Great Pages: GREEN ARROW #1

From Green Arrow (Vol. 3) #1 (2001)

Oliver Queen died in 1995 in a bid to stop terrorists from blowing up Metropolis. His last act was to save millions of people while sacrificing his own life. Of course, death only lasts so long in comics and six years later, he returned to triumphant fanfare.

It was a fairly open secret that the 2001 Green Arrow reboot penned by Kevin Smith was going to feature the return of Oliver Queen. Fans were expecting the ‘what’ but it was the ‘how’ that surprised readers. In the final page of the first issue, Oliver showed up fighting street crime as usual. What wasn’t usual was his outfit. Dressed in rags, with long unkempt hair, Oliver appeared to have been living without shelter for months. Even more surprising were his makeshift ‘trick arrows.’ Where once had Boxing Glove Arrows and Handcuff Arrows had lived in his arsenal, now all Oliver had were 40 Oz. Beer Arrows and Bleach Arrows. It simply wasn’t what anyone was expecting. Ande Parks and Phil Hester brought this surprisingly humbled Oliver to life beautifully. Oliver came back to the DCU with a bang.


  1. Ande Parks and Phil Hester are so disgustingly under appreciated that I can’t stand it. I love their superhero stuff so much.

  2. Needs to be an alt outfit in a video game.

  3. great image.
    i need to read Smith’s Green Arrow. i hear it was pretty good.

  4. When Gandalf met ‘The Fisher King”.

  5. Very cool image, but I don’t understand how a beer can arrow could work.

  6. Man, sad to see how DC has screwed up the character in the new 52. I miss the old Ollie.

  7. Man I loved that Kevin Smith run on Green Arrow. Recently bought it again digitally when it was on sale since I couldn’t find the single issues in my longboxes!

  8. So has Ron seen that rebar bow yet?

    It’s probably best to take this post down if he hasn’t.

    • I was just going to point out the rebar…. imagine if Ollie tripped and the rebar bow went through his… well… its rebar, right?

  9. And might I also say that not a Wednesday goes by when I don’t wish that Hester and Parks were working together on something. I’d even read The Darkness if they were doing the art!