Hey Geoff Johns, I Have a Question!

Maybe you heard that we’ll be talking to Geoff Johns this week at Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York City? I’m guessing that some of you won’t be able to make it, despite your fondest desires. In that case, you can help me out.

What would you ask him?

What do you want to know about?

Let me know, and I’ll take the best ones and ask him!

The time is limited, so I can’t use everything, but I’ll pick the best of the bunch and add them to the conversation this Wednesday, on the day of The Flash: Rebirth‘s release. Keep it snappy, make them count, and don’t get creepy!

Have at it! You’ve got until Tuesday night!


  1. Now that you are reinventing barry allen, and already have done the same for Hal, what in your opinion, is the quintessential story for each of those characters?  (before now)  Also, do you have any desire to write/reinvent any current marvel character.  Thanks

    Gabe J-A 

  2. What is your writting process? How many hours do you write a day? How far do you map out a storyline?

  3. If Marvel was to offer you an exclusive contract, would you take it? Plus what title and/or character would you want to write for?

  4. Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis?

  5. What’s up with the delays that Green Lantern has had over the last few months?

  6. If you could bring one character from outside of DC Comics continuity into DC Comics continuity, not Marvel, but someone DC should or could have, either public domain, one of the imprints like Wildstorm, etc, who would it be? How would you reinvent them for DC?

  7. Will Mopee, the 10th level Heavenly Helpmate who claimed to give the Flash his super speed, return in Flash Rebirth?

  8. How awesome are you?

    In all seriousness, What character, Marvel, DC or indie, would you like to work on, that you haven’t had the chance to yet? 

  9. How many months/years do you have planned/outlined in advance?  Do you have concrete plans for what happens after blackest night?  What are the advantages and disadvantages in your opinion for developing such long story arcs?

  10. What’s the word on Naughty or Nice? Can you tell us anything new about the project?

  11. G’day, Is G’nort of G’newt going to be in Blackest Night? Can we have him in the back ground or something? Please!!!

  12. What writers outside of comics most inspire you?

  13. What’s the most difficult scene or comic you’ve had to write?

     And what single moment that you’ve written got you the most excited?

  14. What’s the best advice you can give a writer who wants to break into the industry and is just starting college?

  15. Your work with Wally West was fantastic and of course Barry Allen is taking up a lot of your time now.  You’ve also played a lot with Hal Jordan and Superman in recent years.

     What big DC franchise to you have your eye on next?  Whose world would you most like to  play around in next?

  16. 1)  When I reread your stories I find that you’re pretty darn good at planting hints of what’s going to happen in the future.  How much would you say that you put those sorts of easter egg style hints of the future in there on purpose, already knowing exactly where you want to take the story, versus how often do you just put extra little details into your stories, anticipating that you may think of a cool way to use some otherwise throwaway detail in a cool fashion down the road?

    2) How much interest do you have in doing creator owned work?  I mean you’re kicking @$$ playing in DC’s sandbox right now, but I’d love to see what you’d have in mind for a story completely of your own making.

  17. what sort of stuff did you read as a child (comics, books, ect.)

    also, have you ever had any desire to work on Green Arrow?

  18. Geoff, I wanted to know if you would ever have any interest in working on projects for smaller publishers.  I know that your previous work with Michael Turner’s Aspen on "Ekos" was in the developmental stages, and that Michael’s passing might push that project back. 

     Also, what are your thoughts to some comments I’ve read in the webosphere suggesting that you take more of an editorial role with DC along with your writing duties. 

     Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. What books or writers do you read regularly and what is it about them that you like?

    Is there any chance or any ideas you might have for a series in the Vertigo imprint sometime in the future?

    Can I have a job?

  20. How come Abra Kadabra isnt part of the rouges?

    Or at least not with the core group of rouges.

  21. You’ve done very little creator owned work, is that something you’ll be exploring more in the future?

    Do you have anymore dream projects left that you’d like to do with DC?

  22. What was your time working for/with richard donner like, I am talking about in the movies here, and in what ways did that build you as a story teller? while you were doing that was what your doing now your ambition the whole time or is this a happy turn of life?

  23. Do you have an ending in mind for your Green Lantern run?

    How are the chances you will come back to the Superman books (besides Adventure Comics) after Secret Origin?

    Do you have a plan for Aquaman after Blackest Night and does this plan involve Shane Davis?

  24. What is it that you would wish to be remebered for in reference to your comic book work?

  25. Are you working on any creator own projects? If yes, what? If not, why the heck not? 

  26. Geoff, please PLEASE tell me you are returning to Action Comics after the Secret Origin mini series(that book just hasnt been the same since you left)?

    And I remember you once said you would love to write the Batman villains, any chance of a Batman Rogues Revenge at some point?

  27. I agree with the many questions about creator owned work.

  28. I agree with the question about Aquaman — after your success in revitalizing Green Lantern and Flash, do you have any plans to use Aquaman in a big story arc in the future?

