Hulk! Doctor Strange! Ant Man! Marvel Announces Second Wave of Season One OGN’s

Call ’em mid-season replacements.

Today Marvel has announced three additional titles in their line of Season One original graphic novels aimed at new audiences. Here’s the lineup:

Ant-Man: Season One by Tom DeFalco (Spider-Girl) and Horacio Domingues (Incorruptible), on-sale in July 2012


Hulk: Season One by Fred Van Lente (Alpha Flight, Herc) and Tom Fowler (Venom), on-sale in August 2012


Doctor Strange: Season One by Greg Pak (Astonishing X-Men, Red Skull: Incarnate) and Emma Rios (Osborn, Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger), on-sale in September 2012

Some nice choices, right? Interesting, too, that they’re not sticking merely to the characters showcased on screen in Marvel’s The Avengers next year. While characters like Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four make plenty of sense, it’ll be interesting to see how the likes of Ant Man or Doctor Strange will fair.

Either way, Tom Fowler on a Hulk title? Sold.


  1. Ooooh.

  2. Count me in for the last two.

  3. Each artist is a really good fit for these characters.

  4. Ant-Man? Hells yea!

  5. which ant-man is that?

  6. The Doctor Strange one with Emma Rios drawing it excites me the most. The Hulk one sounds excellent too. Does anyone happen to know a page count on these? 128? 192?

  7. I remember when the first batch of Season Ones were announced, I only wanted to buy one or two of them (whichever one Jamie McKelvie was drawing) This batch, however, I can’t buy fast enough.

  8. For once I actually care about one of these things. The Hulk one is going to read great and it’ll look pretty as fuck.

    I’m surprised that they commissioned three more considering the others aren’t even out yet. I guess pre-orders were so high they decided to green light a few more just in case.

  9. Definitely in for the Hulk (was there any doubt? My man Tom Fowler!).

    I really liked Emma Rios on that recent Doctor Strange mini and Greg Pak is no slouch either

  10. I’m interested in buying the Doctor Strange Season One book. For some reason in the back of my mind I keep hearing Doctor Strange.

  11. Doc Strange and Hulk will be mine.

  12. i really liked the mark waid/emma rios dr. strange, so i’ll def be checking out strange season one. actually, the waid/rios strange is the reason i got into dr. strange and the reason i got into emma rios. i just recently got into antman, so i’m kind of antmanned out right now. same with the hulk. but they do look awesome.

  13. I think I’m going to check out Hulk and Dr. Strange.

  14. Well I guess the only one I won’t be picking up is the Tom DeFalco one…

  15. Definitely in for Ant-Man and the good Doctor… And Van Lente will be hard to resist.

  16. Woah, Nice teams on those. How much are these again? I just may be in for Hulk and Dr. Strange.

  17. gonna read all of these!

  18. YES a Dr.Strange OGN, I think my dreams are coming true

  19. If these do well I think it could change marvel’s distribution strategy pretty dramatically. At the very least, I think the sales numbers on these will be something marvel looks at VERY closely.
    (but the fact that the most interesting releases are after some relatively unknown creator’s releases will definitely affect the outcome–poor reviews of the first few OGNs could really hurt the overall sales numbers.)

    Still, that Dr. strange OGN can’t come fast enough for me!!

  20. Nice teams on the Hulk and Dr. Strange. Two characters I really enjoy. Ant Man is someone I really want to like, especially early action scientist version of Hank Pym before he got bogged down in terrible wife beating continuity that they feel the need to remind us of constantly.

    i am mainly curious about this line as a whole. Not a huge fan of the cover dress they are going for though.

  21. I will absolutely get that Ant-Man one and the Dr. Strange one is on my list, too.

  22. I’m a shoe-in for Hulk, Dr. Strange depends on what else is out and how much money is in my pocket that week, and I’m undecided on Ant-Man. I’m only familiar with him from the recent Avengers animated show, but he is my favourite character on it.

  23. Nice. Fowler on Hulk is a good get.

  24. I’m excited to give the X-Men a shot, from there I’ll have to see if the format works for me. I’m also curious on the price points/page count for each OGN. I wonder if the OGN/bound format is more difficult to scan for those who get their comics through more dubious ways. This may be an interesting anti-piracy strategy if it’s the case.