iFanboy Joins Forces With Graphic.ly

Graphic.ly Acquires iFanboyYou heard it right. iFanboy has been acquired by Graphic.ly. The deal includes iFanboy.com, our various shows, and Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick as talent.

Graphic.ly has the future in mind, and that’s something iFanboy has always valued. Their first product is a digital comics reader and platform, a movement iFanboy have always supported. But in addition to that, Graphic.ly is very committed to being a part of the comics community at large, and to growing the comics audience. They expressed an interest in bringing some folks on who were respected in the comic book industry and had developed an awesome community of comic book lovers. Eventually when all those people turned them down, they were stuck with us.

Another fun fact is that Kevin Mann, one of the founders of Graphic.ly, got back into comics after becoming a big fan of iFanboy’s shows. Shortly after getting back into comics, Kevin began to investigate digital comics which then lead to the creation of Graphic.ly’s digital comics application. So, in a way, Graphic.ly is all iFanboy’s fault.

Here's Graphic.ly's press release on the deal.

As far as iFanboy is concerned, this is absolutely fantastic news, and the future is looking very promising.



We’re guessing a lot of questions will come up in the wake of this news, so we thought we’d prepare some answers for your curious minds. Additionally, feel free to ask more in the comments, and we’ll try to answer as many as we can.


“What does this mean for iFanboy?”
For one thing, it means iFanboy will continue as you’ve known it, and possibly (hopefully) even better, into the foreseeable future. And no, that was not a foregone conclusion. If you like iFanboy, then you very likely owe Graphic.ly a note of thanks, because they came along at just the right time.

As far as content goes, it doesn’t mean anything. That is to say that Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick are still running iFanboy, Graphic.ly is supportive of there being an editorial wall between iFanboy and Graphic.ly, meaning that it will continue to have the voice and tone you’ve come to expect from the website and the shows, and we would never change that. We might be offering some more content, and we’ll be growing the website, but at the core of iFanboy will be three good friends (and a few of their friends) who love comics, and don’t mind a good laugh. We want the best for comics, and that is, and always has been, our goal with iFanboy.

Our audio and video shows will remain as they have been. This deal does not impact our relationship with Revision3, who distribute our video show. As always, we’ll be looking for ways to improve our various shows, and to serve the audience the best way we can.

We’ve all got ideas of how to make iFanboy.com a better website, and in addition to the many suggestions we’ve heard from many of you, there are countless other improvements and updates we’ve been unable to implement yet, being limited by resources as we have been. In short, we took iFanboy about as far as we could on our own. But now, by partnering with Graphic.ly, we will be able to do a lot of things we’ve always wanted to do because Graphic.ly has committed to helping us build and evolve. We want to take iFanboy to the next step and Graphic.ly is going to help us do that. As far as we’re concerned, only good things can come of this. In the short term, we’ll be looking at updating and improving the website (which admittedly has a bit of a Millenium Falcon thing going on), and to expanding our content. 

“What if I don’t want iFanboy to change?”
We’ve got good news and bad news for you. The website is going to change. But only because we’ll be slowly adding more of what you already loved about iFanboy. More writing, more reviews, more features, more fun, more discussions, more creators, more anything we can think of to make iFanboy better for you. This development will finally give us the opportunity to improve iFanboy in all the ways we’ve wanted to, but haven’t been able to because we have lacked the time and the resources and the manpower that are needed to make our ideas a reality.

“So why do you still need iFanboy Members?”
This is a key question. We’re guessing a lot of iFanboy Members are thinking they’re wasting their money now, right? Not true! You Members are still needed, more than ever, in fact! Quite simply, you’re the most valuable resource we have at iFanboy. The Members literally kept us going, and as our most important source of revenue, we need to make sure that iFanboy Members don’t abandon us. We absolutely still need you. Therefore, we’ll be thinking of more things we can do to ramp up the ways that we reward people for being iFanboy Members. That means more giveaways and exclusives will be yours for standing with us and supporting us for all this time. Stick around, and we’ll make it worth it, as we hopefully always have in the past. We cannot express our gratitude enough for your generosity in helping us achieve so much, and hopefully continue to do so. We won’t let you down.