  29. Just a bit of a follow up to my abra-kadabra question:

    Will you be using The Top, Golden Glider, Double Down, Tar Pit, and the famous The Turtle; in your upcoming Flash: Rebirth?

  30. Will you adpot me and tell me bedtime stories every night?

  31. Why is there not a sad lantern? Sadness seems to be a HUGE emotion that was left out of the specturm. I mean sure they might just moop around the universe sighing a lot, but still, BIG EMOTION! Also if there was a Sad lanturn what color would it be? if you don’t write it can i?

  32. The sad lantern would be transparent – the color of tears.

  33. During the “One World, Under Gog” arc of Justice Society of America, you played with the format of traditional monthly comics by producing several specials to run in conjunction with the main title and the recent changes to the Superman titles also suggests an experimentation with the monthly format.

    Could you discuss your thoughts on the monthly format?

  34. The Flash books have always had an awesome aspect if real-life science blended into them.  Do you have to do quite a bit of research for that?

  35. Any plans on creator owned work?

  36. why are you so awesome at ret-conning??

  37. The creator owned work question is covered.  Please make sure you read the other questions so you’re not doubling up.  Thanks!

  38. In recent weeks DC has been publishing a double page spread advertisement to hype the up-coming Flash: Rebirth series.

    As a creator , what are your thoughts on the way comics are marketed today? Would you like to see any changes made to the usual advertising method? would you like to see comics marketed in other media?

  39. What do you attribute to the success of writers in the comics industry today?  Certainly there have been talented writers before, but most people would agree that we are currently in a creative renaissance – do you agree and why do you think this is so?

  40. How much research, if any, do you perform on details about the background, context, or environment in your stories.  For example, even if details about fighter jets, airplane hangers, and flight protocols are not an integral part of a Green Lantern, do you still do any research on those tangental issues when developing your story, or are those details typically researched by the artist so that he draws everything authentically.  I am just interested in how the labor is divided…  Thanks in advance.

  41. 1) What are some comics that you’re reading today that have you really excited?

    2) I think DC’s approach to "event" style books has taken an interesting turn with each character sort of getting their own "event" style storyline.  Can you discuss the process that goes into creating an event book?  How did you take your experience from writing Infinite Crisis and apply that to your current "event" storylines in the titles you are writing?   

  42. you original Flash run is still one of the greatest prolonged runs I’ve ever read, so do you plan to uses any of the characters you created but never 100% explored in either Rebirth or a possible new Flash ongoing?

    also, is it hard to leave behind books like Justice Society when you’ve been writing those chacracters of such an extended period of time, and do you ever see yourself returning to them at some point in the future?

  43. A lot of great questions here.  Josh, you have your work cut out for you.

  44. Any creator own book comming? Short or long term

  45. pete and repeat went on a boat ride…

  46. What is the appeal of Flash and Green Lantern? You seem to really do well with those two characters. Not to say your run on JSA hasnt been fabulous, it was fantastic. But it seems like your destined to be great on these two specific characters.

    Oh and btw: You all may think my abra-kadabra, The Turtle references are just jokes….but they arent. I want The Turtle to come back in the worst way. So what you’ll let Brad Meltzer make Captain Boomerang kick-ass again but not The Turtle?

  47. – Why does he feel like the Legion is so important to the Superman mythos? 

     – What does he think of the recent state of Hawkman/Hawkgirl after he went to so much trouble to clean them up?

     – Related, why the killing Hector & Lyta Hall (Dr.Fate/Silver Scarab & Fury) after restoring them to the DCU from Vertigo in his first JSA run (esp. given newest incarnation of Dr. Fate didn’t go anywhere)?

  48. How far back has Blackest Night been planned? Has it been the plan all along since rebirth or is it something that was put into motion because of the overwhelming positive response to the Sinestro Corp War? Also (and please say no to this) will you be leaving Green Lantern after Blackest Night?

  49. We all know Green Lantern Rebirth was a smash hit, and we all have high hopes for Flash Rebirth, but what other character / characters/ team would you like to give a "rebirth" to after this project?

  50. Is there any chance of seeing Barry Allens take on the death of Captain Boomerang or the fact that his son took over the franchise and now an anti-hero of sorts?

  51. brian bendis has made reference to meeting with geoff and jim lee about something secret. bendis and johns have also both made jokes about a series titled "secret crisis", a hypothetical marvel/dc crossover. ask about this!


    or, would geoff be up to pen a marvel/dc crossover? what would his ideal creative team be for such a book? 

  52.    "Do you need a bodyguard? I’d die for you."

     I’m just curious what restrictions there will be on which "dead" characters will join the Black Lanterns? Is there some other factor besides lack of life that qualifies them? I say this because I see a potential to just magic wand every death that has occurred in DC history.

