iFanboy Membership Drive

The time has come for us to plaintively ask for your help.

You may have read about the recent programming and personnel cuts at Revision3, and while our show wasn’t canceled, our deal with them did change, and we’re now receiving much less money for producing iFanboy. This isn’t going to stop us from producing our show. When the question was asked, “do we go on?” the answer was a resounding yes.

But, there are issues we have to deal with. In order to continue providing content at the level that we have been for the past year, we’re going to need more money. It’s as simple as that, and while we have wonderful advertisers and sponsors, they don’t generate as much revenue as you might think. The idea of podcasting, and making a living from it is still nascent, and as yet, unproven. Our audience is big, for a comics audience, but in the vastness of media, we’re not that much of a blip on the radar. 

This is where you come in, and where we ask you to join us in helping keep iFanboy around as it is now, and help keep it growing it into the future. We’ve asked for donations in the past, and to those of you who have given, we’re still awed at your kindness and generosity. But now, we must make these contributions more of a priority.

Do you like the content iFanboy provides? Do you come to the site every day? Is listening to the Pick of the Week Podcast just as important a ritual as going to pick up your stack of comic books? Have we made it better, and more fun to read comics? First off, we hope so, because that’s the goal. But second, can we ask you to help keep this all going? Because without your help, there’s a good chance we won’t be able to continue to keep iFanboy up as you’ve grown accustomed. If everyone who listened to the show, and come to the website were to donate the cost of one comic book per month, we’d be all set, and there would be no problem continuing at the level we are at now, and even exceeding far beyond that. Realistically, that won’t happen. But if some of you decide that iFanboy is really that important, you can make a real difference.

We’re instituting an iFanboy membership program, and asking members of the iFanbase to help out in keeping the lights on, figuratively speaking. Starting now, you can sign up to donate a small amount each month, just the cost of a bad comic book, and you know you buy a lot of those already. C’mon, you do. We all do. If you can spare just $4.00 per month, and you think that that price is worth it for the experience we provide, you’ll be helping us continue to build the greatest place on the web for intelligent comic fans such as yourself. Of course, that would also mean the world to us, because we want to continue what we’ve started for as long as we can.

There will be two membership levels. You can either donate $4 or $10 per month, or pay all at once, either $42 or $100 for the year. Go to store.ifanboy.com for details.

But wait there’s more! Other than our excessive thanks and appreciation, and the satisfaction of feeling like you’ve supporting something that means a lot to you, what’s in it for you? Everyone who signs up for a membership will receive a package from us containing iFanboy buttons and stickers, as well a completely random comic book. What comic book will it be? Who knows, that’s up to us. Additionally, if you join at the higher level ($10/month or $100/year), you’ll receive a special members only iFanboy t-shirt. We’re still working on the design, but it’ll be yours in about 8-12 weeks after joining. Besides that, we’ll be having members-only giveaways with prizes (like special edition graphic novels, perhaps?), and members will have first dibs on several limited edition t-shirts we’ll be making available throughout the year. 

So there it is. We need your help, and we need it soon. However, I want to make it clear that this is in no way mandatory. The podcasts and content on iFanboy have always been and will always remain free to enjoy. iFanboy is not going to become a subscription service. Nor is iFanboy going away. We have been doing this for going on nine years now and we have no intention of stopping any time soon. But, please make no mistake; to continue moving forward at the level we are at today, we will need your donations and assistance.

If you have any other ideas of how to make the iFanboy membership experience better, please chime in, pipe up, and let us know. This really is your community, and we want to hear from you.

Finally, in advance of your help, we want to say thank you to everyone for everything you have done, and will do to continue making our dreams come true, and help bring the greatness of comic books to as many people as we can.  



  1. Money shall be given.

  2. I’m in guys. Anything to help my weekly comic updaters.

  3. For anyone on the fence: look at the books you pull every month, realize that most of them cost only a dollar less than what the guys are asking, decide which one of them brings you less joy than the show and drop it in favor of the program.

     At least that’s what I’m doing; so long Brave and the Bold.

  4. Wait I’m confuzzled are the give aways for all elite members or is it drawings for the elite members?

  5. So many quips, so little time… 

    You guys should hit up Steve Jobs for the money.  Apparently, he’s a fan.

    Keeping in the spirit of Comics Inflation, you should have made the basic membership $3.99.

    I don’t know, guys.  This means I may have to drop "Secret Initiative: World War Hulk".

    All this having been said… I’m broke.  But count me in. 

  6. I’m in.  ifanboy must never die!

  7. I am willing to drop Uncanny X-Men for you (and the fact that I haven’t enjoyed it in years).  This just makes the decision easier.

  8. Yep, no problem guys. I’m in.

  9. I… can mail in a fiver?

    (I don’t have a PayPal account or a Credit Card for anything beyond "I’m homeless"-level emergencies)

  10. Money well spent.

  11. Gents, keep my t-shirt.  I’ll donate it to someone who can’t afford the $100 bones.  Put it out there for someone who can only afford the $4 buck level.

  12. Done and done, sirs. Been meanin’ to donate for awhile now, so might as well do it now

  13. and money you will get as soon as i get a paycheck

  14. im in for 100. u guys give good stuff. with the financial help, would we be getting more material from u guys? more podcasts or more video shows? i was wondering. either way im in with the "premium" package.

    ive always wanted ifanboy t-shirts, stickers and buttons anyway. 

  15. Viva La iFanboy!

  16. wait what is the difference from the 42 and 100 package?? is it just a t-shirt?? what are the differences with the packages?

  17. DAMN YOU BAD ECONOMY!!! oh well no harm no foul, sign me up.

  18. i gotaa say…u didn’t even have to ask… u can get my money. I think its worth it to support something that has been great to watch and listen to.

  19. I’m a student, but I’ll try to pitch in what I can.

  20. So very worth it!

  21. Plus, I love any merchant that will end a transaction with "Yea! Go You!"

  22. I staggered around the internet looking for a decent podcast for months.  I stopped staggering the minute I found Ifanboy.  I’m heading to the store right now.  Thanks for all you guys do. 

  23. I’ll make a contribution as soon as possible.

  24. With a doubt, I’m in.

  25. uhhh…make that "without a doubt"

  26. Figuring out how to structure my donation right now, but definitely in.

    Public radio can suck it this year, y’all will send me much less junk mail.

  27. (I want to mention that I instinctively and unironically used ‘y’all’ without reference to last week’s lengthy dialect conversation.  Also, I’m the kind of East Coast liberal who already feels guilty for blaspheming public radio.)

  28. I support this! I’m glad a site like yours is going this way. I run my own podcast site, and I went the paid membership route about 6 months ago. It was the best move I could have made. The listners came out and supported it. There where a few "haters" but hey, runing a site and producing content takes time and money. Anyway $4.00 is nuttin. Consider me signed up!


    PS Josh I want to see your comic book done aswell. GET TO WORK 🙂 

  29. I’m in.  You guys definitnely have become part of my weekly ritual, and I’m happy to offer my support.  Anyone else who reads this website or listens to the podcast on a regular basis, if you are able, should also consider supporting to the level you are able.

  30. Money well spent.

  31. Random comic book, eh? Will it be From the Storage Unit?!?

    Count me in. Exclusive t-shirt, here I come! 

  32. I’m definitely in. You guys have been an integral part of my life for years. Some of my best friends are people I talk to online, and most of them I met here. You brought my love of comics to a new height, and last but far from least, you introduced me (literally) to Stan Lee.

     I am more than willing to pay for that. And did I read something about members-only jackets? They’re a little outdated, but I’m down. 😉 

  33. why not. you and twit are the only ones i donate anyways.

  34. You ask and you shall recieve!

  35. I’m in, but as a woefully poor student i’ll have to wait till i get some X-mas money to donate

  36. iFanboy has meant the world to me as it has kept me going on comics.  Hell, interacting with this community is the one thing I look forward to each and every week, and after all its done for me as a comics fan and for my library for my classroom, you can definitely count me in.

    Viva la iFanboy!

  37. couldn’t live without ifanboy.  Memebership paid

  38. you have answered all my emails, even the dumb ones.  of course.

  39. Ya like you guys had to ask.  Come on

  40. I just signed up, you guys got me back into comics after 15 years away, it’s the least I can do.

  41. Aaaaand, it looks like I’ll have to wait a fews to sign up, (I’m on vacation at the moment). Still. I will be in, and that’s what matters.

  42. Did somebody say iFanboy carwash fundraiser?!?!

    Nobody said that? Really?

    Whatever, yeah, i’m in.