“Are you rich now?”
Oh, that’s a funny one. We are most emphatically not rich now. We’re not even close to being rich. Please rest assured that we’re doing this, more than anything else, for the love of comics and for the love of what iFanboy has become over these last nine years, because, as we said, definitely not rich.

“What about Longbox, iVerse, PanelFly and the other digital comics applications out there? iFanboy’s been very outspoken in covering digital comics, is Graphic.ly all we’ll hear about?”
You’re absolutely right, we are outspoken about covering digital comics because we do believe that digital comics are going to play a big part in the future of the industry. In fact, partnering with Graphic.ly shows you just how much we do believe in the future of digital comics. But no, iFanboy will not become the mouthpiece for Graphic.ly. Ask their CEO, Micah Baldwin: Graphic.ly doesn’t want us to focus solely on them, because doing that wouldn’t serve the comics industry. So we will be continuing with our coverage of the comics industry just as we’ve always done, and that will include digital comics and all those who offer them. We’re excited to see what the future holds and look forward to using all the digital comics offerings as they become available and/or continue to develop.

“What about the Longbox Beta Codes we were expecting?”
We’d very much like to provide beta codes to the iFanboy Community once the Longbox public beta is released, which many of you have been anxiously awaiting. We’ll be talking to the team at Longbox to verify that we’ll be able to. If you’re interested in Longbox, be sure to let them know that you’re from the iFanboy community and would still like to get beta access.

"What about Murmur?"
Murmur.com and the Murmur Podcast are not a part of this deal and remains unaffected and independent. Murmur will continue to run as it always has.

“So what now?”
Well now that you’ve been updated to what’s going on behind the scenes at iFanboy HQ, sit back, read some articles, watch or listen to a show and continue to enjoy everything the world of iFanboy has to offer as the future is looking very bright indeed!



We’d also like to take the time to thank everyone for their tremendous support and positivity over the years. From our staff of writers, to all the amazing creators and comics publishers we've had the pleasure of covering, to the other stellar comics websites and podcasts that we’re so proud to associate with, to our close friends and business advisors, and most of all: You. Without you and everyone else mentioned above, iFanboy would not be what it is today. There are too many people to thank specifically, but hopefully everyone knows how deeply appreciative we are and will continue to be the best friends, partners, colleagues, writers and show producers we can be, so that you continue to enjoy what we do.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment here (we’ll do our best to ensure everyone gets some kind of answer, even if it takes a while, though keep in mind we might not be able to answer every question) or e-mail us at contact@ifanboy.com.



  1. Congrats.

  2. Congrats guys!

    I expect double payment for Don’t Miss episodes now. 😉

  3. Boom!  this is awesome news, congrats you three. this is already my most viewed site and i can’t imagine more content. Bring it!

  4. Well done, guys.  You’ve really demonstrated your passion for comics over the last few years and it’s rewarded you with a very sweet deal.  Best to you, to Graphic.ly, and to the future you have in mind for the site!

  5. Congrads all around.

    Cannot wait to see the ‘changes’ we will be seeing in the near future. More content? I’m all in for that.

  6. Congratulations and Best Wishes!!

  7. Great news. I’m looking forward to the day when the ifanboy-graphic.ly database looks at how I’ve ranked my pulled books and suggests new titles I might enjoy and provides a link to download directly to my e-reader.

    Maybe quite a while away, but we’re one huge step closer. Kudos.

  8. Long Live iFanboy!!!!

  9. Cool stuff, guys. I’m still happy to be a Member and glad to be supporting you all in your work that you’re passionate about. Congratulations!

  10. Congrats, boys!

  11. awesome news.  Congrats!

  12. Whoa, scandalous! Neseman gets PAID?!?

    Congratulations, guys! I look forward to your iPad app now.

  13. I guess my Get Satisfaction suggestion (http://getsatisfaction.com/graphicly/topics/linking_ifanboy_account) that Graphic.ly link profiles to iFanboy really struck a chord.  I am EXTREMELY excited by this news.  I’m glad you guys have the financial backing that you need to continue the site and I’m glad Graphic.ly has associated itself with what I feel is the most dependable and interesting comics related site on Earth.

