From Amazing Adventures (Vol. 2) #11 (1971)

After leaving the X-Men, Hank McCoy attempted to use his advanced genius as a scientist for the Brand Corporation. While there, he found the chemical cause of mutation. In an attempt to hide his identity before leaping into action and in the name of scientific pursuit, Hank took the formula himself. Suddenly, instead of simply having enhanced agility along with large hands and feet, Hank found himself covered in fur. His teeth grew into fangs and his ears became pointed. Hank was more a Beast than ever before. Unfortunately, Hank wasn’t able to get to the antidote in time and his new body remained.

This page, which shows science gone wrong, was something straight out of a Classics Illustrated version of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Gerry Conway and Tom Sutton created Hank’s transformation to literally leap off the page. It was a massive visual character change that would stick around for years and become a key aspect of Beast’s identity.


  1. I guess Hank McCoy never learned the principle of using experimentation in science. Shades of the first Spiderman movie here.

  2. “That wasn’t precisely the truth, was it hank mccoy? You didn’t have too..”

    I love that entire panel and the narration

  3. I really love the art on this page, especially the firs panel. The expression on his face is classic comic emotion. It’s also interesting that Beast was originally grey, not the blue we all know him as.

    • Yeah, he turned blue a few issues later. It was sort of like when the Hulk debuted as grey and then turned green a few issues later.

  4. “I should’ve thought about a lot of things.” The truest words in a comic book ever.

  5. I love when super smart characters act completely stupid.

  6. Awesome!!!

  7. What a different thought bubbles would make. Instead of speaking all this aloud why is he not just thinking it? One of my biggest problems with reading older stories.

  8. I believe Stan Lee said once that they didn’t have a lot of different colors back when Marvel was hitting it’s stride. So characters like Hulk or Beast started off one color then they were able to correct them for future issues.

    Can’t imagine that happening ever again. Even a small, crappy company can have every shade known to man.

  9. I miss this mutation of Beast. The second panel is outstanding