iFanboy Upstarts: Giuseppe Camuncoli

iFanboy is starting a new regular feature here on the site called iFanboy Upstarts where we spotlight some of the brightest stars emerging in the world of comics. Some are long-term veterans turning over a new leaf, and others are new talents who are breaking in at a break-neck pace.

Our first iFanboy Upstart is Italian artist Giuseppe "Cammo" Camuncoli. While Camuncoli has been bouncing around the American comic scene for the past ten years, it wasn't until recently that he began to get his due. He's one of the most prolific comic artists out there, currently working as the series artist for both DC/Vertigo's Hellblazer as well as Marvel's Daken: Dark Wolverine.  Besides the sheer amount of prodigious output he's doing, it's intriguing that an artist can work a style that fits both in the mold of Marvel's super-hero world as well as Vertigo's unique sensibilities. But Cammo's doing it — in spades.

Camuncoli got his start in comics in the independent Italian scene back in 2000, but after showing his portfolio around at Comic-Con International in San Diego that year he was quickly snapped up to join then-Swamp Thing writer Brian K. Vaughn on that title. After doing a 9-issue stint on that book, he bounced around Vertigo before being hand-chosen by Jim Lee and Joe Casey to work on The Intimates, Casey's post-WIldcats 3.0 project that hoped to keep that critical acclaim but garner more sales. He also did an early crossover between DC and Wildstorm in the miniseries Captain Atom: Armageddon. It's around this time that he caught the eye of Marvel as well, where he partnered with C.B. Cebulski on the magic-themed X-Infernus series and lateron the revamp of Dracula & Marvel's vampire nation. While being an in-demand, albiet low profile, artist for Marvel and DC, Camuncoli continued to work in Europe on titles like Bone Rest, Diabolik and B&N Road's End.

With his current work on both Daken: Dark Wolverine and Hellblazer, he's showing readers — and the industry — just how talented and quick he can be. It's just a matter of time before one of the Big Two — or even a smart smaller publisher — signs Cammo up for an exclusive.





  1. I liked this idea of a feature, keep it up!

    I’m a bit torn pn Camuncoli as a whole. Sometimes his work looks really good, like some of the covers/sketches you just provided. But other times, like in Dark Wolverine or Hellblazer, he’s too sketchy for my liking. But I like his new approach which seems to be trying to mimic Frank Quitely in a way. That cover for ‘Prelude to Schism’ with Xavier keeps making me think Quitely did the cover. Hope he goes to that style more often.

  2. Great idea for a new feature. Jason Latour, Joe Quinones or Emma Rios next?

  3. Great idea. I’d love to see if these guys can tell a good story. A page or two of interiors would be nice.

  4. Nice idea for a new feature. I really like his Hellblazer stuff.

  5. whoa. that last cover with thor and, is that storm. man that is awesome

  6. I’ve been a big fan of his for awhile.  His Hellblazer stuff is killer.

  7. I’ve had my eye on Cammo for what feels like a long time but I’m sure it isn’t.  He’s fantastic!  I could’ve sworn I first saw him in a Batman story, but after a brief search I can’t find any Batman work on his resume.  Oh well.  I’m a big fan of him and this feature.  Keep ’em comin’.

  8. Goes without saying everyone should read Hellblazer. That Batman is gorgeous also and his Wolverine is about as perfect as anyone is going to get apart from maybe a Michael Turner.

  9. this dude has been destroying on daken.  awesome feature

  10. This is a great idea for a feature. Sometimes it seems like the comics industry is pretty closed to new talent. it’s a great idea to spotlight the new talent so they don’t go unnoticed.

  11. nice artstyle! like a mash-up of 1980s Frank Miller and 1990s Jim Lee 🙂

  12. Beautiful.

  13. Chris Arrant (@chrisarrant) says:

    Wheelhands: Cammo did do some Batman — look for the 2005 Batman: War Crimes TPB.