    I am and will continue to be a very proud member of iFanboy. 

  14. Beyond awesome news! I’m very happy for you guys, and I’m ginormously proud to be an iFanboy member. Keep up the great work!

  15. I cant express how excited we are at Graphic.ly to have not only the wisdom of Ron, Josh and Conor but the participation of the iFanboy community! If you havent played with the Graphic.ly beta – go to http://graphic.ly/beta and download it. Then give us TONS of feedback.

    iFanboy will continue to be what it is today, an amazing community. We are confident that by joining forces, together we will create something really…awesomer?? Um…great.

    Contact me directly at micah@graphicly.com / 720-231-7120 cell / @micah / gtalk: micah@graphicly.com 

  16. Fantastic news. It feels good to know a bit about both sides of this combination. The Graphic.ly team has all the pieces in place to make an interesting business and now that you three (and the rest of the staff) are on board, I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

  17. contragulations, fellas.

  18. Now while you’re not rich, does this mean that Josh no longer needs to find a day job?

    I’m glad that this won’t "retard" the content here at iFanboy, and that Graphic.ly won’t be the only digicomics provider covered.  I’m still really excited by the idea of Longbox, but right now it’s just vaporware. 

  19. congrats, guys. This is a very interesting development. I’ll be curious to see the shape of things to come, but I have high hopes for all involved!

  20. Cool. Congrats

  21. This is great news! I’m a new member to the iFanboy community and look forward to the future with iFanboy and Graphic.ly! Congratulations!!

  22. Great news guys. Its gonna be awesome! Congratulations to the whole staff and to Graphic.ly for everything you guys do to make the comic book world that much better.

  23. Congratulations!  You guys got me back into comics again as well, so the idea of iFanboy running out of steam and withering away is not one I want to consider.  Many thanks for the entertainment and enthusiasm, I’m looking forward to the future.

  24. Wowzers! I am excited!

    "Millenium Falcon thing?"

  25. More content! More fun! More awesome!

    What’s not to love? 

  26. Congratulations. Can’t wait to see how both iFanboy and Graphic.ly evolve.

  27. Very cool news. Congrats to all three of you!

  28. Glad to see so many positive comments.  Glad to hear it, the guys truly deserve this. 

  29. @Andrew Barely held together is how I read that to mean 🙂

  30. Congratulations guys.  This is very exciting.  Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

  31. Augie, 2×0 is still 0 😉

    This really is great news for the guys. It’s awesome to see the hard work recognized as having real vale. This is a win for anyone who has ever married their favorite passtime with a lot of elbow grease and dedication. Ron, Josh and Conor have always kept the spotlight on the comics and never on themselves. Way to go guys!

  32. Should be interesting. Hope it works out for you guys. Change is scarey, but absolutely necessary.

  33. Congrats! I can’t wait to see the new updates.

  34. Good news guys, I hope they put some of Josh’s work up once Graphic.ly gets really going on content.

  35. Here’s to the future! Cheers!

  36. haaaa after listening to the show for almsot 4 years and i finnally decide to offically become part of the ifanbase and u guys go an sell out….TISK TISK i can see it now we start hearing rumors of friction within the group, then josh refuses to do the video shows until all of his insane demands are met and before you know it they stop talking to each other ron turns to drugs and conor starts dating a wierd asian woman whos upsessed with the number 9…..yea ive read this story before and bought the movie rights!

    but seriously this is great news for u guys and im happy with your success and I really like that you guys are now called "the Talent" lol

  37. Congrats! Definitely looking forward to seeing the new changes this will bring

  38. it would appear someone has beaten me to the punch in calling you guys sell-outs 😉

    Best of luck!  I am excited to see what changes this brings.

  39. I didn’t realize that you guys were hurting that bad for money.  I would’ve gladly contributed, but funds are tight right now.  I am grateful for this though.  I depend on you guys for comic news as much as I depend on the Daily Show for news:) I get on this site often through the day, and I don’t know what I’d do without you now.