  43. I’m in.

  44. Open those wallets people. 

  45. I like the cutting a book to gain this. So, every month, no more, hmmm, Justice League. 

  46. Yep Yep

  47. So does this effect us in any ways? Like you say membership….does that mean we need to pay in order to go on the site now?

    I have yet to donate (yes I am a cold hearted bastard), but right now is not a good time for me….I’m really sorry, my job has gotten drastically low sales so that means less pay for me…So I cannot donate at the moment…

  48. @TNC – From the above post: "I want to make it clear that this is in no way mandatory.  The podcasts and content on iFanboy have always been and will always remain free to enjoy.  iFanboy is not going to become a subscription service. "

  49. You just get to join the ranks of the iFanbase Platinum Edition.

  50. I just signed up. Thanks for all the awesome content guys.

  51. Will you be shipping the t-shirts outside of the US?

  52. @Reckers – Yes, you’ll just have to pay a bit more for shipping.

  53. Thanks Josh. I’ll set up my payment next payday.

  54. "And my axe!" Oh wait, wrong fellowship! Anyway, I believe I will have to wait until I renew all my other organization costs though. (American Anthropological Assoc., Media Ecology Assoc. and CBLDF) as I like to keep everything I joined at the same start date. (It can be hell on the post-holiday wallet thought.

  55. This is just a dollar a week.

  56. @conor: Thanks for clarifying

    I feel like a bastard…..Cant donate -_-;

  57. Okay, I’ll be the jerk for the guys.  It is a lousy dollar a week.  Skip two cokes at the machine this week and hit the water cooler or fountain instead.  For those of us who are regular on the site, this should be a no-brainer.  

    Of course, the previous statement is mine, and not one of the guys, so they should not be blamed should you be offended by what I just wrote. 

  58. @SteveM: Oh I cant live without my soda….sweet sweet nectar….

    I feel like a jerk and I should be. How many posts do I contribute to this site, how many reviews, how many arguements have I done? It’s just….damn comics are really my last lifeline right now. I am comfortable with a budget of comics and I cant see myself drop one title to donate. Maybe in the future I will be able to do it….But with money being so tight right now, I just cant contribute.

    Please dont whip me!

  59. I will easily join up guys, you don’t even have to ask so nicely!!

    I know you all work hard, not just you guys but your other writers, and I can’t think of a better way to show my appreciation.  Plus…I want a really bitchin’ shirt >__<  Can I get it signed by the iFanboys???

  60. will the buttons and stickers be sent with the members t-shirt or seperately? cause im now a "premium" subscriber/member now and i cant wait to get the stickers and buttons but i understand that the members t-shirt has to wait so can i expect to the the stickers and buttons anytime soon?

  61. I am now a premium member!!  Will my username now appear in gold lettering?  Will I finally be able to edit my post??  🙂

  62. I’ll figure out what I can give over break, but I’m totally down for this! Viva La iFanboy!

  63. You guys make reading comics sooo worth it.  "Premium" me up!

  64. Count me in, guys! I need more random comics! 🙂

  65. I’ll definitely be contributing, love the show and this site.

    i have a question: If i opt for the monthly $4/10, instead of the yearly $42/100, will i have to pay it manually or is it kinda like netflix and be charged to my credit card every month?

  66. @Win – It’s a recurring charge, like Netflix or eMusic.  You don’t have to do it manually.

  67. I’m in. You’ve been an important part of my life for some time, guys. Helps make the day go by that little bit faster. Plus, you brought back my obsession with comics. Still not sure if that’s a good thing or not.


    Anyway, I’m out in Scotland.  I’ve signed up and everything, but the delivery charge is showing up as free. Will I get a notice to pay the delivery charge later? I don’t mind doing it, it’s just so I know you’ll be getting the money. Cheers. (:

  68. @conor: thanks. I’ll sign up next pay check. 🙂

  69. I get paid on Wednesday (how appropriate) and will be giving some cash. iFanboy is a big part of my love of comics and I’ll be sure to do my part to help out.

  70. Definitely donating $10 a month guys.  Easily worth that for the amazing work you do.  I’m a long way away in Australia.  Will I get an idea of the postage before anything gets sent?

  71. This is quite the iFanboy development. Will members recieve any info on business progress and have you considered selling shares to members?

  72. Happy to donate. Can you confirm any shipping charges to the UK, please?

  73. crap! I’d like to help…but I’m fifteen and without a credit card..

  74. Throw a T-shirt into the mix and you got yourselves a deal sirs!

  75. Recently got a new promotion and i was looking to donote $100 anyway, so this is perfect timing. Although you guys might have to wait until after christmas, the budget is a little tighter when i have to buy a bunch of gifts for the fam

  76. Also, if you can get Rev3 to fix my forum account or fix my avatar problem on iFanboy.com, i’ll pledge another 50 bucks! those two problems have been annoying me for the past 6 months

  77. I’ve only been listening since October and am already addicted to the show and the website.  If NPR gets my money then so shall IFanboy.

  78. This will make a nice Christmas present to myself from myself.

  79. All Josh really wants is $.75

  80. I’ve been listening to iFanboy for 3 years and I can’t imagine doing without it.  I’ll be glad to help!

  81. done. i consider that 4 dollars to be money i won’t be spending on crappy crossover books. so you guys had better be more entertaining than dark reign!

  82. Just signed up!

  83. There are lots of different groups and places that need money during this difficult time, and they get my support. That said, iFanboy is something I enjoy greatly, and I’d miss it if it were gone. So supporting you guys is my Christmas present to myself this year. Just gotta wait ’til payday.

    Keep up the great work and have a happy holiday season.

  84. Does Marvel sponsor podcasts or do they only support those they’re directly involved in producing?

  85. I wonder what type of world would exsist if this website had to go…..

    *imagines people hugging, dancing, and forming a heart by holding hands*



  86. get a job ya hippies!

    of course I’ll throw into the till, thanks for the great site/show guys. 

  87. Do we have to use paypal?  I don’t see any other method available on the order page.  I do not have a paypal account and don’t want to have to start one.  I would rather pay by credit card.

  88. I’m not a tech expert by far but I assume the use of paypal spares the guys the problem of setting up their own payment system, which requires a different level of security.  Paypal’s pretty wonderful and it’s not as much of a pain as it seems, plus it’s great for use on eBay.

  89. @ultimatehoratio – I have heard some horror stories concerning paypal.  How long have you been using it? 

    If paypal is the only option I will still donate, but I would much rather use a credit card if it is possible.

  90. You guys are a part of my weekly ritual that I couldn’t live without, and I’ve been meaning to donate for a while so come payday donations you shall have! 🙂

  91. It looks to me like if you keep clicking it will give you an option to put a credit card number out there, and Ron said it was an option on the podcast. . .

    I do think maybe if you’re going to pay by credit card it would be a good idea to do the payment all at once, instead of monthly, because I think vendors have to pay a fee every time a charge is run.  But somebody who knows more about that than I do can comment.


  92. All platinum level members are eligible for Paul Hugs at conventions and meetups.  

  93. Next payday count me in for $100. You guys have earned it. 🙂

  94. @stulach~  I’ve never had any problems with paypal and I’ve been using it for about 6 or 7 years.  I think the bad stories come from eBay related stuff.  As a bonus, you can use your credit card through Paypal.

  95. @stuchlach – I’ve used it for years for ebay with no problem.  Other people might have had other experiences though.  I won’t buy anything on ebay unless it lets me use paypal.

  96. Currently, you can only use paypal.  We certainly looked into other solutions, hoping to have an alternative, but for us, this was the best way to go about it.  So yes, you can use the credit card with Paypal, not directly with us.  As far as vendor fees, just do whatever works best for you.  We have no preference.

    That being said, I’ve had a paypal account for as long as I can remember.  One time I had trouble with an eBay buyer who was a moron, but it got sorted out, and I got my money back.  It’s really eBay where you can lose money, but we don’t there Paypal is anything to worry about, or we wouldn’t have used it for this.

    But if you’re uncomfortable with it, that’s your right, and we won’t hold it against you.

    By the way, THANK YOU EVERYONE!

  97. Thanks for clearing that up, Josh.

    The only bad experience I’ve had with PayPal are phishing-type emails that claim to be from PayPal but obviously aren’t (the "tell us yur password and credit card number so we can fixx your account" type thing), but you probably get those whether you have a PP account or not.

  98. @ohcaroline – Yes, I get those as well.  I always ignore them.  It’s something new paypal people need to be aware of.  The paypal thing shouldn’t discourage anyone.  It’s maybe an extra step or two and you can use it for other sites besides this one.

