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Go £#€* Your Shelf

The phrase “shelf porn” is hereby banned, forbidden, and abolished.

A Q&Q&Q&A About Comic Conventions

To go to a panel is to hear the same ten questions over and over again. But what’s the alternative?

SDCC 2012: HARRY POTTER Director To Bring CREEPY To Life In Anthology-Style Feature Film

The director behind the first HARRY POTTER and the HOME ALONE series wants to take Warren/Dark Horse’s CREEPY comics magazine to the big screen.

The Best of the Week in Panels – 06.20.2012

They come from Saga #4, Young Justice #17, The Punisher #12, Reed Gunther #10, Batman Beyond Unlimited #5, Daredevil #14, Winter Soldier #7, & Birds of Prey #10!

What’s Wrong With You? Don’t Be Creepy

What kind of fan do you want to be?

Great Moments in Comics History: The New Teen Titans #2

Can’t a guy get some privacy?