Holidays 2009: What Did You Get?

Now that the the major holidays have come and gone this year, there is only one big question that remains:

What Did You Get?

Myself, the comics/geek quotient was pretty light this year. The ony comic book related gifts that I got were the Battlefields Volume 1 hardcover and some frames for some of the art that I have let accumulate over the last two years. As for geek related gifts, I was particularly excited to get the Star Trek Season 1 and the Star Trek Original Motion Picture Blu-Ray sets, as well as Super Mario Bros. for the Wii.

Did you get any cool comic book related gifts? Anything geek related? Anything particularly fun?


  1. The Irredeemable trade and Ghostbusters for the Wii; both great fun!

  2. Kirby: King of comics.

  3. Daredevil Brubaker Omnibus 1, District 9 Blu Ray

  4. Cap Brubaker Omnibus Vol 2 (Death of Cap), Uncharted 2/Arkham Asyl/AC2 for PS3 – just bought Vol 1 Brubaker DD Omnibus and all 3 Vols of Miller DD TPBs.

  5. Daredevil statue and Batman neon sign

  6. As soon as Amazon delivers it in Brazil (it’s been 9 weeks and counting): GL TPB vol. 3 (Wanted: Hal Jordan) and the Watchmen Ultimate Cut (5 DVDs!). So, I guess I got them, but don’t yet have them.

  7. Absolute Sandman.  Santa knows what I like.

  8. Absolute Sandman Volumes 1 and 2 ( getting the third and fourth volumes for my birthday a month from now) Absolute Dark Knight , Assassin’s Creed 2 Salt and Peppermills, Neil Young archives Vol 1. Blu-Ray set and gift certificates for my favourite record store and my local comicbook store. It was a good year christmas.

  9. I got an iPhone off my girlfriend. No comics this year but I did get inglourious bastards from my girl friends mother

  10. My family has resorted to the oh-just-get-her-something-with-Wonder-Woman mentality… I got 3 PEZ dispensers, 2 copies of a book called "What Would Wonder Woman Do", as well as Wonder Woman: The Complete History and a Wonder Woman braclet (both of which I have, but didn’t have the heart to tell anyone).

    But, I also got Star Trek on Blu-Ray, which I’ve already watched twice 🙂

  11. Ooh forgot also got blu-ray of Superman/Batman : Public Enemies

  12. It was a great year for me: I got the Absolute Edtion of The Long Halloween, New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, Star Trek Orginal Series Season 1 on the Blu Ray, The Wire the Complete Series on DVD, Gladiator/Braveheart/Up!/Wall E/Cars on Blu Ray.  Plus 2 older PS3 games.  I can not recommend the Orginal Star Trek Series more.  The treatment that was given to the show was amazing.  It actually makes me hope that they can do something very similar to the Star Wars Blu Rays when they come out.  Hope everyone is had a great holiday! 

  13. Comics wise all I got was Blankets.  I’ve got some gift cards that are definitely going toward the Astonishing X-Men Omnibus or the first Locke & Key hardcover and a few trades

  14. Just DVDs: Patton, Rushmoore, The Life Aquatic, The Darjeeling Limited, and Gran Turino.

  15. Green Lantern – Green Arrow Vol. 1 and The Mighty Avengers Vol. 1 hardcover. excited about both of them

  16. Captain America, Hellboy and Invincible…..i sound like Josh. But the books are so AWESOME!!!!

  17. A bagged and boarded gift cert to an LCS i’ve been meaning to get to, Star Wars dvds to replace ones lost to an ex, Wonder Woman decorative mini trash bin (which is now holding books by my bedside), various games for the Wii (ostensibly for my son but I’ll have as much fun as he will) and a drama free day with my family. Not a bad year.

  18. I was a little sad that i didn’t get Criminal collection… But excited that i grabbed 2 3 4 5 of Scott Pilgrim with my Gift Cards

  19. Logicomix, Scalped volumes 4 & 5, Eisners’s Comics and Sequential Art/Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative, and Star Trek on DVD. Good stuff! 