  99. WAIT! It’s early and I wasn’t clear enough.  You can pay VIA Paypal, with a credit card, but you don’t need a Paypal account.  It’s just like paying for anything on the web.  When you get to the part where you can login to your paypal account, on the left, there’s a place where it says:

    "Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem!"

    And you can just use a credit card there.

    Sorry for being unclear.

  100. Is there anyway that i can donate the yearly membership but avoid this: NOTE: By purchasing this Membership, you are agreeing to a yearly recurring charge of $100.00 a year until you choose to cancel your membership. I prefer an reminder to pay rather than an unexpected debit to my account

  101. I’m the lurker who never participates around here however, besides new episodes of Doctor Who, this is the only other show I look forward too. I’ll join up, once I get my Christmas money. Jesus, thirty four years old and I’m still waiting on Christmas money.  

    Thanks guys. I really enjoy your show and would miss it very much if it went away. 

  102. Count me in! You guys easily deserve more! $10.00 a month is lunch! Heck I need to go on a diet anyway. Thank you iFanboy! My waistline will thank you too!



  103. Alright, alright.  I have made my donation.  Thank you to everyone for the paypal advice/suggestions.  Hopefully, I won’t get cleaned out by the army of paypal haxxors waiting around the next corner on the information superhighway.  (I feel like a 60 year-old.  Grouchy about money and concerned about them internets stealing from me.)

    Josh, Conor, and Ron keep up the good work.  I hope my little bit is used to purchase some food for Josh’s dog.

    I wonder if Rev3 would have been a bit more generous if you threatened to run off to another site? (I hear pulp secret is on the market.)  Then again, Ron probably likes his job.  Maybe you should all change your names to Kevin Rose.  That might work.  Hello, and welcome to the iFanboy.com Pick of the Week podcast, I am Kevin, I’m here with Kevin and Kevin.  (Surely Josh could also pull off an Alex Albrecht impression.)

  104. I am now a member.

    Bring me a sandwich.

  105. @mikegraham6 – after the payment, you can just cancel the subscription to avoid any surprises.

  106. I’m fishing out my credit card as I type this….well, not really because I’m typing this with both hands and….well, you get the idea. 

  107. I’m reading the rev3 thread and I’m amazed by people who take business decisions so personally.

  108. @josh – will i still be considered a member if i cancel my subscription immediately after signing up though?

  109. Platinum membership makes me think those special comics sent to us will be holo-gatefold-variant-collectors covers.

    It’s probably financially unsound for me to donate to you fellas, but so’s reading comic books at this point. I’ll just cut a few back and pass that along. You guys enhance the comic book reading expeirence and it’s much appreciated. Much thanks for the fun 8 months so far. Here’s to 8 more.

  110. I want a sandwich, a Paul Hug, A Conor S’up, a Ron Howdy, a Josh Fist Bump, and a Sonia Smile.  Not in that particular order mind you, and they could be spread through out all of ’09

  111. sorry I can’t get a pay-pal account due to me living on the run after jumping the fence at juvenile hall in the nineties, but a goat has been donated in your name to a remote Canadian fishing lodge. Your welcome!

  112. well, i’m unemployed, but I think I may be able to cough up some scratch to the tune of 4$ a month for a while anyway.

  113. Easiest decision I ever made.  Keep up the excellent work guys, it is heavily because of this show/site that I have become newly immersed in the world of comics.

  114. done and done! keep it up guys!

  115. @mikegraham6 – I don’t know.  I mean, yes, but we’ll have to figure out how that works technically. Bear with us while we sort out some of the intricasies of the system.

    And no one’s getting called a Platinum member.  This isn’t a strip club.

    Speak of which, it might be time for our next announcement…. 

  116. Let me guess:  you’re doing a cross-promotion for that gay phone sex operation that you’ve been confused with in the past?

  117. like a lot of folks on here, sending money is something i’ve been MEANING to do for a while now.  this just lit the fire under my ass.  i’m in!  thanks for all you do guys!

  118. You could sell Sonia’s phone number for 10 bucks a pop.  I’m just sayin’…

  119. I’m totally down for donating the $100 a year for a premium membership, but is there anyway to get a XXL t-shirt?

  120. i had the same t-shirt question.  i’m sure there’s a few of us "plusies" on here.  😎

  121. Done…happy to contribute…keep up the great work!

  122. no champagne room membership? 

  123. Done and done.

  124. @kimbo if you spring for the champagen room membership, Conor gives you a lap dance. Remember; NO touching!

  125. If we we’re already donating $3 a month, is that canceled now, or how does that work? Cause $10 a month is one thing, but $13, well, let’s not get crazy here.

  126. While I look forward to listening to the podcast weekly, I cannot financially support you guys….there’s just too much offensive profanity in your podcast.  Lose the F-bombs and we’ll talk….

  127. I’d love to see what kind of hip action Conor could put into an Akon song. 

    Add more f-bombs and I’ll pay extra.  Josh knows what phrase I want to hear him say on air.

  128. @jerichobp – I don’t think that does it automatically, so I’d cancel the former.  Also:  THANKS!

  129. If you give up just one comic a month for a membership, I will read it to you over the phone.

  130. Certain restrictions apply.


  131. Four bucks a month?!  JEEZ, you’ll have to wait until I get a job.  I only got like three more unemployment checks headed this way…

  132. Hey fellas, just signed up for the $4.00 monthly membership. I really hope it helps! I would have gone for the $10.00/month, but I’m a struggling art student.. sorry : /

  133. Jim if you could read Uncanny to me….with different voices…especially the women…I would love you forever 🙂

  134. I was serious about buying shares btw…

  135. How much would it cost for Josh to read ‘Cable’ to me, with voices?    Also, he should describe the art.

  136. If you guys could send me a video of reenactments from Spider-Girl each time an issue comes out, I would strongly consider upping my donation. Gordon can be Spider-Girl.

  137. I am now obsessed with the idea of going on ustream once a month and having a story hour like you’re all a bunch of preschoolers. Read a page; do a voice; show the picture; repeat.

  138. @jimski – pants or no pants?  (Preschool was weird for me?)

  139. @ Jimski – AWESOME!

  140. No offense, Daytona, but I hope you are joking.  I don’t want to listen to a podcast laced with profanity for profanity’s sake, but I also don’t want to listen to a podcast that sounds like it was edited by the "Church Lady".  The show has a nice mix of legitimate discussion and excitement/enthusiasm induced emphatic swearing (there is very little casual swearing).  I personally like the atmosphere of the show and pray that we don’t get a gentrified version of it in the future.

  141. "We all have our thing"

  142. Just signed up for $4.00 a month maybe when my student loans come thru i can go up to $10.00 a month

  143. Student loans to pay for iFanboy membership, thats got to be a tax write-off 😛

  144. I will gladly make a one-time donation.

  145. For consistent awesomosity, I’ll chip in.  I just want to make sure that my portion contributes towards the further mockery of the Sentry or somebody throwing their shoe at Grant Morrison for RIP!

  146. Seriously? Yes. I listen to lots of podcasts, they’re one of the best things about the new wave of the web, I will gladly join to make sure one of my favourite shows can stay on.

    iFanboy HAS made reading comics more fun for me. Since my LCS closed, THIS is my comics store, in the talking to random dudes about what you’re reading kinda way. I bought more to try to keep my LCS open, I’ll definitely chip in to help this stay on.

    And the T-Shirt sounds cool too!

  147. I think members should have a separate forum and have a certain amount of say on iFanboy’s progression. Especially if they are buying shares, which they are not right now but I think they should be able to buy shares. When members get more than iFanboy promo items I’ll probably jump in. I’m not trying to be mean or anything. Personally I don’t yet see the incentive to invest. And I’m just making suggestions as a potential member. Please don’t flame me I just want what’s best for iFanboy and me. That’s why I’m considering this seriously.

  148. @JumpingJupiter  don’t you see that the fact that they’re able to maintain the quality we’ve all come to know and love is incentive enough?  i’m not trying to change your mind – if you want to donate, awesome, if you don’t then fine – but to say that you see no real incentive is kinda crazy.  go back and listen to the early shows if you truly can’t see the incentive.  i mean, seriously.

  149. @JumpingJupiter: "I think members should have a separate forum and have a certain amount of say on iFanboy’s progression."

     I think we all saw how well that worked out for the JLA.

  150. i just got a friend of mine who’s never watched or listened to the show to donate….  sweet!

  151. It’s your call to not donate.  That’s fine.  But it’s not gonna become a democracy, and frankly, we just told everyone how we need money to keep going, because we’re not making enough.  Who wants shares in companies like that other than the american government.  If you like this thing, and you want to keep it going, donate if you can.  If you don’t want to, for any reason, that’s your prerogative.  It’s important to note that we’re not selling a product here.  We’re asking you to help support iFanboy if it’s important to you.

