Great Moments in Comics History: Superboy #86

The Kryptonian ritual of keeping a small clump of a vanquished enemy’s hair on display has obviously unnerved poor Jonathan Kent.


  1. How many times has Supes called Lois Lana and Lana Lois? I’d be messed up completely. Forget birthday cards – I’d write the wrong names on them. Crazy.

  2. And they say Bruce Wayne has a hoarding problem.

    At least he didn’t put the short and curlies on display.

  3. “Look at the hairs.”

    “Oh. Um, that’s nice, I gues–”


  4. “Interesting card. Say, by the way: how long have you been hiding a room in my house, and also, how did you hide a room in my house?”

  5. I think by “secret room” they mean “underneath a desk”.

  6. I smell a Secret Origin in which Luthor went bald because Superboy ripped all his hair out.

  7. I heard that Josh keeps a similar clump of Conor’s hair of display in his home.

  8. See, this is how you make a trophy room without Bruce Wayne’s budget.

  9. This scene was the inspiration behind making Jim Gordon’s son James a creepy serial killer freak.

  10. Superboy= Edward Gaines.

  11. Whose sword is that?

  12. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Some big questions remain about the display for Lana Lang’s valentine. Why did Lana sign the white display area around the valentine? Is the white area around the heart part of the valentine? If so, did she write “Lana Lang’s Valentine” or did Clark do it after she gave it to him? If Clark wrote it, why did Lana give him a valentine with so much unused white space at the top and if Lana wrote it, why did she feel the need to write that?

    So many questions!

  13. And just think, in a few short years Superman went from keeping creepy trophies of people to keeping an entire tiny bottled city of real living people! Do you really think he couldn’t fix Kandor’s situation?

    • What most people don’t know is that Kandor’s citizens are all completely bald, and Clark has a match box full of their collective hairs stashed in his desk at the Daily Planet.

  14. keeping the hair of a fallen foe. how barbarically creepy.
    take note kids. Morrison might make this one of those strange references that makes some people go “WHA?!”

  15. Unfortunately anything I’ll try and say will just be repeating. But let me ask this:

    When the hell is Tom Katers going to do a Superboy and/or Superman’s Pal podcast!? Don’t get me wrong, Aquaman is great and all. But he’s literally got 50 years (all together anyways) of material right there.

  16. Am I the only one getting shades on the Plutonian here? Creepy

  17. And thank Rao those hairs are from Lex’s head BEFORE he went bald…and not pubes from after…geez.

  18. I wonder if I was the first person on iFanboy to use the word “pubes” …and if it will go unnoticed.

  19. Hmmm…you know…Suddenly I’m not so sure pre-Crisis Lex Luthor didnt have a legitimate beef with Superboy causing him to lose all his hair. I would bet Lex has SEEN this trophy room…

    Also, I think Pa’s quote up there would be a whole lot better without the comma after Strange….