  20. Super Mario Bros for the Wii as well.  I consider Eternals and the first graphic novel for Dark Tower that I bought back earlier this month a gift to myself.  Heck, it was $1 each on TFAW, so of course, I’m giving myself presents…

  21. Both Captain America Omnibuses, starman omnibus vol 1, chew trade, luna park trade, hellboy library edition volume 2. empowered vol 1, and Dresden files storm front vol. 1.

     apparently my family knows about my amazon wishlist. Also got a Green lantern statue.

  22. Nothing comics, surprisingly. Then again I didnt ask for much.


    I did get a lot of great stuff though. Including:


    Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2, 3 John Swartzwelder Books (Time Machine Did It, Double Wonderful, The Exploding Detective), Watchmen the Ultimate Cut, Top Gear Season 10, Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer’s Cut), and lots of cash.

    So good stuff this year and I’m gonna stay inside for a long time… 

  23. PS3 with DC vs. Mortal Kombat, what a great game.

  24. My girlfriend is amazing.  She got me a $50 gift card to MidtownComics here in NYC, a Silver Age DC calendar, The Batman Black and White: Jim Aparo Statue,

  25. I put gift $$$ towards Asterios Polyp and some music (Nuggets: Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era box set), and got three trades from my dad using my Amazon wishlist (Hellboy: Darkness Calls, Sleeper Vol. 1, and The Nobody HC). No DVDs this year but I didn’t ask for any, either.

  26. I got that huge 12-foot Marvel wall chart. I’ve got no where to put it on an actual wall, but it is a pretty looking piece of geekiness – even with my 4-year-old nephew’s and my 2-year-old niece’s finger, hand and knee prints all over it.

    Also, to feed my other addiction, I got a 500-piece Pez puzzle that’s going to be a pain in the ass to put together.

    Ummm… does District 9 count? Also, got a DVD of short films from the NY Horror Festival (or whatever it’s called). Haven’t watched either yet, though.

    Biggest geek gift, though, was the new Dell desktop – this thing puts my now-retired PC to shame. Got a glorious 20" HD monitor and the first thing I did – watch the Miracleman and Green Lantern iFanboy videos. I COULD READ THE COMIC PANELS FROM ACROSS THE ROOM. 

  27. Fantastic one this year.  Asterios Polyp, Gotham Central V.2, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Locke & Key HC from my wife.  Modern Warfare 2 from various gift card contributions, and Batman No Man’s Land v.3 & Gotham Central v.1 with a Chapters gift card. Oh and some Microsoft point which went towards Abbey Road for Beatles Rockband.

  28. 26" Sony Bravia 720p HD TV, a DSi, Fight Club, Young Frankenstein, Star Trek, and a random DS game. Not close to bad at all.

  29. starman omnibus 1-3


    punisher max hardcover 1-3

    umbrella academy dallas

    whedon xmen omnibus

    criminal deluxe edition

    sleeper season 2 

    scalped trades 3-5

  30. Hellboy Library Edition, Volume 1. So pretty. Now I have to find a reason for someone to get me volume 2. Hmmm, I never had a Bar Mitzvah… Mostly because I am not Jewish, but I won’t a little thing like faith get between me and Hellboy.

  31. I got the first season of Mad Men, first volume of Hellboy, The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon, the 4th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and
    6 CDs:

    Some Girls – Rolling Stones

    Surfer Rosa – The Pixies

    Learning to Crawl – The Pixies

    I’m Your Man – Leonard Cohen

    Wowee Zowee – Pavement

    Telegram – Bjork

  32. I got only two things this year. One thing was Mythology The Art of Alex Ross the 2nd printing with a new Superman cover! The Big Gift I got was The Batman LithographPin set it came from The Warner Bros. Store and it’s a Dick Sprang Lithograph and a pin set based upon his art! It’s awesome! It’s from 1999!

  33. The Rocketeer: Complete Collection. Absolute edition style!!!!

  34. From myself: 40″ sony Bravia W series LCD TV, PS3, Assassins Creed 1&2, Dragon Age (so much fun!!)

    from gf & family: Super Mario Bros for Wii, Canon 50mm f1.8 lens, massage vouchers, comic bags & boards, iTunes vouchers, and this:

    I laughed my ass of so hard at that story because it is so incredibly silly

  35. The only comic book related items I got were Ultimate Alliance for the Wii and one of my friends got me the leatherbound "Marvel: The Characters and Their Universe" ( which I was very suprised/happy to get!!