  152. you know, technically, we already have a say in ifanboy’s progression.  the guys are constantly reading posts in the forums and e-mail that we send and evolving the elements in the show based on our feedback.

  153. @JumpingJupiter – I don’t mean to put words in anyone’s mouth, but I have gotten the impression from the guys that run this site that they listen to your (or anyone else’s) suggestions regardless of the size of (or existance of) a donation.  I think (from what I can tell) these guys enjoy what they do and do this because they enjoy it, not to please us or because they think it will make them rich.  I DO NOT want to have any say in how this site/show is run, over and above any suggests I may provide at their request, regardless of how much money I have donated (or will donate, or might donate, or won’t donate) now or in the future.

    No offense to JumpingJupiter.  We obviously have different preferences and I respect that.  If you are holding off for your opportunity to influence the show, then go for it.  I am donating because I like the site/show and want it to continue to exist.  That is my incentive to invest and I am afraid that if you hold off until you get some creative control you may end up waiting for a site that has ceased to exist.

  154. if i could, i would donate my first-born to ifanboy.  the only issue is that i need to find a girl, so i can get a first-born…  😎

  155. I can’t believe you are actually serious in wanting shares in iFanboy…

    Josh summed it up.  If you like iFanboy and have the money to DONATE, because that is exactly what it is, then do it.  It’s like PBS.  You get some gifts, gratitude, and you feel better that you helped out something you love.  Expecting or wanting more than that, aside from the Paul Hugs, is very odd indeed.

  156. @stuclach: Nice call man (gives him a twenty)

    You should be ashamed JJ…No bribes for you! 🙂

  157. stuclach – I’m quite serious.  If they don’t swear in the comics (at least the mainstream ones which are mostly reviewed on the show) then why should the reviewers?  99% of the comics I read, I let me son read.  But I wouldn’t let him listen to the iFanboy podcast, which is a sad commentary. 

  158. This is getting into a different issue, but in Secret Invasion 8, Osborn blows Spider-Woman’s head off.  Would you let your son read that but not let him listen to the podcast?

    The podcast has never been represented as an all-ages show.

  159. Didn’t mean to piss anyone off. Most of you misunderstood my comment. It happens.

  160. @Daytona-I don’t know of any children that can’t wait to get home to listen to a podcast, even iFanboy.  Sorry that Ron’s potty mouth offends you.

  161. Done.


  162. @Daytona – honestly though, most comics readers are adults and not children. I like that this is a show that is by people of a similar age and sensibility to me. I hate it on podcasts when you can hear the people censoring themselves or their language. Who are they censoring for? Some non-existent internet podcast monitoring agency? A demographic that doesn’t, on the whole, tune in to the show? Or even in iF’s case, read comics? It’s silly, they should just tak naturally, and if offensive or controversial things come out of their mouths then so be it, they’re the interesting bits in life.

    It’s great that you’re getting your son reading comics though. Dpending on his age (and to be honest, I can’t see anyone under 12 caring about a talky podcast), should let him listen to iF, the occaisionally foul language is nothing worse than he’ll hear walking down the street, or even hear from his friends. 

  163. It’s cool if people choose not to contribute, but you should know that this is what it’s going to be like at the iFanboy offices: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIs5BYWt_SM

    For those of you who are concerned about such things, this is a stupid and (by some standards) offensive clip.

  164. Okay, let’s not gang up on anyone.  Everybody is entitled to their opinion.  


  165. Happy to donate to the cause guys, the podcasts are one of the highlights of my week. How about we get back to the iFanboy support in the comments here, and not bicker. Can’t we all just get along?

  166. @sonia NICE, I love that clip

  167. I hope I’m not Charlie…. 


    Am I Charlie?

  168. @JumpingJupiter – I genuinely enjoy your posts on the site, so I don’t mean to piss you off either.  I was just giving my point of view. 

    @Daytona -ultimatehoratio makes a good point (as usual).  I would rather my children (4 and 2 years old) hear someone they don’t know cursing than have them see Red Tornado’s arm getting ripped off in Meltzer’s Justice League.  However, I would rather they see/hear neither, so I don’t let them.  They read Simpson’s comics (as should all children) and occasionally get to read something superheroic when I think it is fitting for them.  But I understand where you are coming from and respect your opinion on the topic.

  169. @conor I think the real question is who is Devito?

  170. @gobo – The members are the collective DeVito, I believe is the message Sonia is saying.

  171. I thought DeVito was DeVito and we were all Charlie.  

  172. @conor – Conor, lay on this table.  Ron, remove the assless chaps.  Josh, put the bow down.  Someone (Sonia) flush the urinal.  Is that DeVito enough?

  173. I just mentioned Ron and assless chaps in the same post.  Can I be banned now?

  174. I’m willing to donate.  I’ll think of it as penance for all the Chuck Austen books I bought back in the day…

  175. Ron lives in SF.  Trust me, assless chaps are not new to him

  176. Well, my official decision is that I won’t donate "at this time" but will continue trying to contribute meaningfully with posts and reviews and doing my best to promote iFanboy to others. Hopefilly in the spring you’ll still be around and my financial situation will have changed. And btw, I would buy shares, even if the site is having challenges because I’m confident in the iFanhosts ability to steer the ship right.

  177. Done!  Your services are easily worth my $4 a month.  Here’s to hoping that I can move up to $10 sometime soon.

  178. I’m currently saving to go to Camp America, this’ll be the first time coming to the States, I’m a little over half-way to the dollar goal in my savings that I wanted. Next pay, I’ll see if I can’t put aside some more money and donate the $100US for ya’s, it may not be this pay, but hopefully the pay two weeks from this Thursday.

    Love the content, just need to get that credit card back in the black;  damn you Christmas!!! 😉 and the money is yours, keep it up 🙂

  179. "And no one’s getting called a Platinum member."

    Awww…that was 45 seconds I’ll never get back.

  180. @JFernandes – nice work – FYI for everyone, we’re going to be updating the site to reflect membership status on your avatar and on your profile, so stay tuned for that

  181. I’m in i can’t imagine reading my comics without you guys

  182. Admit it – Ron is moving, and the special editions are just variant covers…

  183. Any chance that platinum members will be given the ability to stamp "fail" on the comments and reviews of non-platinum members?

  184. @Ultimatehoratio-ohhh, I second that idea

  185. It’s like you crave hierarchy!

  186. I don’t actually have an income currently, but the lower level of membership is the least I can do for a site I love this much.  Count me in.

  187. @josh – Didn’t you read Jim’s column today?

  188. @Josh-ok ok…what about secret decoder rings?  Then you guys can send us secret messages on the podcast every week!!  Drink more Ovaltine!!

  189. Who’s Jim?

    Wait, you READ the site?

    Weird world this…

  190. For someone who has no way to pay for stuff online and is utterly scared to death to build one, is there an address I can mail cash to?

  191. Since I’m getting a job soon. $10 is yours.

    (And no, I’m not going to be a douche and suggest that you listen to my advice)

  192. @drakedangerz – If you add 100 clams to your donation we could probably run out and get a DC Vault and mail you the JSA decoder ring that comes with it.  

    (This is not an actual offer) 

  193. its not the same Paul…not the same 🙁

  194. I signed up for 10 a month and posted a thread on the Bendis Board suggesting others do the same.


    Good luck! 

  195. Will the yummy t-shirts make it to this side of the pond? *crosses fingers*

  196. Can Trekkies purchase platinum memberships?  I vote no.  I don’t think they should have the same rights as the rest of us.

  197. question – does a one time donation count as membership as well?  I want to do the 50$ option, but that does seem to fall under the "membership" umbrella. 

  198. @CaptainPrimate – No, a one-time donation is just a donation as beforee.

  199. @conor – gotcha, thanks

  200. though, if you put a membership option somewhere between the 42$ and the 100$, I would do it.  42$ is lower than I’d like to give right now, and 100$ is just a bit higher than I’d like to give right now

  201. Ooops. Thought the $100 one time was membership. How stupid of me. Ah well. It all goes to the same great causse. Many happy returns gents.

  202. This thread is major lolz. 

  203. @All – On the store page, if it says MEMBERSHIP, it’s a membership.  If it says DONATION, it’s not a memberhsip, it’s a donation.

  204. The irony of a $4 / month membership in light of the looming increase of mainstream comics to $4/issue is truly truly ironic! (or is it!)

  205. I go to the mailbox today.  Someone pleeeeease give me an address to send money to ifanboy.

  206. @Ratenef – It’s not ironic, it’s intentionally the price of a comic book.