    You are fantastic and I hope you realize that.

  53. Do you have any latent superpowers? What’s in your iPod? Boxers or Briefs? Ninjas or Pirates?

  54. What are your favourite films? Have any films kind of "inspired" you to write comics? Also, did any comics way back when inspire you to wite as well?

  55. What comics inspired you to write comics? Who is your favorite comic creator?

  56. We haven’t really seen you on a true "team" book since you left Teen Titans, are you happier doing more of these ensemble cast or main character type of books?

    If you were to do a team book again what would be your first choice? I think almost all of us on this site would agree that a JLA run from you could bring that book back into the flagship role it so richly deserves.

  57. @Parker – What’s the JSA then?

  58. Would you ever consider writing an ongoing Legion Of Super-Heroes title?

  59. Aquaman: Rebirth? Eh? Please?

    Also, Josh, and everyone else at iFanboy, thanks for doing these types of things. It’s really great to get to not only see and get invited to what I’m sure will be a big event, but to be able to participate to is really fantastic of you guys.

  60. When you are writing an event as big as Blackest Night, how important is it to  stay  to the original plot or does it change as the story develops

  61. @ Josh

    lol a complete brain fart that I now feel like a retard for bringing up. If at all possible please erase that from your memory and servers thanks!

  62. Dear Geoff Johns,

    What kind of cave troll and/or ogre did you have to slay to become so awesome? Also, where can I find such creatures?



  63. Any kind of non-superhero work in the future, whether it’s in comics or some other medium?

  64. Mr. Johns, 

    I hate the Legion. It’s Exhibit No. 1 as to why I’m not a DC fan. What am I missing?


    Rob Absten 

  65. How long before we start to worry about your exit from Green Lantern?

    What writing exercises do you practice when you begin to feel the well running dry?

  66. Geoff,

     If JLA has an opening for a new writer, PLEASE TAKE IT! Or maybe, just bust down the door and demand that you take over  JLA for the good of DC Comics and fan kind……….. Maybe JLA Rebirth? Your welcome for that title! You rock! 

  67. Geoff,

     JLA? Please? 

  68. Are you Braniac?

    The amount of work you’ve done at DC, the amount of work done simultaniously, the immense quality of said work, and the fact that you wrote what will perhaps stand as the definitive Braniac story all lead credence to my theory.

    Please don’t bottle NYC after the interview.

  69. Speaking of Brainiac:

    How come you made Brainiac the size of Arnold Swartzenegger? I mean dont get me wrong you write a perfect Brainiac. But why did you, or I guess maybe Gary Frank, decided on that design choice? Wouldnt it be cooler if you stuck with the cocoon design for Brainiac the entire time?

  70. Will you be my Dad?  Sorry Josh, that too creepy?

    How bout… Geoff will you pleeeeeeeeeease get Warner Brothers to let you make a Superman trilogy of films?

  71. Who wins in a fight, the Alpha Lanterns or the Shi’ar Imperial Guard?

    Also, is Alpha Lantern Kraken gone now because of what happened in Final Crisis?

  72. 1. any creepy fanboy stories?

    2. what are the day to day realities of a comic creator like?

    3.  do you have to preform any unusual duties as DC’s star creator?

     4. who is the less likely famous or quasi-famous person you have meet that is a massive comic fan/nerd-burger?

  73. Absolute Rebirth rumors true?

  74. In the past few issues of Green Lantern we’ve seen Hal with a couple different rings on. Any chance we’ll see a White Lantern–someone who can wield the power of the whole emtional spectrum?

  75. Would you ever think of creating someone elses creator owned work?

    What is the end of Blackest Night, please give a list of all who are coming back from the dead and all who will be killed in this event.

    You’ve said before that Sinestor is based in part on Hitler, but what if he isn’t?

     How many times can we expect to see Obama in Blackest Night, and will you pun on the title with him? 

     I would like to be a black lantern but don’t want to die, anything you can do to help there?

     Have you ever met John Geoffs, are you two related, or is he your evil twin?


  76. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


    Per your first question:  You mean like…ghostwriting?   

  77. The questions are closed! Thanks all.

  78. @Paul, no i was making a joke about creator owned questions, which i am betting you got, based upon the other joke questions in that post, but it could just be that i just that not funny. 


    also i think the point of ghostwriting is that people don’t know it’s really someone else, but then again the person i paid to write this could be wrong.

  79. No, I didn’t ask about possible creator owned books.

    But, being a veteran of these types of things, I’ll tell you exactly what he would have said:

    "Right now, I have nothing to announce, because I’m concentrating solely on my DC projects.  Maybe someday in the future."

  80. what an anticlimax!!

  81. Trust me.  I’m a professional.

    It was an hour long talk, all captured for your enjoyment and enlightenment.  Less than one week from now, you’ll all be able to see it.  Swanky, right?

  82. cool beans!