  36. JLA Deluxe Edition vol. 2
    Ultimatum: Spider-Man Hardcover
    Asterios Polyp Hardcover
    Doctor Who: The Key to Time Boxset
    Doctor Who: Dalek War Boxset
    Doctor Who Seasons 1-4
    The Sopranos Seasons 1-7
    Mad Men Season 2
    Lost Season 5
    Star Trek
    Inglorious Basterds
    Wonder Boys
    Captain Caveman Shirt
    Beatles calendar
    Liebe ist fur alle da by Rammstein
    And a stack of random back issues my LCS guy wanted to get rid of…most of which I already had, but the thought was nice (50 Ultimate X-Men/Spider-Man comics for nothing is pretty cool)

    And my grandma is paying for my comics for the next month (which should come to almost £100)

    I love having a large family.

  37. Umbrella Academy Vol. 2

    artie lange: too fat to fish

    The long snapper: a second chance, a super bowl, a lesson for life.

    kill bill vol 1 and 2

    from dusk till dawn

    ratchet and clank: a crack in a time

    demons souls

  38. I got the DC Vault book and it’s just as awesome as you guys said it was.

  39. I got Hodgman’s "More Information Than You Require"

  40. The Marvel Vault book, volumes 2-5 of Walking Dead, volumes 7 & 8 of Hellboy, H. P. Lovecraft: Tales and Modern Warfare 2, among other things.

  41. Comic Store Gift Certificate, Showcase Volumes of the Flash and Elongated Man, a JLA Trade, Box office poision. And to top it off, my wife got me an Ifanboy shirt and membership.

  42. first of all i have you all beat when it comes to lame presents. there is a long on-going joke between the siblings in my family that Mum has the absolute worst taste in gift buying.

    Lycra Bicycle Shorts – i don’t even own a bike and i would never wear a pair of these

    An Edward Cullen Decorative Pillow – Mum thought i would like this because it says "edward" on it. Imagine bringing a girl back to your room and there’s a friggen twilight pillow on your bed.

    10 Pairs of Underwear – I was exspecting a certain amount of undies for christmas as usual but this was a record amount.

    A Box Set of Batman and Batman Returns… on VHS – Not a bad gift but i have owned a video recorder for years.

    Shaving Cream – Every year, every year with the shaving cream.

    A Towel – fair enough

    A Series of Young Adult books about Vampires – I looked to see what age group these are for and i says 12 – 16; i’m 27.

    Mango Chutney – cool!


    So did anybody get anything lamer than that?

  43. Comics – Green Lantern: Agent Orange and Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Eclipse hardcovers

    Comic Related – A customized Green Lantern tumbler.

    Geek Related – a Gundam SEED Destiny Gouf Ignited model kit and an oversized Gundam Unicorn NZ-666 Kshatriya model kit.

  44. I got a chair.  For my computer desk.  I guess I’m going to get a lot of use out of it… I mean I’m using it right now, right?  But, it doesn’t exactly say "awesome". 

  45. I got a calendar featuring Golden age DC covers, published by Asgard Press. Each cover image sheet is perforated so they can be removed and framed, if desired. My favorite is from the 80 page Giant Superboy dated June 1968, because I remember buying that one!

  46. Mostly cash, but form the wife- The Death of Cap. America Omnibus, plus $100 to use on trades and and another $100 towards an iphone.  Shes AWESOME

  47. death of captain america omnibus,

    absolute promethea,

    watchmen ultimate cut,  superman the movie, blade runner on blu ray.

    gift card for best buy which will purchase star trek movies on blu ray,

    amazon gift card which will go towards as yet undecided trades.

  48. I’m impossibly hard to buy for.. so I mostly get gift cards on Christmas and my birthday.  However, I did get the Calvin and Hobbes Complete Collection this year.  which is pretty sweet.