  40. Glad to see years of hard work and dedication continues to pay off for you guys!

  41. Anything that exacerbates the ifanboy plan for (comic) world domination is cool beans in my book.  Congrats, chaps.  Here’s to ya….

  42. Nice deal!

    “Are you rich now?”

    You should of said, yeah we’re rich. Rich right here. In our hearts.

  43. Guys? Congrats!

    Excellent news, I’m always happy to see people do what they love and it continue to pay off.

  44. So this is kinda like when Sirius Radio hired Howard Stern to give them a leg up on XM Radio?  Graphic.ly thinks iFanboy will launch them over Longbox, iVerse, and Panelfly?  Ummm…that’s not going to work. Every one of these digital comic companies will be dead in a year unless Marvel and DC go full force with digital comics.

  45. First Graphic.ly, then the WORLD!!!! BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    You guys are planning on World domination right. I mean,otherwise, we’re just a bunch of nerds on the internet.

    And one couldn’t hope for a  finer bunch of nerds this side of the Negative Zone.


  46. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. 

  47. Congrats!

    One immediate thought – have you considered adding an events tab to your main sections? You do get good support from the next upcoming comiccons on a regular basis in the form of advertising but it might be really great for the community if you maintained a calendar of as many comics related events as you could find – conventions but ideally also signings/appearances at stores perhaps even known dates for major events from various publishers?

    In any case keep up the great work! I’ve gotten more into comics than ever before since becoming a regular listener to your podcasts & viewer of your videos.


  48. I was so excited when I found this out.  It was also killing me to have to keep this from all of my friends at iFanboy.  I just put up a post on my thoughts over on the Graphic.ly blog, The Couch.  I really love iFanboy and everyone here, which makes this so exciting for me.

    Everyone feel free to reach out to me as well: jons@graphicly.com / skype: jmstump / @jmstump / gtalk: jons@graphicly.com

  49. Congratulations.

  50. This is great news, guys! Congratulations. I’m proud to see this continuing to grow and proud to be a member!

  51. Congratulations guys, glad things will keep on truckin’.

  52. Here’s to iFanboy, the richest men in town!

  53. Biggest news since the Walgreens acquired Duane Reade.



  54. Congratulations. It’s good to know the future’s being paved for the ifanboy collective.

    I hear the drinks are on Conor!

  55. @Gabe wins the best congratulations message for the thread.

  56. Huge congrats guys.  You deserve it enormously.  You’ve been producing great content for years, and have been struggling financially to do so.  This is your reward for giving us so much over the years, and getting soo little (comparatively) in return.  I cannot wait to see what you do with this new platform and new resources.  And yes, I am going to continue to be a member because thats my way of saying thanks for all the enjoyment and enertainment you’ve provided for me over the years; thanks for making my morning bus commutes to and from campus less boring; thanks for helping shoulder my teaching burden (yeah, thats right, I use iFanboy is my comics classes); and most of all, thanks for seriously consistently upping the tone of comics discussion. 

  57. As an iFanboy Member, I am glad to hear that this move will shore up the future of my favorite comic site/community.


  58. I went to buy my comics this morning, and when I walked through the door the manager of the shop said, "Congratulations on your Big Deal!"

    "Yes!" I bluffed. "Second trimester already. All in a day’s work." It would take a few minutes of explanation to discover that the press release was out.

    I am so proud to be a part of this group and a member of this community. I am really pleased to see how supportive everyone has been now that this news is finally public knowledge. I think that speaks to the kind of site the Founders Three have nurtured from the beginning, a site that is first and foremost about unabashed, unironic love of the art form and enthusiastic positivity. That ethos has grown a largely wonderful community from the top down. I think I’m a better, and certainly less snarky, reader of comics than I would have been if I hadn’t found this site at a critical juncture. Well done, men!

  59. Congrats! But…

    This is why members should have been given shares back when. The paying members deserve a kick back.

  60. Congratulations.

  61. Congrats to everyone. 

    I really look forward to whats to come in the future. As a Member i’m extremely glad to know the future of iFanboy looks bright. 

