iFanboy Upstarts: Sami Basri

Every comic creator is looking for their big break. For some it’s getting to launch a new #1 from the Big Two, while for others it’s getting a creator-owned series off the ground. One of the hardest ways for an artist to make a name is by following up after a celebrated run by another artist who draws in a completely different style. But the best artists take that as a challenge, and make it their own. This week’s iFanboy Upstart is artist Sami Basri, who just finished up a run on Power Girl and is poised to bring a Wildstorm regular into the DCU with Voodoo.

Basri broke into comics in a big way, doing covers for DC’s JLA: Classified in 2007 and being the primary artist  for Top Cow’s Witchblade for 2007 and 2008. The Singapore artist came to the attention of American comic companies as part of the art studio Imaginary Friends which has done a lot of work for U.S. companies. After showing his mettle on Witchblade, he next popped up doing a comic book co-created by Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz for Image, then was quickly roped back in by DC to do The Shield. After finishing out that series’ run, Basri got the unenviable task of following up Amanda Conner on Power Girl and wowed people with the results. Instead of trying to ape the well-proportioned cheesecake meets comedy routine of Conner, Basri stuck to his guns and carved out his own mark with writer Judd Winick. With “The New 52” drawing near, DC pulled Basri from the book so he could begin working on his first launch of an ongoing series with Voodoo. The artist will be rejoining his Witchblade writer Ron Marz for this event, putting Voodoo through the paces in her new digs in the DCU.

Here’s a sample of Basri’s work to get you excited for Voodoo and possibly track down his older work such as Power Girl — check out that T. Rex with gatling gun arms!


  1. Looks great. Can’t wait for Voodoo.

  2. Have we seen any interior art from Voodoo?

  3. This guy is reason enough to check out Voodoo.

  4. Anyone know where image 6 of 9 and image 7 of 9 are from? The fantasy-medieval ones (the two guys, one with a sword, and the one with the boy on a dragon).

    • I think they’re just illustrations, not part of comics.

    • His Deviant art but it hasn’t been updated since about 2008. http://sami-b.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/

      Anyone know where to find more of his art online?

    • Thank you both 🙂 Just loved the look of them, I’m a sucker for good fantasy…
      Whatever happened to the comic with dragons in 1950’s New york? with the boy who follows his fathers footsteps in capturing and taming dragons and then puts them in dogfights (dragon vs dragon though)? I liked that one.
      Do any of you know of any other good fantasy comic? I’ve looked into Tellos after seeing some homage pictures by the ‘sINDIEcate’ that were posted here. Skullkickers on the other hand came off as a bit too cartoony for my taste… Hellboy hits the spot I should say =)
      Would love to see some article/s that highlighted comics of specific genre’s, the kinds of genres that might get lost in the shuffle for those that usually only keep an eye out for stuff within the big two (like fantasy, a couple of good horror comics or, hell, even sports/music related ones, I imagine many would appreciate it).

  5. I loved his Power Girl run. I came in with Judd though. Missed out on the run before… which I really need to pick up, now that I’m thinking about it…

  6. Guess I’m picking up another dc book.

  7. I had little to no interest in Voodoo before, but after seeing that…I dunno. I may have to move some things around. That art is just fantastic.

  8. I really love his work. Think I will check out Voodoo now.

  9. His Power Girl was AWESOME! Didn’t realize he is doing Voodoo until now. Adds a little excitement. Very much looking forward to it now.

  10. JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    I absolutely loved his Power Girl. As Chris said in the article, following Amanda Conner was a daunting prospect, but he totally succeeded. I really loved that book.

  11. well, that was awesome 🙂

  12. Cool, now not only do i have to pick up Voodoo on top of all the other new 52 stuff im getting, i’ve gotta go back and find those issues of power girl.

  13. The arctic battle powergirl issue was really good art wise.

  14. I can’t afford another book so voodoo is gonna have to wait. But I’m definitely keeping him on my future book radar. Loved his power girl stuff, the way he drew supes and bats really wowed me.

  15. He’s got this East meets West thing going on, I love it.

  16. whoa, i’m going to have to get some of his books