  207. @Conor But aren’t comics still only $2.99 and everyone’s bitchin’ about going to $3.99

    You’re just buying into the conspiracy! LOL!! 😉

  208. @Ratenef – No, the price increase has already begun.  But this isn’t the place to talk about that.

  209. Ifanboy , making doing Laundry and waiting at the post office soo much more fun!  Making my donation to say THANK YOU

    By the way I’ll gladly give more if Josh does a whole review as Eddie Vedder!(can’t get enough of his impressions)

    Thanks ALL


  210. Kind of funny that far from dropping a book to get a paid membership, I am a fan (and therefore becoming a paid member) in large part because of the books you guys have turned me on to (thereby costing me more in the store…what the hell though?) comic books are the best, healthiest addiction I’ve ever had and by no means the most expensive!

    Thanks for being a daily stop that always entertains.

  211. oops meant impersonations

  212. Aw, come on!  I just want an address to send the money!  If it’s a privacy thing, just send it to my AOL account at kcc86@aol.com.  Or just tell me "no, we can’t give you an address."

  213. Joss Whedon got me to read comics.  iFanboy has kept me going.  I’m in.

  214. I’m in…. the least I can do for the last 3 years of your work, which honestly got me back into comics (and provides me with a community I never had before.)

  215. yeah count me in.

  216. one thought. those shirts better go up to 2 or 3x or i am going to be very upset.

  217. @Tork – Send us an e-mail to contact@ifanboy.com

    @comhcinc – We didn’t off any XXL shirts because those were by far the least ordered size of our original shirts, but we might special order some of them for poeple that need them.  Send us an e-mail about it at contact@ifanboy.com

  218. Okey-dokie.

  219. Just signed up for my membership. Great Podcast/website guys, and I use it in some way every day, and appreciate the time and effort you all put into it. $4 a month sounds very reasonable for a podcast that gives me an hour at least of entertainment, versus any $4 book that comes out and gives me maybe 10 minutes of entertainment if it doesn’t suck, and I read it very slowly. And hey, you guys have finally given me an excuse to drop "Batman & the Outsiders" which I find I only buy because "Batman" is in the damn title!

     Looking forward to getting my schwag in the mail, too, and grabbing up an exclusive t-shirt 😉 

  220. You guys and your website are half my comic experience. Listening to the podcasts and sharing thoughts on books with other members of the community these past months has been incredible. I’ll send the money right after x-mas.

    Again, thank you guys for all that you do.

  221. i’m down

  222. So, I’ve been a bit of a lurker at your site for a while now; but I want to tell you that i appreciate the the site and all the hard work that you all do. In these trying times I’m lucky enough to be able to donate at the premium level and do so willingly and wholeheartedly. In my book you guys rock and i wish the best to you and all your endeavors. If I gush too much; blame it on the beer. swag good; platinum level champagne room access awesome.

  223. $100/year? Done.  Without hesitation.  I can’t think of a more worthy group in "new media" to receive patronage.

  224. If you are reading this post on iFanboy, then you should donate the cost of a comic book to help out our guys each month.  If you don’t, She-hulk is going to come and rip up all your X-men.

  225. Jay and Silent Bob style?

    Comic books fight back:


  226. You guys get paid for videos!? I had no idea. I thought you paid Revision 3 to put them on the net for you. (I guess that explains how Josh and Conor can afford to not have jobs)  If I put $50 on a credit card, how much do you guys actually get? What about a check so you guys get all of it? I’ll contribute but what’s the best way? (But no one tell my wife) (And also, no one tell my wife I read comics)

  227. Membership all paid up. Long live iFanboy

  228. So happy to do this. I love you guys!

  229. There’s a thread about this on Jinxworld.  Could I get some help here?



  230. @LenSnart – Look at the "store" on the sight for more details for the memberships/donations.  Also, sample the product (audio and video podcasts) if you haven’t already.  Welcome to the site!

  231. @ultimatehoratio – I think LenSnart is asking for help arguing with the lunatics on that board.

    @LenSnart – The vast majority of comments I saw on that thread looked like they were written by people who didn’t read the post and who didn’t understand that this is a donation or that the podcast was still free.  The logical people on the board (those who do and do not like the podcast) seem to be correcting the misunderstanding, but there are some people in this world who will NEVER understand the most basic concepts (as a teacher it pains me to say that).  I would suggest you ignore the thread.  It isn’t worth your time.

  232. @LenSnart  that thread is scary.

  233. Oh!  Well will somebody send a "kiss our asses" message over there from all of us?

  234. These waters look lovely.
    I think I shall dip a toe in–

    -"Bendis Boards," a haiku by Jim Mroczkowski

  235. Yeah, I don’t spend a lot of time on the Bendis Boards or Newsarama.  Not to talk smack, but I just don’t feel any love at all over there.  Hence why I am willing to donate to iFanboy and nowhere else.

  236. Happy to help out.  I look forward to the potw podcast everyweek.

  237. the last thing we need to do is start a war with the bendis board about whether we should donate to iFanboy or not.  Honestly, just drop it and let them talk about it amongst themselves.  Save yourself from a headache

  238. I agree with drake it doesnt matter what other say just drop the issue. we all like comics is that not enough.

  239. Give a little, give alot, whatever you can just GIVE! Ifanboy’s POW podcast is what makes my commute to work a little less painfull…..

    That , and Josh doing Eddie Vedder

    Thank You guys again!

  240. Just stop! You had me at "Hello."

  241. Thanks for the defense over at the Bendis Boards.  If people don’t like us, that’s fine.  There’s no point arguing.  The thing is, we’ve really truly heard it all.  I’m either the most knowledgeable person out there, or know absolutely nothing.  I’m too fanboyish, and I’m pretentious and the shows have both amazing and terrible quality.  There simply is no pleasing everyone, but we thank you for the kind words.

  242. @Josh-You can’t see it, but I’m blushing >__<

  243. Ugh, my Bendis Board topic turned out to be a bit of a disaster. Hope it brought in a donation or two, anyway, though.

  244. @iGotKittyPryde I can’t believe how prickish some of those people are


  245. I was giving you guys $100 a year in donations the last two years anyway… might as well score a tee-shirt out of it. That price point is a bargain considering how much enjoyment you guys bring to me.

  246. Done, and happy to do my part. Also gives me a reason to drop Justice League. Well that, and the fact that I just don’t care anymore.

  247. Well done Ron, explaining what’s going on without blowing up.  It was slow day at work so while listening to Bendis on Wordballoon I wondered over to jinxworld and saw this post.  That post shows why I hate message boards, instead of just ignoring something that doesn’t interest them, they have to go slam whatever it is and pick fights.  Don’t know what upsets me more that post or the fact I spent a good amount of time reading all 15+ pages of it.

  248. @igotkittypride: Gee Whiz….no offense to the bendisboards posters but…What is stuck up their butt? Seriously, these guys need help and you just make fun of them and tell you ‘no’.

    That’s like asking someone to donate for a cancer fund and saying ‘What did those guys ever do for me?’

    Really disrespectful.

  249. @iGotKittyPryde We appreciate the sentiment.  You should have seen our announcement on the Warren Ellis Forums back when we started iFanboy.  That was terrible,and we hadn’t even done anything yet.  We’re cool.  Some people don’t like us for whatever reason.  It’s part of the game.  The audience keeps getting bigger, so we take solace in that.

    @jonnjonz – The real reason we were doing this is to upset Dan DiDio.  No, not really.  Really. 😉

  250. I love the Bendis Board, but those people were being pricks and I don’t really understand it. But c’est la vie, I suppose. It’s not really indicative of anything but a small percentage of the board though. 

    Most of the board is lovely, I swear! 

  251. After the holidays i’m in. Just so you guys know, your site/podcasts are actually the most enjoyable part about reading comics for me. It’s all about the mass communication; that’s what makes comics fun!!!

  252. These guys saved my sanity when i got fired earilier this year. There is no way that I’d let them go.

    (wow, that came out creepier than i had intended)

    They’ll be getting my money for sure.

  253. Alright, I’m in.

  254. I give This American Life $5-10 a year.  I’ll do the same for iFanboy.  But, I gotta say, $10 a month just isn’t in the cards for me.  I really enjoy the show, but that seems inordinately high to me.

  255. @PudgyNinja – and we’re cool with that.  It’s up to you.  Some want to, and we appreciate it.  We’ll still like you.

    Most of this is just to pay off @reg5000 anyway, so he’ll let us out of the cages in his basement.

