Great Moments in Comics History: My Greatest Adventure #80

Sure, old man. Suuuure.


  1. This dude needed to be crippled to fantasize? Wow.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    For anyone interested, this is the origin of The Doom Patrol. Most panels are suitable for GMiCH. Pick up the Showcase immediately.  

  3. reminds me of a favorite onion editorial – "I Have An I-Pod In My Mind."

  4. Agoraphobic Alan Moore?

  5. How come everyone in a wheelchair in the 60’s has to have a blanket over their legs? Caulder needs to use his MIND to invent a seat warmer.

  6. @patio – it helps him relax. He wears that suit all day long, so when he finishes his work load, he puts on a blanket and watches soap operas.

  7. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I kinda like this quote.  It reminds me of how they used to try to sell books to kids when I was growing up, even though nearly everyone had a Nintendo.  Still, I do like the dramatic reading that the Chief is giving here.  Really selling that last line, isn’t he?

  8. It kinda reminds me of the weird black and white horror movies shown in the Angry Beavers cartoon…

  9. @patio – Actually, it is all some grand scheme by this company to convince you to buy their product (the greatest example of subliminal advertising ever conceived [it was executed via time machine {I love parenthesis}]).

  10. crazy old people these days

  11. I have this sitting on my desk waiting for a read through after I finish Showcase Presents Legion Vol. 1

  12. This guy just sounds like the ultimate nerd. 

    "I don’t need you!  I don’t need legs!  I have my imagination!"

  13. I have my (waves hands) im-ag-in-at-ion!

  14. oh man, this is the single funniest thing on the internet today, picture and thread


    well done everybody, thank you mr. kilpatrick

  15. hahaha that’s incredible "with my BRAIN"

  16. Your brain compensates a creepy "OOOOOH" after "adventures with my mind"

  17. Oh.  Crap.  I would tell my mother the same thing when she would ground me as a kid. "Oh I can’t leave my room? You’re locking me in with my books you know?! I CAN GO ANYWHERE I WANT!"

    I have now seen my future.  My future after I become crippled. And male.

  18. This panel was the genesis of Muppet Babies.

  19. Arnold Drakes run on Doom Patrol is so incredibly fun.

  20. This is frackin’ awesome. My guts hurt from laffing!

  21. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    "Come along if you care, Come along if you dare, Take a ride to the land inside of your mind."

    Journey to the Center of the Mind, opening track on the Ramones "Acid Eaters." 

  22. Thank You, Conor I desperately await the next installment.

    My theory on the blanket, he’s but naked going for a mental swim w/70’s era Farah Faucet

  23. Well, there really aren’t many forms of media from fifty+ years ago that hold up well.

    I read a lot of this stuff that got reprinted as backups in the 70’s.  It seemed old fashioned even then, but when it was part of an (booming announcer voice) "80 PAGE GIANT" for fifty cents you could overlook a lot.  

    The Showcase books are dirt cheap and well worth the time to check out.  Despite the overwrought dialog, and klugey art, all the Golden/Silver age books had one thing going for them that modern books never will:

    They could tell a complete story in eight goddamn pages.

    Take that Grant Morrison.

  24. @plasticmonster: Who said Golden and Silver Age books are bad?

  25. I know it is said for quite a few books, but the arnold drake doom patrol was sencerely far ahead of its time.

  26. you fuckers think that funny? why don’t you come down here and help me empty my colonostipy bag, huh?!

  27. WITH MY MIND!!!!!!!