  49. Ibanez SDGR 5 string bass guitar, strap, tuner, and stand.

    KILL BILL volume 2 on Blu Ray

    Spiderman 3 on Blu Ray

    God Of War Collection for PS3

    KORN Untitled Collectors Edition

    Disturbed Believe CD

    Hollywood Undead CD

    some cash and lots of Snickers bars

  50. @robbydzwonar

    I GOT THE SAME BASS! got it 2 months ago in orange.

  51. Lots of geek gear for me:


    Light Brigade, Preacher Vol. 1, Absolute V for Vendetta, Absolute Dark Knight, and 3 Story


    Borderlands, PunchOut!, and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time 

    Also add in the Star Trek Blu-Ray, a subscription for Hard Case Crimes, and the Lobster Johnson "pulp" novel and I made out like a bandit.   

  52. Ifanboy gift exchange?

  53. The Five Fists of Science

    Transmetropolitan vol.2-5

    A special pack of ID Software games (as distributed by Valve/Steam), including such classics as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, their sequels and modern counterparts, and various others.

    All of which makes for a good time.

  54. Green Lantern Rebirth

    Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War Vol. 1 & 2.

    Stephen King " On Writing "

    Fender Telecaster

    Flash DC Classics Action Figure

    Ecko Cut & Sew Bjorn/Dumont

  55. Got Madman Gargantua. Freakin Sweet.

  56. My wife got me air fare and passes to con. She’s great.

  57. @Conor   Hell Yeah! I got the Original Series Movie Collection on Blu-ray too! Geektastic!  I also got Annihiation Book 3 Hardcover, Hellboy Library Addition Book 2, and X-Men Messiah Complex Hardcover.  The Hellboy was a gift to myself, but whatever.

  58. A complete set of Moore’s run on Miracleman.

  59. Trades: Astonishing X-Men Omnibus, Powers Deluxe Hardcover Vol. 1, Y: The Last Man Deluxe Hardcover Vol. 1, Green Lantern: Secret Origin Hardcover  Blu-Ray DVDs: Inglourious Basterds, District 9, The Hangover, and Lost Season 5!

  60. I managed to score the Absolute Edition of The New Frontier! YESSSS!!! Seriously been asking for this as a Christmas/birthday present since it’s release.


    Also, a friend bought me ‘Secret Identity’ – the book on Joe Shuster’s fetish art. I’m literally about to put down my laptop and start reading it now. Woo! 

  61. Superman ornament from Hallmark!

  62. Old Man Logan, Invincible Volume 11, Parker the Hunter, The Alcoholic, and 3 volumes of Papercutter. My girlfriend also got me Wolverine claws. THEY ARE AWESOME.

  63. Justice League: The Complete Series… from myself.

  64. I like pie.

  65. I recieved Sandman Vol. 1, which I already own, but really appreciated the thought. Next geekiest thing was an Altered Beast T-shirt.

    I gave my girlfriend Superman: Red Son and The Boys Vol. 1. Woot Woot.

  66. My step-grandmother (grandfather’s widow) thinks I like sports. I haven’t watched sports for at least a decade, but I ended up with DVDs of NFL’s greatest follies vol. 4 and Kurt Russell in Miracle.

    I can’t figure out how to tell her…

    But a certain Italian American partner of mine went and got me the Godfather Restoration on Blu-Ray. It is wonderful.

  67. Tons of geek stuff this year!

    Spider-man shirts
    LCS gift cert
    cap and amazing fantasy ornaments
    kid who collects spider-man
    sandbaggers DVD
    Essex county collection
    my personal favorite not yet arrived a Greg larouqe commision of spiderman with Mr. Cole’s class in webs ( I teach 4th grade!)

  68. I got myself via gift certificates, the hard cover Walking Dead Vols. I and II. finished them already and can’t wait for the rest.

    Only other geeky think was a ZuneHD.

  69. Complete Justice League 15 DVD Set

    Watchmen and Star Trek on Blu Ray

    Box Office Poison and Understanding Comics 

  70. I got a wii and super mario bros. A lot of bookstore gift cards I intend to turn into trades and an omnibi or two

  71. I got all kinds of geek-related gifts:

    Astonishing X-Men hardcover vol 2

    Justice League International vol 4 Hardcover

    Iron man: Doomquest HC

    Iron Man: legacy of Doom tpb

    Essential iron man vol 1 tpb

    Essential Avengers vol 3 tpb

    Wizard of Oz hardcover (Skottie Young! OMG!)