  256. Membership purchase forthcoming, guys.  I’m in the process of switching credit cards.  Should have my act together after the holidays.  🙂

  257. well since i paid yesterday, you can call me member #40. well that was my order number. i wonder how many members there are now since im #40

  258. Someone needs a cookie and a hug

  259. Sent an email about this already but I can’t log into the store to donate.  I can log into the ifanboy mainpage just fine but not the store.  Keeps saying userid and password missmatch or something along those lines. 

  260. I checked out the jinxboard and it wasn’t really any big deal.  It was basically just two douchebags who didn’t have their facts straight.

  261. Still having nightmares if Ifanboy was off the net

    *imagines Chuck Austen writing Uncanny X-Men today and Brett Ratner doing X-4*

    Cant sleep….Austen will eat me….

  262. @smeeeeee-Call me member #62!  I ordered on Sunday night I believe.

    Hey Josh, whats the official number of registered iFanboy users?  If thats confidential information, then don’t worry about answering.  I just wanted to know how many of us exist so I know how many Christmas cards to send 🙂

  263. I love you, iFanbase.  You will never be numbers to me.  

  264. @Paul – Please just hold me.

  265. not even… number one?

  266. I call seconds on the Paul Hug

  267. Mann Gegan Mann video type of hug? I’m in.

  268. Fine, you’re all number one.  

    Swear to god, one of these days I’m going to understand one of chlop’s posts.  If it’s the last thing I do.  😉 

  269. @alsotav – Somehow your password didn’t sync properly.  Try logging into the store now.

  270. hello, I pretty much quit comics when I found your site.video first when had to think hard weather to listen to the audiocast ,I didn’t want to hear how great some new comic was and buy it just to be disappointed(why I quit comics) but your cast opened my eyes to new comics that didn’t suck ,scalped, preacher ,fables and others which i buy in trades only.remenber in the first Lost Boys movie when they find out grandpa has T.V. Guild and their excited because it means he has TV and he saids"if you have the T.V.Guild who needs TV!" thats you for Me "I have iFanboy, who needs monthly comics!?"

  271. I wasn’t trying to over-dramatize it, but it really steams me when people try to talk smack on something when it’s clearly a thread that is meant to be informational for fans of the podcast.  Anyway, as I said to Ron in a PM, I think you guys are awesome.  I don’t have any friends that read comics except in the pretend world of the Internet, so I value the podcast immensely, whether I agree with you or not on every issue.

    (I’m Len Snark @ Jinxworld, btw)

  272. Hey way to fight the good fight, Len.

  273. The other day, I gave a stranger $8 to buy some gasoline, and he never produced enjoyable web-based entertainment for me.

    iFanboy membership is a no-brainer.

  274. $100 yearly for me!you go guys!

  275. I’m in for $10 a month.  Totally worth every penny.

  276. $10 a month is yours.

  277. I’m  in for a membership and i strongly encourage everyone else to join as well.

    Seriously, if i end up losing my ifanboy fix cause of cheap bastard-shaped people who don’t donate i will be that special Hulk Smash!  brand of pissed. 


  278. I gave and then Pimped you guys on my Livejournal. 

    It was totally a work expense too since I work in a comic book store and need to stay abreast of all the comics I don’t personally read so I can recommend books to customers.  I wonder if I can write this off as a Work Expense on my taxes. Hmmm.  

  279. Not for nuthin’ but… if anyone here is a little terrified of Paul’s "hugs," the just let me know. I’m setting up my own donation on PayPal. $4/month gets you personal protection from Paul and his so-called "hugs." I will actually stand in between you and Paul at conventions and kick him until he moves on.

  280. Much like the Juggernaut, nothing can stop Paul’s hugs.

  281. For $3.99 a month I will take all of Paul’s hugs like a secret service agent taking a bullet for the president. Keep the iFanbase alive and Paul’s "urges" contained.

  282. This thread?: Rangy.

  283. one day, when you are all alone and have no one in the world that loves you…Paul will be there with open arms.  And while he cradles you in his arms you will whisper one thing…"thank you"


  284. @drake — yes, and after the whispered "thank you," you’ll hear the quiet rattle of chains, and… I’m just sayin’. It all goes downhill from there.

  285. I’m Anti-Donate… I refuse to give into pier pressure! Maybe, possibly, probably.. OK I’m in!!! Conor- Josh- Ron, I’ve never met you guys but I feel like I have, and with every podcast I’m there with you guys laughing and yelling at the same time having a blast! The website and community that you guy’s have set up is outstanding, and I’m very grateful to you guys that I have a place to share my hobby with. Donation is on it’s way! ( After I OK it with my mom.) Just kidding! Thats just the Miller Lite trying to be funny!

  286. So you’re like a creepy mother listening to her son pleasuring himself…ok

  287. @SuperMoore – My conscience bothers me now. Sorry. Here’s a song:


    Let’s dance… 

  288. @Josh, I clean those cages regularly now so there’s no need to complain. Don’t make me turn the hose on you again. 

  289. Is it too late to point out that all chaps are ass-less?

  290. @JimFromLima – It is never too late.  Of course, I was referring to Motorcycle style Chaps which are often referred to as "assless" (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaps).  We must keep our chaps discussion "respectable", so as to keep away the "riff raff".

  291. I’m now an official Ifanboy member at 10 dollars a month and I have to say that it feels pretty good.

  292. I’m happily a $10/month member. The utility of this sight is worth much more than 2 comics a month. Here’s hoping that the iFanboy clan not only sticks around for a while, but grows larger and more prosperous by this time next year!

  293. mountain wildcat, A) thank you and B) is there any chance you look like Wolverine and drive a 4×4 pickup from the 70’s, because that’s what I’m picturing right now, and I don’t want that image broken. 😉

  294. I will do it when i get my paycheck.  Thanks one more time guys.

  295. .. the podcast is something I really look forward to every week. As soon as I update my pp … $100.00 is ifanboy’s!!

  296. Shh. The IRS is listening…

  297. Well, I said I’d never join a club that would have me as a member, but I do like to support things that make me happy. So I’ll help. Besides being in the same club as Tom Katers would be cool. He seems like a pretty sweet dude.(I know you’re not calling it a club, I am, just let me have this.) So if anything terrible happens and makes this go away at least my conscience is clear. Take that, jerks!

  298. There was a Disney club advertised in VHS movies of Disney which I subscribed to and never got a thing from it – it was a scam. My sister signed up for it some time after and she just got one issue that looked like it was made in one day.

    Clubs suck. 

  299. $10erd’ up!

  300. Everyone who has donated:  You Are Awesome.

    That is all.

  301. Aaaaannnd subscribed. When I get better/any freelancing coming in I’ll up it to 10.

  302. I just signed up for a membership, but I’d like to make a suggestion. 

    comicology setup an Iphone application which is pretty good.   I think you should look into something like that where you can provide another service that will bring in money.  From their app you can pull books and other things.  I think it was well worth the money I spent on the app.  

    Perhaps (and this is a bit more elaborate) if you were able to make a deal with a small time comic publisher you can have an app that will perform similar functions as comicology’s app, but also provide digital comics.  With this setup you could have a montly subscription that you could charge for.  

     I’m sure tehse thigns would take time to implement but I think its something you can make money with and provide a good service. 

  303. An iPhone app was certainly something we’d talked about even before Comixology, but we haven’t had the resources to tackle a project like that as of yet.  But we’ve certainly had the conversation.

    Thanks for the support, and we appreciate the suggestions.

  304. Without this podcast I probably wouldn’t have gotten into comics the way I have.  You guys do a great job and I love to support the podcast anyway I can.

  305. The servers need someone with a giant leaf to cool them down, to save electricity on fans…

  306. Enjoying comic books has always been a solo thing for me.  Since I discovered iFanboy it doesn’t have to be anymore.  Signing up was an easy decision!  Thanks guys.

  307. Thanks for all of the hard work and great job you guys do. I’m loving the new content on the site, and the Talksplode episodes. Can you guys bring back the mini video show for the Pick of the Week, and book of the month? 

  308. Unless something changes drastically, the Minis are ostensibly dead, or at least in cryogenic freeze.  The Pick of the Week Mini was especially challenging because of the time constraints involved in reading all the comics in one day, writing a review, shooting, scanning and editing a video show.  It wasn’t too much fun.

  309. I owe the audio and video shows a debt that can never be repaid. I’m not pulling in any commission until after the new year, but after that, COUNT ME IN!

  310. The minis hurt my nightly bandwith. While I really enjoyed some of them (my favorites were the Old Ads and old random comic review), I was semi-glad to see them go. Talksplode more then made up for them, IMHO. I’ve listened to the Remender and Canate interviews twice, and I’m saving the Brian Wood for some crappy day that needs improving. Seriously, you fellas rock.