  62. I’ll just throw my congrats into the ring as well. Awesome guys, this is great news! Really glad that this site is going to be continuing! I look forward to seeing how things are going to change and grow!

  63. Way to go guys! Y’all have been THE most consistent source of info and enthusiasm for the comics industry in my life, and I can’t tell you how much iFanboy has encouraged my love for the hobby. I really do hope that in joining forces with graphic.ly, you guys gain a greater voice and a stronger presence. Long live the iFanboys!!!!

  64. Glad to see iFanboy won’t be going anywhere.  Congratulations!

  65. way to go guys

  66. No question, just a congratulations. Onward and upward, bigger and better and all the rest.

  67. Great news guys.

    Look forward to seeing what this bring to the table.

  68. Thanks for the kind words, everybody! We are certainly excited over here.

    Some answers:

    @DWarren: Yes, that’s correct.

    @rycaut: We have definitely thought of adding an events section. It’s on our long list of "Things We’d Like To Add to iFanboy.com If We Only Had The Time Or Money."

  69. Jeez, Rich seems a little bitter. I hope Conor has a fun time bathing in cash.

  70. Congratulations, guys.


    I, for one, am thrilled to see comic book podcasting take this important step forward.

  71. Congrats.

  72. congrats guys

  73. Ah damn, ifanboy is putting on some big boy pants now!

    Congrats guys can’t wait to see what this brings. 

  74. Awesome I can’t wait to see what will come of this partnership

  75. Good luck iFanboy chums, and hi to Micah and co.

    I do think the first thing you should do is embark on a world tour . . . there are new accents to be learned!

  76. Congrats, guys! iFanboy more than any other site got me back into reading comics! Nice to see you all expanding.

  77. @Mart: I would actually love to make it over to a British con. The graphic.ly developers are based in England, so you never know…

  78. Congrats!

     You guys deserve this. It’s easy to see that you all are real passionate about comics. 

    Keep on keepin’ on!


  79. I for one am terrified by this news. But congrats all the same.

  80. @Conor Be great to see you . . . and fancy graphic.ly being absed in the NE. I’m from there too, why aye ye bugger!

  81. Wow, I just found out that Kevin Mann from Graphic.ly is based quite near to me. This and the recent Newcastle based Batman & Robin issues make me feel the NE of England is becoming more comic prominant. 

  82. Congrats, iFanboy! Looking forward to seeing where this partnership takes both iFanboy and Graphic.ly. I already use both, so I can only imagine both will be improved upon by this partnership.

  83. Congrats guys.  You guys deserve to be making good money for this website.  but, How does this affect your guys video show on Rev3?

  84. I smell an iFanboy app coming, and it smells like pancakes and bacon.

  85. Congratulations, great news!

  86. @seNoj1 – read the FAQ above.

  87. Congrats guys, anything to make Ifanboy better I am all for

  88. Congrats iFanboys! Drinks are on you tonight!

  89. Congratulations, Ron, Josh, and Conor!  If you guys are happy, then so am I.

  90. Wow! I didn’t realize how huge this was till I read the above and the press release. Good job fellas, couldn’t have happened to a more deserving group. Yay!

  91. Josh –

    This seems like a convoluted way to get financing for self-pubishing.



  92. Is this going to end up like the last season of madmen?

  93. Congrats on becoming rich, guys!

    Heh heh.

    Good to know that iFanboy isn’t going to become a "mouth" for Graphic.ly. Look, I know you guys seem to love all things new, technological, digital, etc. I’m far more skeptical. I have a lot of reservations about whether digital comics are "the future" or whether they will capsize the comics industry. One thing’s for sure, though: companies like Graphic.ly do care about the medium. That’s the most important thing. And, honestly, I’d have to be a complete preterite to think that there shouldn’t be involvement between a digital comics company and a comics website–because the techonological pairing just makes too much sense. I also wholeheartedly agree that digital comics should/will be "part" of the future of the industry. The question is how big a part and at what expense (or perhaps "with what growth"). I dunno. But I’m confident that this deal won’t change your content, whether in terms of quality or in terms of how supportive you are of digital comics. You’ve always supported that innovation, so it makes sense.

