms….

    This guy certainly has the chops to do a Marvel book. But maybe he should start as a cover artist because I certainly like his covers or pin-ups more then his actual interior layouts.

  12. I’m just going to say he’s style is not for me but i can see why some would dig it

  13. My favorite piece is the poster of Hope, Cable, and the X-Men. Also, he’s clearly not drawin’ for comfort.

  14. And look, yes, his women are zaftig, but let’s be honest: the mere fact that every superheroine drawn in comic books EVER isn’t wearing, like, three sports bras apiece is a sign about how unrealistic depictions of the female form in comics has always been. This guy’s stuff isn’t exactly alone in that regard, y’know?

  15. Unrealisitc depictions of the female form? Try unrealistic depictions full stop. But thats whats great about comics.

  16. When did Booster Gold join the X-Men?! Awesome!

  17. Some really weird muscle tone especially on some of the ladies.

  18. I will say this, though, that poster for Never Die Club is pretty awesome.

  19. I love how everyone feel compelled to point out that a highly stylized artist has made stylistic decisions in his art. The muscle tone is weird you say?? Um, ya. That’s the idea, mate.

  20. A fling on ‘Birds of Prey’ might be a good start.