  311. Talksplode is awesome.  I don’t think it gets nearly as much appreciation as it deserves.  The guys have done a tremendous job with it.  

  312. #197…woot.. gonna give lotto a shot with that.. also this long time lurker would like to thankyou ifaboys for all your hard work.ty.

  313. I want to show my support of Talksplode too.  All of them have been excellent, and I’m not even really into listening to interviews.  They feel less like interviews and more like interesting conversations.

  314. That’s what an interview should be.

  315. That’s why I love you Josh.

  316. @Josh—You guys made it look so easy, so I wasn’t aware how much work went into the mini pick of the week podcast. Didn’t mean to sound like a whiny a-hole. Sorry.

  317. I’ll be donating for sure.

     "If you have any other ideas of how to make the iFanboy membership experience better, please chime in, pipe up, and let us know."

    How about a service similar to what other comic book sites provide?  Provide an automated  weekly email of our pick lists complete with cover art and total retail cost. 

  318. I think it’s fair enough – you guys work hard offering more than just a pod cast.

  319. @WetWork – from what an admin on a different forum told me, from his experience that means massive traffic meaning ifanboy will bleed money. He just sent text emails, so photos as well must be hell.


  320. @ScottB – Nothing to apologize for.  Don’t sweat it!

    @WetWork – That email and calculation tool is definitely something we’ve talked about.  Hopefully we’ll get there.

  321. no brainer for me to throw some cash at y’all.  it’s shows like this that helped get me back into comics and since I read probably have of the average person on here (no DC for this guy) so I can afford a few bucks a month.

  322. half not have.

  323. I’m in for the $42 annually.  It’s all I can afford.  And by afford, I mean all my wife will let me.

    Keep up the amazing, spectacular and web of work guys!

  324. I will help keep you running!, though $42 dollars is probabley all I can give.

  325. I tuned into iFanboy about a year and a half ago, right around the birth of my son.  Anyone around these parts who’s a new parent knows the kind of stress that can be put on you when you suddenly go from late nights, late mornings, and the freedom to just up and do what you feel like to no sleep, no going out, and basically handing your life over to this small, helpless creature that will eventually grow up to hate your music and ridicule you for how you just don’t "get" the new technology all the kids are using.

    It’s not so much a loss of identity as it is a complete re-evaluation of that identity.  In order to find some private, personal piece of my self that I could hold onto and not feel like a total "Dad" all the time I turned back to comics, something I had loved while in college but then dropped off of more than 15 years ago.  In order to get back into the swing of things I subscribed to your podcast, checked out all the "Best Of" segments and slowly (and wonderfully) integrated comics back into my life.

    All this to simply say, thank you Josh, Ron, and Conor.  I did my $100 up front, and hope to continue to support iFanboy for as long as you need it.  My only request is that you keep doing what you’re doing.

    Sincerely, Member #211 (or something to that effect)

  326. just went ahead and got the membership just now. Honestly I remember i ran upon the site by some sort of accident.Was excited when i saw it to be able to run into a place where i could talk abolut comics,questions i had on the subject, and the like. But since then its become a place where online i can speak about pretty anything and everything. I’ve enjoyed telling it to friends,downloading the podcasts. And having the cool community feeling online. I can honestly say i felt like i was truly excited to help. I enjoy the way the site grows and how you can just jump right in and be apart of the community. So here’s my dedication to help u guys truly be able to do for the site what your heart can contend with.


    By the way…Josh.Conor,Ron,(in no particular order),all the writers,and to all the contributors,thanx for a great site. Can’t wait to see 09.

  327. by the way am i member 216,that would be cool to have a member number,lol

  328. Just paid for my membership.  You always produce a high quality product and have definitely helped to renew/maintain my interest in comics (not sure if I should thank or curse you for that last part!).  Best of luck with your plans to further develop the website and podcast.  Cheers!  Member #219.

  329. Got paid Friday, and now I’m a member, too! You guys deserve all praise for keeping this site and podcasts up every frickin’ week. Go you!

  330. I just tried to pay for the $100 sub but I can’t access Paypal…. the site seems to be down for me :/

  331. Okay, used a different computer and was able to get on? and it is done, my $150NZ is donated…. or subscribed, enjoy guys! Thanks for all the work, love it all

  332. crap… it’s more like $200, ah well, worth it 😀

  333. I think members should get an annual newsletter detailing how their money is being put to good use. Like any other charity.

  334. iFanboy is now like the YES Network ( NY Yankees ) , hoarding lots of money. Just don’t sign M. Teixeira or M.Ramirez to write a column. Go Mariners!

  335. Heh, I’m 227. I liked that show…Anywho, money well spent, thanks for everything guys *_*

  336. I’m away for Christmas but will try and sort something after. Like Jupiter, I’m curious, though. How much do you need? The appeal implied you work full-time on iFanboy (‘The idea of podcasting, and making a living from it is still nascent, and as yet, unproven’) but on the Bendis board it says you have day jobs. Revision3 still pay for SOMEthing – the server space? And you get sponsorship for individual episodes, which must pay some expenses. If the server space is paid for, producing the podcast can’t be a huge expense.

    Are the video bits a big cost? I never get round to listening to them as for me the site is something to read when online, I don’t tend to use the computer to watch stuff. I love the weekly comics pull-list, and reviews, but they can’t cost much to update.

    I realise that just asking may make me seem the dick but as you’re appealing for cash (and Josh is just plain appealing . . .), it’d be interesting to know what you need it for before I sign up.

    Happy Holidays, as you say over there!

  337. @JJ you know that its not a charity right?  It’s more like if netflix gave you the option to pay for your membership or not, you are paying for the product and the entertainment.  They are just giving you the option to choose to do so or not.

  338. You know that Shamwow and QVC joke the guys did in the most recent video podcast?

    That’s what they need the money for. To continue to give us the top quality podcasts every single week and pay their writers to give us incredible articles every single week…..Plus a joke now and then is a little extra when it comes to the videos.

  339. It’s an organization asking for donations. It’s not a "charity" per say but very similar. My point is, if you’re asking for my money I would appreciate the courtesy of knowing how it’s spent. In the announcement and other comments the iFanhosts mentioned that this enterprise was a hobby turning into a business. I think it would be a good business practice to keep numbers and inform members of how their donations are used.

    I’m not being contrary nor am I criticizing the decision to ask for donations. Just a suggestion from a potential member.

  340. Ok, finally signed up. I’m happy to do it. You guys have made my commute on Monday mornings tolerable.

  341. @Mart – Ron has a day job; Josh and I have been full-time on iFanboy since the beginning of this year.

  342. Happy to say that I am now a member.  Now if only the site would "remember me" when i log on…

  343. @Conor – It shows dude, 2008 has been an amazing year for the site and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. My favourite website got better every month. The work is appreciated, and as soon as payday rolls around it shall be rewarded. Plus, I really want me that exclusive Tee! 🙂

  344. @eyun- i second that!

  345. I just wanted to let you guys know that you single-handedly got me back into comic books.  For that, thank you.  Because of you, I’ve finally read Watchmen, Preacher, and Y: The Last Man (among other amazing books), which ended being the best three comic book series I’ve ever read.

    To thank you, I’ve been making all of my Amazon.com and GoDaddy.com purchases through you guys, and in the spirit of the holidays, I’ve just signed up for the $42/year membership and made a one-time $50 donation.  Now, my wife agreed to this, but would not agree to the $100/year membership.  Sorry about that.  You should still send me the deluxe t-shirt… if you were cool, you would.  Just sayin’.  =)

    If you won’t do that (really, my feelings won’t be hurt), I do have a list of simple DEMANDS:

    1)  Follow me on twitter [ http://www.twitter.com/johncachero ] some of you already follow me on Flickr.

    2)  Speaking of Flickr, check out my photos covering the opening of a new LCS in Virginia, Local Heroes.  Their link is all over the set, but I’m not advertising them, I’m advertising me… so go here [  http://www.flickr.com/photos/nogsonline/sets/72157611434023469/ ] Log-in and fave some photos while you’re there (I’m looking at you, Conor).

    That’s all.  Keep up the good work.


    …I lied.  One more DEMAND:

    3)  Please tell me that you guys are planning on recording an end of the year wrap-up of all things non-comic book related.  Last year’s was fantastic and so entertaining.  You must record another.

    Happy Holidays,

    John Cachero

  346. What’s an iFanboy…?

  347. Just read that whole Bendis Board thread – example #1 of how the internet sucks.

  348. Guys, i’ve been trying to donate all afternoon and i keep getting this 10417 error message, what am i doing wrong? : 10417 Transaction cannot complete. – The transaction cannot complete successfully. Instruct the customer to use an alternative payment method.

