From The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #50 (1967)

This image of a rain-soaked Peter Parker walking away from a crumpled Spider-Man suit in a trash can is an arresting one.

Everything seemed to fall apart for Peter in this issue. Between J. Jonah Jameson offering $1000 to the person who could capture Spider-Man to Aunt May’s failing health to Peter’s falling grades, it all was just too much for him to process. In a bid to keep his personal life strong, Peter Parker memorably┬ádecided to quit his Spider-Man role.

This page, with the discarded suit in the foreground and a dejected Peter in the middle ground, burned into readers’ minds. The composition by John Romita Sr. is strong. The dialog is held in check, a fact that can’t be said about every Stan Lee page. In all, it’s a brilliant image and one that would be referenced time and again.


  1. There’s the exact same shot in Spider-Man 2 when Peter decides he quits because being Spider-Man just gives him trouble all the time…

  2. A truly magnificent and breathtaking page from the legends Lee and Romita.

  3. Parker prepared for the rain by wearing his high-waters ­čśë

    Iconic image. Love it.

  4. Love this. Also, the cover to this issue is a classic as well.

  5. classic.
    a theme that many creators have fetched from the well and poured down our thoats.
    but it’s never since been like the first time.
    i know. shocking.

  6. The great thing about this image….I feel like I saw this image out on the stands when it came out, but of course it was actually put out 7 years before I was even born. It’s just that timeless….

  7. If I didn’t know better, I think this is when he stopped being Spider-Boy and became Spider-Man