Great Moments in Comics History: The New Teen Titans #2

Well… this is awkward.


  1. Yeah, Starfire was never a sex object before Red Hood and the Outlaws. (eyeroll)

  2. What a misrepresentation!


  3. Ha. i just read this issue in the omnibus. On it’s own, it does look rather suspect. Not a shy one, that Starfire.

  4. My seven-year-old daughter is mighty offended. Maybe I’ll let her read Severed next since I am either: a) a horrible parent or b) completely incapable of looking at the rating on the cover of my comic book.

    • She didn’t let her 7 year old read it, she just showed her some images of Starfire from it. The point is that DC comics is taking a character who had an incarnation in the the Teen Titans Go that was many many times more popular than she had ever been in comics and is now excluding that fanbase which they purportedly were trying to grow in lieu of making her into literally a mindless wish fulfillment sex object.

    • I can completely understand the feeling that DC has made a huge mistake with Starfire (I didn’t read the comic and have no interest in doing so), but I have a serious problem with handing a book that YOU KNOW features a very slutty character acting in a very slutty fashion to a seven-year-old child just so you can summarize her response for a forum post.

      I’m not letting DC off the hook.

    • It’s just a titanic dunce move on DC’s part, there’s plenty of kids reading books and instead they target Starfire at the Marvel Swimsuit Edition buyers from the mid 90s, after she had been successfully rebranded as a character kids liked now she’s a mindless automaton.

      They don’t want new readers, they just want all the people who bought Death of Superman and X-Men #1 back.

    • am I the only person who understood the point of starfire? the character is supposed to be a gender reversal on the norm. in essence, she behaves towards men, the way assholes behave towards women. she uses men as sex objects. she cheats on them simply because she can. other than the scene in the water (which was stupid) and the awkward posing (which I’m pretty sure was the artists doing), it is much less offensive reading it from that angle.

    • That’s one way to read it I guess.

      I would argue she’s not an asshole though because she doesn’t even really care either way, and she’s not cheating on them because there is no relationship. She takes no pleasure, interest, or effort in trying to “score”.

      If she was an “asshole” that would mean she had a personality besides catering to Red Hood and Arsenal’s every desire, be it murder or sexual. She still just seems like a killer robot you can have sex with or a sex bot who can kill people for you. Which kind of bothered me while reading the book.

    • Okay Capt, but if that is the case, I still find it offensive, and I still don’t want to read about that character, male or female. I totally disagree with your premise that it is less offensive if you look at it that way.

  5. Hey man. Don’t bring us high people into this.

  6. Flasher, worst nickname tweek. Can you just imagine the people that would run away at the sound of someone calling Flasher over to save them?

  7. ifanboy, fanning the flames! 🙂

  8. Don’t get cocky, Rob. She’s not gonna remember this in fifteen minutes.

  9. Leave Starfire alone, If it is to hot for you stay the Hell out of kitchen!! Seriously these are comic books and have always been contriversal since there inception. There are plenty of comics out there on the kids rack for those that are 13 and under. I have been reading comics for over 30 years and I have two children a boy and a girl and I have read them comics until they could read them on thier own. I have never had a adult situation some how surprise me and them in a comic. I am not saying it’s bad parenting it’s just the world changes and we need to adapt and be aware of things around us and not be so nieve (sorry some bad spelling). I happen to like Starfires sexy-sexy-sexiness. Good luck to everyone else

    Just sayin’,

  10. Based on body language alone, Kid Flash just likes to watch. Creepy, Wally.

  11. @diebenny You just earned yourself a chuckle, good sir.

  12. If anything, this reminds me how much I’m glad Robin no longer wears booty shorts.

  13. Not cool.

  14. Well played Mr. diebenny, well played.

  15. I think it’s funny that, in the discussion of ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ nobody has yet mentioned the fact that they killed about 20-50 people in the beginning of the issue. Isn’t violence worse than sex? I mean, lots of us have had sex, killing 20-50 people in one instance, I would be willing to bet large amounts of money, none of us have done.

    That said, I am completely desensitized to the killing, and almost expect it in about half the comics I read. And, I will not be buying a second copy of the book ever, for the reason muddi said above, “women liking sex, cool, women being mindless sex zombies, not cool.”

    If you agree with me though, you might think about doing more than just complaining on message boards. Go to DC’s website and go to where you can make comments and tell them about it. Nothing will change if they never know you have a complaint.

    • I would tend to agree that violence is worse than sex, and while i haven’t killed that many people, (kidding, kidding) people can be desenitized to violence because it hasn’t been a taboo like sex has been/is. and when you bring children into the mix, while violence against children is not tolerated and sex and children is, well i don’t even know what the word is for how bad that is. This isn’t to say the DC is targeting books like Red Hood and Catwoman at young children, but they are still targetting to kids who are 12-14 (their T rating is for 12 and up), and i wouldn’t let my 12 year old (if i had one) read this; what would i be teaching them about what sex is, and maybe even at how women are represented?

    • I totally agree with you Weakly. I don’t know what DC was thinking with this one.

      Weather it be that she is a mindless sex zombie, or a twist on the gender rolls, what kind of example are they setting for the T for teen rating? Also, are they happy with it?

  16. Either way, i hope Robin is playing it safe and remembering to pack a raincoat in his utility belt.

  17. crikey, even when he’s making out with a woman, Robin still lands up looking like the girl.

  18. uummm, ok? this is awkward. i like the art though

  19. I’m going to tell a tale of why i was taken aback by Starfire’s depiction in Red Hood. I’ve been a Teen Titans fan since the days of Wolfman & Perez.. And in those issues Starfire wasn’t a sex zombie who used the men around her as sex toys. She was a passionate warrior who felt things to the extreme. When she was happy, she was exhilarated. When she was angry she was furious. She also had a tinge of naivete being an alien in a new world. She grew up and learned tom be a women here on Earth. She matured. I enjoyed her character and her on again off again romance with Dick Grayson. She was one of my favorite characters in one of my ALL TIME favorite books. Years later I’ve become a dad. And i introduced the Teen Titans to my daughter. I did this through the animated show. Guess who became her favorite…you guessed it. Starfire. Granted her depiction was a bit more simplified on the show, but her basic essence was still there. A young girl who was passionate. Felt things strongly. NOT a sex zombie. The Starfire in Red Hood is NOT the Starfire i know & love. That is why i won’t continue to read that book. I won’t give my kiddo that book to read. But i will gladly hand her my beautiful New Teen Titans Omnibus. So she can see how a good writer, wrote a great character.

  20. Is anyone else wondering why Robin looks like he is not enjoying that at all?

  21. I do appreciate a comic that plays to Starfire’s interest in sex. Noone here complained it demeaned Green Arrow to be bedding a bunch of women, and noone complained when Arsenal/Red Arrow was shown to be bedding half the female heroes during his stint with the Outsiders. There have been scenes that were just as explicit… in particular I remember a kitchen scene years ago where Ollie and Dinah got it on in the kitchen.

    An appreciation or even depiction of sex really isn’t the issue here. I liked the scenes shown in Catwoman as well There’s a lot worse that’s been shown in terms of violence that we just dont blink at.

    What I do have an issue with, is portraying Starfire as someone who can’t even be bothered to remember her former teammates or her relationship with Nightwing. Okay, so this is a relaunch, things happened differently, I get that. But it still takes a character who more or less had the right balance before and just says, this woman’s primary motivation is sex, and that’s extremely offensive.

  22. Are we really still talking about this ?

  23. It’s because of those legs, Gar. Those long, smooth, sexy legs…