  349. Hey, this podcast got me interested in comics again…and helped me discover new comics like Invincible, Criminal and Dynamo 7 !

    I’m in… 



  350. I’m proud to be an iFanboy member.  Couldn’t have spent that money a better way.  Thanks iFanboy.

  351. You guys will have my $42 on Friday. Holidays and a bi-weekly pay period put things on hold but I didn’t forget about you guys. 

  352. I’ve really enjoyed all the great podcasts and articles you guys have provided.  My $10/month is yours.


  353. in the middle of moving, as soon As I settle in on the 17th I’ll be donating

  354. finally got around to kicking in some money…hope it helps. 

  355. i think i finally managed to make my donation!! Mikegraham6 – Proud new member of the iFanbase

  356. Since I dropped DC’s Trinity, i thought that you guys could use the money.

  357. iFanbase member… and proud to be one! 🙂

  358. Just became a monthly member of the ifanbase.

    Thank you for everything you have given us!!!!

  359. Thanks everyone!

  360. I would be more than happy to donate money if you guys would go "fully transparent". I really would like to know how little you guys make and how much you make from Revision3. I’m a huge fan but I’d like to know how they’re screwing you guys. Do you make $100 a show? The video shows aren’t nearly as good as the weekly audio show. I’m just being honest. I’d love to throw some money at you guys… but puuuullllleeeeease let us know how much you make now. PBS releases all the information when they ask for donations. Why aren’t podcasters more straight forward with their "reality" of struggling to "make it" believe me, you’d have a lot more listeners that would be a lot closer and faster to support you the more details you give out.

  361. @electricyoda: You are aware that Ron works for Revision3, aren’t you?  They aren’t screwing us in any way.  And I’m sorry but we’re not going to release any private financial information.

  362. Yeah I don’t know how much money Ira Glass makes, and don’t want to, but I still give money to This American Life.  If you were investors, or sitting on a board, you would have the right to know that.  These are donations, and as said before, it’s your choice to give or not.  We’ll not fault you one way or the other, but our personal and professional financial information, like Conor said, is not public information.

    Time to get back to my private jet now.  

    Wait, what?

  363. Have a counter like Wikipedia! Make it reach 6 million USD as well so it will look empty.

  364. Sorry if I offended you guys about going transparent and talking about how much Rev3 pays you. I just think that it would be very interesting to turn your "reality show" into a "real reality show". I would love to know the behind the scenes stuff of who’s kissing who, who’s talkin’ to who, who knows who, what Rev3 does to you guys, how many people download the podcast or video show. It’s interesting and would really make you closer to the listeners/viewers. I want to hear about the iFanboy’s sex life, struggles getting interviews, and how the behind the scenes stuff goes.

    It would be so interesting. Almost a meta-podcast… doing all the great stuff you do… plus adding in the reality stuff. That would be so awesome! You could loosen up the show and do some real crazy stuff and topics…. how about HOTTEST COMIC CHICKS? or dressing up on camera like that goth show… I know you guys want an audience and it would grow if you got a little more "edgy" and "open". 

    I love the show and I’ll be sure to donate some money to keep you around. I think 1UP went down today and I’m hoping you guys stick around… but there is no reason to be doing it if you aren’t making enough money. I LOVE YOU GUYS… so don’t take my posts too seriously. Just throwing out ideas.

  365. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Are you wearing a beret, turtleneck, and a sharp goatee by any chance?  

  366. You can always dumpster dive…

  367. @ electricyoda- yes sadly 1up was bought up and alot of its employes were let go.

     Also I have joined in as a member and i’m glad I could help. Even if it is a small amount.

  368. @Paul – I am, just for this thread. Just for you!

  369. @electricyoda: Hey, just be glad they finally released the earnings of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne in their most recent Voicemail video podcast. 

    As for membership, I payed up last month. I went with the $100 a day plus expenses plan, until they find my missing secretary. (Of course this is a setup, in which I’ve planned an elaborate scheme to frame them for her murder). It’s in black and white, lots of cigarette smoke, and at one point the iFanboy’s will meet up with a leggy blonde originally from the wrong side of the tracks. 

    (I think this whole X-Men Noir thing has had a bad influence on me.)

  370. @electricyoda-I think if iFanboy started doing shows about "which Marvel superheroine would you bone?" and start dressing up, then it would be all down hill from there.  We all want comics to be taken more serious by the rest of the entertainment community; talking about how hot a character is wouldn’t help much.  It would perpetuate the stereotypes that we all want to avoid.  Save that sort of talk for the forums!! 😛

    And no one should ever go "edgy" in order to get more attention.  X-treme marketing was an early 2000s fad, and I don’t think it was terribly effective.  Although I do enjoy my Mountain Dew while I skydive into a vat of Jell-o and great white sharks

  371. Don’t worry.  We won’t.  We can only be us.

  372. I would LOOOOOVVVVEEE to see iFanboy go X-Fanboy… and the X is for Xtreme. How great would that be? Josh could wear a Cameo "Word Up" outfit, Ron could get back in his Goth Costume, and Connor could dress up as one of the Baseball gang members from The Warriors. That would be so awesome!

    I’ll definately pony up some bucks… but I’d give more if they went Xtreme. They could have booty-babes in bikinis dancing around in the background while some gothy-emo music is playing in the background. They could have faux-sex with a snake like Britney Spears. Make a sex tape. Have conversations about which comic book hero (including the guys) would be good in bed. It’d be like Howard Stern but with comics. That would be so Xtreme!

  373. Are you calling comics entertainment? You ruined any chance of the Egyptians to recieve any recognition.

  374. Don’t worry.  We won’t.  We can only be us.

    Posted by josh on 01/07/09 at 03:11 PM


    @Josh – But that doesn’t totally limit you. You could be Conor, Conor could be Ron, and Ron could be you. See, lots of flexibility, and still a little extreme. 

    (Okay, I’m just avoiding working on performance reviews here at work by reading the site. Anyone else dealing with performance review hell right now? Can anyone else suggest a good way to waste time?) 

  375. THIS is kind of like my performance review.

  376. Well, then you exceeded expectations.

    Next, please!

  377. So, about those t-shirts… when when when?

    By the way, and I know I’m late to this party, but is the iPhone the greatest thing any man ever invented? Jus’ sayin’ 🙂

  378. It took long enough, but freakin paypal finally gave me back my account access. Idiots. So I finally put in my iFanboy membership!

  379. I don’t have a date about the shirts yet.  As soon as we can, I promise.

    And, again, thank you everyone.

  380. Have you worked out the design for the shirts yet? Flames are cool.

  381. Quick question, any idea when the stickers, buttons/ randoim comic are going out?

    I  have to admit im curious what my random book will be… maybe one of those 90 copies of x-men n. 1 Ron has, seeing as I only have 4 myself…

    What? i was a kid, variant covers seemed neat… for some strange reason.

  382. Shiny…

  383. The t-shirt delay is okay with me. I have to work of this christmas fat to fit into it.

    (Too much information? Probably.)

  384. @powerdad: It’s something we all have to deal with at this time of year

  385. Maybe the ramdom comic will be a DarkHawk #1 I think I remember Ron saying he had alot of those. 🙂

  386. I was thinking that too, Guardedmarman.

    Come on, Ron, pony up!


  387. Flames on the shirt would indeed be bitchin’  If not, I suggest skulls

  388. @ drakedangerz: Two words. Flaming Skulls

    iFanboys, your t-shirts have been designed.

  389. @Reg5000: That’s a band Ron likes right?

    Have Calvin from ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ pee on the ifanboy logo….That uh…..that’s a popular design…Dont know if the guys would appreciate it….but kids just love Calvin peeing on things…

  390. happy to help signed up for $10 a month. You guys are why i got back into comics at a very ripe 35. Do i get a payment break if the counselling i now require due to We3 which i read after seeing a show goes to twice a week?

  391. If there is a shortage of Darkhawk #1 issues, I would also be fine with an excerpt from Paul’s hefty personnel file. Or one of Ron’s old issues of Entertainment Weekly–i’m dying to know how Party of Five will end!

  392. Just doing my part now to see this thing reach 400 posts…

    LOL about the Calvin thing..but don’t do that…

    How about a Andy Warhol pop art design as the heads of the iFanboys in technicolor a la Marilyn Monroe…let’s see: Ron, Josh, Conor and..Gordon? Oh, never mind….. 

  393. all moved, (not unpacked, working on that, putting together a bookshelf for my trades, priorities of course)

     just joined up on the yearly plan