  94. I hope so, because that season was awesome.

  95. Congratulations! And thanks as always for all the great content, I’m looking forward to the continued evolution of iFanboy (!)

  96. I haven’t seen the third season yet!

  97. I raise my Tiki Mug with great zeal!  Congrats to the Fanboy 3.


    I’ve been listening since the 1st episode and it couldn’t have happened to 3 nicer guys.  🙂


    the Tiki 

  98. This is the best kind of buyout – let the folks who know what they’re doing keep doing it, just give them more money to do it. You all deserve what is coming to you; as they do on the 11 o’clock forums, much karma!

    BTW, will you be bringing on more writers?

  99. Congratulations!

  100. Awesome! I couldnt be happier for you guys!

  101. Looking forward to the IPO…..  

  102. This is awesome news! This means you guys are going to be around for awhile, right?! SWEET!!!

    Congrats guys! 

  103. Great news–it must feel pretty amazing to come from an email distribution list to an acquisition! Congrats!

  104. Congrats guys.  Well deserved.  

  105. Hey everyone, just got back online after being offline due to an ill timed family trip. I just read through every comment and am overhwlemed by the kind words and support and well wishes.

    For the past 5 years, I along with Josh and Conor have said repeatedly that we love this site and the community that’s developed around it. I cannot wait to work even harder on the site to make things even better for you, because you are why we do iFanboy. Thanks again and we promise, the future is gonna be awesome.

  106. Graphic.ly really lucked out. Cool.

  107. Congratulations, gentlemen.

  108. @Ron

    Just Wondering, What does this mean for you working at Rev 3 in SF you are my android comrade on AppJudgment and you do a great job. Also does this mean the Mini’s might comeback i can only hope.



  109. Big congrats!

  110. Congrats guys.  I’m thrilled for you.

  111. Yep, congrats from me, too.  You guys are a huge reason that I have rediscovered comics, and at least half of the stuff I read is because you or the community recommended it.  Best of luck moving forward!

  112. Cool news.  Hopefully this means some iFanboy and Graphic.ly integration, which I’m a big supporter of.  I’ve been enjoying the beta of that program so far, and it’s nice to be linked with a company and website looking toward the future. 

  113. Graphic.ly already pulls in iFanboy news/articles (at least the Air app does)

  114. I’m with zerodni.  If the canceling the minis was purely a financial issue, and you guys are up to bringing them back, then I’m more than up to watching them.

    You guys are the reasons I’m into comics. The Totally Rad Show had plugged you and next thing I knew, my comic shelf grew from a stack of about 8 trades to an almost-full 3-shelf bookshelf.  I put off reading issues for as long as I could because I knew it’d suck me in.  Then you guys convinced me to pick up Flash: Rebrith #1 and I’ve been pulling 5-15 books a week ever since.  My wallet hates you guys so much, but you’ve brought me so much joy.  The comics, the video shows, the audio shows, the Twitter feeds, Murmur, the entire iFanbase… Everyone might not always get along, but we’ve got a pretty good group here. I’m glad to have iFanboy as a part of my life.

  115. Hey congrats always enjoy my time on ifanboy, and more content= more enjoyable time! Only question is any talks of linking ifanboy pull lists and ratings to graphic.ly as mentioned in a few previous posts!

  116. @Slockhart & zerodni: Canceling the Minis wasn’t a financial issue on our end (Quite the opposite: when the Minis were canceled we lost revenue). As we said when we announced the cancelation, it was a financial issue on Revision3’s end. It was an experiment that didn’t work from the money side of things.

  117. Congratulations! This is great news!

  118. Is this where we accuse you guys of being sell-outs?   😉

  119. Great news! I’m glad I became a member when I did, hopefully we got y’all through to experience a great moment like this. Looking forward to the future!

  120. Moving on up, Congratulations! Best of luck.

  121. @slockhart – My wallet knows your wallet’s pain.  I was picking up 2-6 books a week before iFanboy.  Now 8 books seems like a super light week for me.