    Incredible Hulk Visionaries; peter David vol 6 tpb 

    Star Trek on blu-ray

    Watchmen, Ultimate Edition blu-ray

    The Prisoner, original series on blu-ray

    The complete Office dvd (UK)

    Big Train series 1 and 2 dvd

    Complete Black Adder DVD

    Complete A Bit of Fry and Laurie DVD

    Complete Jeeves and Wooster DVD

    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy mini-series dvd

    The IT Crowd series 1, 2, and 3

    The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus 16 ton Megaset dvd

    Superfreakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stepehn Dubner

    The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams

    The gun Seller by Hugh laurie 

    and because no Christmas would be complete without an actual toy, a Cylon action figure LOL

    So my Christmas was mostly Comic geekery and brit TV. Pretty good day!  

  72. @Josh

    You don’t want to know how many times I’ve seen Miracle 

  73. I finally got my wife’s family to use my amazon wish list and got Wonderful World of Oz hardcover (even though my wife was questioned why I would want that) I Kill Giants, 2 Spiderman trades, Doc Ock mighty mugg, Metriod Triolgy for Wii, GPS for the car, Glee v1 & 2 cds and my favorite gift:

    Beatles Boxset which is amazing.


    BTW @josh I also like Miracle a lot but I’m a sucker for that story, seems like I’ve seen million documentries on it.

  74. all superman vol. 2 & batman black & white vol. 1 withe the christmas cash

  75. i meant all star superman vol. 2

  76. The "Old Man Logan" HC, "Green Lantern: First Flight" on 2-Disc DVD, "Asterios Polyp", and "The Art of Osamu Tezuka" by Helen McCarthy!!! 😀 😀 😀

  77. Two omnibi—Captain Britain & Tomb of Dracula vol. 2

  78. From hell hardcover, umbrella acedemy Dallas, the rocketeer, filthy rich, absolute sandman vol.4, too cool to be forgotten, dark horse noir, and fear agent vol. 4

  79. Well my boy came up trumps with some Scott Pilgrim (pretty good as he’s only 8 months old). The wife chipped in with Marvel Boy hard cover, to get that I had to tell my LCS what she should get should she come in. My sister gave me a Captain Britain collection and to top it all my Dad turned up with an Absolute New Frontier. What a haul!

  80. My wife got me the essex county trilagy book.

    Yes she is awesome.


  81. Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 9

    DMZ Vol. 7

    Buffy S8 Vol. 5

    The Boys Vol. 5

    Luna Park HC

    Ex Machine Deluxe Edition Vol. 2

    Y The Last Man Vol. 10

    Dragon Age Origins

    GTA IV

  82. jesus chirst, they are a lot of people on here that get a lot of crap for christmas. seriously, that’s a large amount of cash to spend on some nerdburgers

  83. DC heroes boxer shorts.

  84. A BIG toolbox.  You don’t know how importamt this is until you have three small toolboxes and never know where anyting is when you need it.

  85. Comics-wise I got a good haul this year: Absolute Promethea, Fable Deluxe Edition Bk1, the last 6 Sandman trades, all four Queen and Country Definitive Editions, Incognito, Thor: Ages Of Thunder, War Of Kings HC, Tank Girl Vols 1-3, and the Battlefields HC. 

  86. I got the awesome Green Lantern 1/4 scale dc direct statue and a gps for the car.  Awesome year.

  87. Brubaker’s Captain America Omnibus from the parents, Batman: Arkham Asylum (holy cow, that game is amazing) from the siblings, and Save the Cat!: The Last book on Screen Writing You’ll Ever Need. Oh, and a really nice, thick, cook book with tons of recipes to make me "kitchen-smart", since I’m learning. I’m pretty excited about that.

