Venom. Today, we know and fear and sometimes roll our eyes at him. Currently, Rick Remender is in the process of reminding us what can rock about him. But there was a time, youngsters, when Venom was just hinted at. For months, we saw glimpses of something that could push Peter Parker onto some train tracks without his spider-sense going off. Then, right before Spidey’s 300th issue, Mary Jane came home to see a man in a black costume that was very different than the one we were used to. Later, he would go on to ooze and have tentacles and pointy fangs and a tongue longer than his mouth could possibly support. At first, though, there was just that grin, and it was creepier than anything that would come after. You know how people think Todd McFarlane is the best? This was why.


  1. Remender’s run is very fun. I’ve read a few of my friends books and I am waiting for another sale to get a digital copy to call my own.

  2. McFarlane’s Amazing Spider-man run is legendary. I remember reading the Venom stuff as a young child and actually being afraid.

  3. i should try to track down Mcfarlane’s run if i can, i have seen them releasing a few hardcovers of his stories so maybe i can pick his stuff up! I’ve always wanted to read the torment story. 🙂 I miss eddie brock being venom. kept hoping they would bring him back but didnt happen( well we have anti venom but thats not the same).

  4. It’s easy to hate on guys like Venom now a days. But man, reading this stuff when it came out was awesome! Venom was seriously the coolest villain at the time.

  5. Eddie Brock was the best and Venom ever. Eddie is in this new run with the Toxin suit and I’ll see what happens with that. The last issue of Venom was great and my pick my the week. Rick Remender is doing something dark and great with Venom now. But all in all… the Todd McFarlane was the best.

  6. I had just moved to NYC and was reading this run, living in Manhattan.

    Man, I want to pull out those issues and a bottle of Yoo-Hoo and go sit on a roof.

    Oh, and Remender’s version rocks. He writes great monster stories.

  7. with a shit eating grin like that, i would love to see mcfarlane’s joker.
    todd mcfarlane is the greatest penciler of all time. come back todd. we need you.

  8. Eddie Brock was the best host we ever had. we really should eat his face.

  9. Around the time I first decided comics were more than just an occasional habit for me I picked up a subscription to The Amazing Spider-Man and my subscription started one issue before McFarlane’s run began. I was so in love with this series at that time. I saw the Omnibus that contains all these issues in the store today. I had a damn hard time exiting the store without picking it up.