  122. Wow! Congrats! You guys continue to be an inspiration to us all showing that you can be sucessful in doing something you love and have a passion for.

  123. Congratulations guys, you really deserve it!

  124. Awesome! Congratulations! Proud to be a member. This is the best community on the internet and no one deserves it more than you guys!

  125. Awesome!


  126. *slow clap and a few tears

    iFanboy = My comic book life.

  127. Congratulations ifanboys i hope this helps your dreams for this site come true

  128. Congrats guys. There’s not another bunch of guys on the net who deserve a break like this more than you.


    Very happy to hear there will still be a strong editorial voice from you that won’t be diluted by Graphic.ly, and I’m really excited to see what the future’s gonna bring for iFanboy.

  129. effin’ sellouts.

    I kid! This is fantastic news, congratulations to you all! Looking forward to see what the future of the site brings – make mine iFanboy! 

  130. I just hope that when Graphic.ly sinks it doesn’t take this site with it.

  131. This is HUGE. Congratulations, homeses.

  132. Way to go.  Congrats.

  133. Awesome news. You guys really deserve it. Heres to many more years of ifanboy!

  134. Congrats. Hopefully now there will be a bigger party in San Diego.

  135. Wow.  Congrats!

  136. so changes eh? does this mean the site will become iFanboy.ly? sorry bad joke please don’t hurt me…

  137. Congrat guys, I’m really pleased for you. Looking forward to all the new content. And remember the harder you guys work the less I get round to  doing at my job.


    Congrats again

  138. congratulations guys you worked hard for this and you deserve it.

  139. Way to go guys!! 😀 Long live iFanboy!!! 😀

  140. Couldn’t be happier for you guys!

  141. Is that a… Is that a train coming in?

  142. Congratulations guys! That’s great news. I can’t believe how much this site has evolved over the four years I’ve been following iFanboy, now I’m looking forward to seeing what new and exciting changes this news will bring!

  143. Okay, but how will all this effect where I should start with Green Lantern?

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  146. How weird is it that yesterday as I sat in an endless amount of traffic listening to the latest podcast I thought, "I wonder where this website will be in 10 years." Weeeeeirrrd!

  147. Damn yo!  Another one of my idols sellin out to tha MAN! 


  148. Congratulations on your new partnership.  I wish you guys all the best of success. 

  149. Congrats on the new job or did you get a piece of graphic.ly?  But what happens if graphic.ly fails sucking what little money you have with it? 

    If that happens I am looking for an assistant to hold my comics (especially the omnibi) up, turn pages and maybe do some reading outloud on the books with dense text.  

  150. Congratulations! This deal could not have happened to a better comicsbook website/podcast.  Hope to see you in the UK sometime.

  151. You guys kept total rights to the Action Figures and Toys right? That’s where the real money is. 

  152. Much love. This is very cool news. You guys are a huge reason why I got back into comics 2 years ago (after a *kinda* 4 year hiatus) and you continue to enrich my weekly reading and otherwise.

    This is much disereved and I feel grateful to be apart of (what I consider) the best online community today.

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    Roger Sterling Jr., Bertram Cooper and Don Draper
    being bought out by Putnam Powel and Lowe

    Over the next year are Graphic.ly going to come in, start firing everybody and rehiring them for less; only to be bought out by another company.  Then are you guys going to fire yourselves and start a new site?


    Hey that’s great, I’ll have to check out the graphic.ly beta again because I only tried the very first one out and that didn’t survive more than a few minutes, maybe the Adobe Air app might be a bit easier.

  156. @sK0pe: If past history is any indicator, I will NOT be fired and then rehired for less money. I will WALK, much to the horror of a handful of Brits.

  157. He’s not kidding. It was the happiest I’ve ever seen him.

  158. Congratulations and good luck new venture, I also hope like everyone you will have lots of success, I also hope that this wont affect the very entertaining podcasts and vodcasts (oh I hate that name) which I listen to every week. Take care you three (and your friends) and I look forward to the changes