  88. Let’s see if I can remember since I’m sitting at work and not at home…..

    Classic GI Joe Vol 1, Pixu (thanks Paul for the suggestion), New York Four, Freddie and Me, 1st 3 Hellboy trades, Glee Soundtracks 1 & 2, Glee Season 1, UP, I Love You Man, Star Trek, DMZ Vol 1, Parker: The Hunter, Mr Show Season 3 & 4, 24 Season 7, $50 gift certificate to LCS

  89. I couldn’t think of anything else to ask for besides trades:

    -From Hell

    -Planetary Vol. 1

    -Justice League International Vol. 1

    -Preacher Vol. 1

    This is the beginning of a few beautiful friendships.  Happy New Year folks!

  90. A nook

    a cook book

    absolute justice

    new super mario

    buffy season 2

    a pair of blue tooth headphones for my iphone

    a pretty good haul

  91. Starman Omnibus Vol. 1

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for Wii.

    Simpsons Tree House  of Horror Monopoly

    Socks,Philadelphia Eagles Blanket, Swiss Army Knife

    Best. Christmas. Ever.  

  92. My wife’s family goes nuts with giving gifts compared to my family, truly an embarrassment of riches:

    Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol.1

    Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1, 2, and 4

    Kirby: King of Comics (It was a very Kirby Christmas)

    Starman Omnibus Vol.1 

    His Majesty: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis (highly recommended!)

    American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson by Joseph J. Ellis

    The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon 


    Inglorious Basterds 

    But my most treasured gift received was the complete Ken Burns Baseball DVD collection. Fantastic! 

  93. Also recieved a shotgun(no joking), the most redneckish gift I recieved.

  94. I also had a Kirby Christmas:

    Fantastic Four Omnibus Volume 1

    Marvel Masterworks Avengers Volume 1

    Marvel Masterworks Captain America Volume 1

    Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Volume 1 & 2

    Bendis Daredevil Omnibus Volume 2

    New Super Mario Brothers Wii

    Blu Ray Player

    Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Inglourious Basterds, and Iron Man on Blu Ray!

  95. @Andrew – The two Ellis books you mentioned have been added to my Amazon wishlist. Sounds fun! I’ve also been hearing about the Yiddish Policemen, so I’m kind of curious what you think about that…

  96. Trades:
    Preacher Vol. 5
    Nova: Annihilation Conquest
    Robin: Year One
    Teen Titans: Titans of Tomorrow
    Parker The Hunter
    Asterios Polyp
    The Five Fists of Science
    All Hail Megatron Vols. 1 and 2
    Chew Vol. 1
    Queen & Country The Definitive Edition Vol. 1
    Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Collected Edition by Douglas Adams
    My Custom Van by Michael Ian Black
    The rest: 
    Simpsons Season 12 (the cover features Comic Book Guy dressed as a superhero)
    A Nerf style Tommy Gun (20 shots to a clip)
    Two Nerf swords (one for my wife and one for me [we disagree occasionally])
    I am 30 years old.  12 year old me is very jealous.
  97. directly: arkham asylum (game) (got red ring of death ten minutes into it) and marvel handful of heroes. 

    through gift cards/cash: x-men: god loves man kills, spider-man: sinister six, arkham asylum: a serious house on serious earth, batman: long halloween, runaways: dead wrong digest, astro city: the tarnished angel, astro city: family album.

    Hanukah: batman: the animated series vol. 3, marvel encyclepedia updated and expanded edition, marvel wall chart, and starman omnibus vol. 2.

    present to self: she-hulk vol. 4: laws of attraction. 

  98. Green Arrow: Year OnE
    Angel: After the Fall Vol.3
    Superman: Infinite Crisis
    Captain Britian omnibus
    Sunnyside Down: Tales of Mere Existance
    Superman: Brainiac
    Wolverine: Enemy of the State
    Walking Dead: Vol 1

  99. Death of Captain America omnibus
    JLA Vol. 1
    Beatles Rock Band

  100. @stuclach – those Nerf guns are a surprising amount of fun.

  101. I would say I did very well having received Hellboy Library Edition Vol 3, Criminal Deluxe HC, THe Batman Vault (there’s some lovely goodies in there, like a replica Darwyn Cooke Catwoman Sketchbook), Watchmen Ultimate Collection DVD, another FF Visionaries trade…and  Batman boxers.  I must have done something right the last 12 months.  And I bought myself the Mighty and Irredeemable trades that came out last week and they were awesomeness personified.

