Many of us have a soft spot for the big last page reveal, and this one was a doozy.

Peter David’s twelve-year (!) run on The Incredible Hulk┬áis officially and thoroughly taken for granted now, but at the time it was astonishing in its scope. David took what seemed like the standard bearer for one-note characters and made his life completely unpredictable. More than anyone, he put the Hulk Rules in flux, accidentally flummoxing just about every writer who has come after him. The Hulk could be green, gray, smart, employed, and most of all, funny.

And then there was Dale Keown. I would pay top dollar to get him to take another run at the Hulk.

This issue was the culmination of yet another attempt to reconcile Bruce Banner’s multiple personalities. Doc Samson metaphorically got Bruce and all his Hulks together in the same room and made them confront the childhood that made them. When he was finished, we were left with a creature who was the best part of every Hulk with Bruce’s personality. The world would never be the same, for a while.


  1. This was the best run of Hulk ever. Intelligent, strong, happy, confident Hulk. Obviously it couldn’t last, but there were about 30 issues of 10/10 greatness there until Keown left.

  2. For the love of God, I wish Marvel would publish an Omnibus (or two) of Peter David’s run on the Incredible Hulk.

  3. I began reading comics with Peter David’s Hulk run. I started around the beginning of the Jeff Purves run and bought all of the McFarlane back issues. I read until somewhere during Dale Keown’s work. Now I’m reading the Peter David Visionaries to pick up where I left off over 20 years ago. Rereading these stories, I realize how great they were. There’s a podcast called PadSmash that focuses on the entire Peter David Hulk run. Highly recommended.

    • I think his last issue was the saddest a comic book has ever made me.

      That last year or so was a little rough– the art went to nineties hell, and a bunch of behind-the-scenes editorial issues seemed to be happening– but for the most part, they kept up an amazing high-wire act.

    • I can’t wait to finish reading his run. I left off during the Madman Countdown arc. I reread that recently and wondered why I ever stopped reading. If that came out today, I would be loving the hell out of it. I’m reading all the Hulk books currently and I’m waiting for the to hit me like PAD’s run did. I still have hopes for Jason Aaron’s Incredible Hulk.

  4. David + Keown = The best Hulk we’ve ever had.

  5. I can’t believe they haven’t done an omnibus set yet of PD’s hulk run. It’s one I would buy without hesitation, and wouldn’t even care if they put in any “bonus material” that everyone seems to require in order to enjoy a special edition nowdays. I got the whole run in a longbox, but I’d rather have it on my shelf. And those artists… Jeff Purves, Todd McFarlane, Dale Keown, Gary Frank.. Yeah, after Frank the art got… iffy… But as a HUGE fan of Peter David, I’m always wishing for omnibuses of his Hulk, Supergirl, Young Justice,and X-Factor work. None of it has even been announced or speculated or even rumored as far as I’m aware. Maybe it’s just my fandom and bias, but it sometimes feels a little like a snub. Probably just me.

  6. Peter David is the most underrated writer in the history of comics. I have been reading comics by him for almost thirty years now and I have never read a single issue I didn’t enjoy that he wrote. I’m glad Marvel has been reprinting his Hulk run. It’s been great re-reading these stories! Pretty much the only time I have ever enjoyed the Hulk. This particular issue was one of the best in a fantastic run.

  7. Betty is gonna get Fuc#ed!

  8. still waitin for peter david hulk visionaries vol 9 to come out? hurry up! loved keowns art on hulk to twas legendary but loved gary franks just as much tbh. for me my all time chronological read list would be first to masterworks vols of hulk to get a feel for character see origin and introduce leader and then.. fast forward to john byrne hulk trade.. then the entire peter david run..then tempest fugit which basically confirms all the rubbish which came from jenkins and bruce jones aint cannon.. then greg paks entire run of incredible hulk,skarr etc..but minus the jeff loeb crap i just ignore it and thats it! heard arrons arc is panning out rubbish and that you can tell he aint never read a back issue of peter david hulk in his life!

  9. between issues 300 and 400 are my favorite HULK stories and art.
    mcfarlane, david, keown, split personalities, grey HULK, speaking intellegently HULK, mr fixit, doc ock rematch.
    good times