  102. @Dan – Especially when you have a younger brother to aim them at.

  103. The James Bond Omnibus
    Powers The Definitive Hardcover Vol. 3
    Pax Romana
    The Complete Battlefields Vol. 1
    Locke & Key Vol. 1
    You Have Killed Me
    Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1-5
    Dark Reign: Fantastic Four

    and Inglourious Basterds, (500) Days of Summer on Blu-ray.

  104. Bone the one volume edition

    Amazing Spider-man Omnibus (this thing is huuuuge)

    Watchmen Directors with the Dr. Manhattan case and a Blu Ray player.

    My wife pretty much rules.


  105. Geek related I got Modern Warfare 2 and  300$ to spend.

    Tomorrow I’m planning on going to my LCS and get something nice. I was thinking in maybe buying an omnibus or an absolute edition since the only "big format book" I have in my collection are Hellboy Library Edition 1 and Walking dead Book 1 and 2.

    Any ideas from the good people in Ifanboy? 

  106. I got great stuff this year: Asterios Polyp, Matt Kindnt’s Superspy, Bendis’ Goldfish, All Star Superman Vol. 1, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1 + 2, Ex Machina vol. 2-4, Queen and Country Definitive collection vol. 1, Fell vol. 1, Green Lantern Secret Origin, and I used some extra money I got to buy the Essex County Trilogy. Looking forward to reading them all.


  107. The only comics-related thing I got was a X-Men pop-up book (but it’s awesome!). Pretty much everything else I got is geek-related in some way. For videogames I got Assassin’s Creed 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, and I bought Modern Warfare 2 on Boxing Day.  Got a cool board game (kinda) about Newspaper headlines, got the movie Role Models, Shawshank Redemption and Pan’s Labyrinth. I got two books, one was called Day by Day Armageddon, and the other is Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide. Overall an awesome Christmas, and while there was no real comics stuff, I am really looking forward to diving into everything else. 

  108. @ radjack if your really looking to splurge the absolute sandmans are freaking beautiful, but at 100 bucks a pop I can’t bring myself to buy them, especially since the local library has them.

  109. I got Stargate SG1: Season 1 on DVD

    Dr. Grordbort PRESENTS Victory (
    Dr. Grordbort’s: GOLIATHON 83 – MINIATURE VERSION (
    Being in New Zealand, and seens as the creator lives and is from in New Zealand…. OBVIOUSLY I just poped round to his parents place in Whakatane on Boxing Day and had him sign the book and the box for the minature gun; he was even so polite as too comment positively on the personalized X-Box 360 t-shirt designs I created for his Brother, my sisters and mates, mentioning it so in the signature along with a sketch of Dr. Grordbort himself 😉

    Modern Warfare 2

    and some monetary items and vouchers


    Good Christmas all round 😀 

  110. @OttoBott I’m only 5 short chapters in on Yiddish Policemen’s Union since I got distracted by the Ellis book on Washington, but so far it feels like a an interesting detective novel, but also a character study and exploration of the setting Chabon created (Israel collapsed in 1948 and several million Jews relocated to Alaska). I’d recommend it, based on what I’ve read so far.

    If you haven’t read "Founding Brothers" by Ellis, I highly recommend it. The title sounds a bit sentimental, but it is one of the best books I’ve read in years.

  111. Punisher: Dark Reign, DD: Lady Bullseye, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (really good – good recommendation guys), and New Avengers: Search for the Sorcerer Supreme. 

     Pretty good.

  112. Comics: Astonishing x-men omnibus and Local.

    Games: Bioshock and God of War 1-2

    DVD: Inglourious Basterds.

  113. I got TDKReturns, secret warriors vol1 Chew vol1. (ps3) Tiger Woods 10, bioshock, burnout paradise and uncharted2. Also got Star Trek on DVD, asked for it on Bluray but what r u gonna do.

  114. I got Northlanders Vol 1 from the male parental unit; a DS Lite from "Santa",  and several games for it. I don’t know what my oldest sister got for me because we haven’t done xmas with her yet.