Great Moments in Comics History: Superman #298


It’s the “plus tax” part that really drives home how pissed Clark is.


  1. Am i the only one picking up a strong sexual subtext?

  2. More wages for reporters!

  3. I think the tax hammers home that Clark is really a good citizen and pays his tax dutifully, and that it’s a very important american thing to do.

    and look at those buttons fly, the guy must have ripped that shirt off with some force. and to think about it, how often does clark have to rip off his shirt, and ruin it in such a way, or does he use his speed to unbutton them before revealing the S?

  4. @mikeandzod21  Nope.

  5. Thirty-Five dollars is more than I pay for a shirt NOW (and Superman #298 was published in the ’70’s)

  6. Also, Superman kinda looks like Stephen Colbert

  7. I’m sure by the end of this story, Superman had helped the guy, saved the day, and regained his secret identity. But he was still pissed about the shirt.

  8. That settles it.  Clark Kent and I are essentially identical.
    I got upset with my daughter the other night for stretching the sleeve on my $8 Old Navy Hoodie. I’m rather frugal.  

  9. For some reason it tickles me that all the buttons are flying off in the same direction

  10. PLUS TAX! Good thing Superman isn’t living in California..that would be like an $80 shirt. =p

  11. He was just upset the guy stole his thunder. Superman wanted to tear that shirt open!

  12. @mikeandzod21  and that just made it funnier for me for some reason!

  13. Obviously, the tax on a shirt in Metropolis is 50 bucks, which is why Clark is flipping out over it.

  14. Man that guy ripped his shirt hard. Cause the buttons are flying like they’re bullets.

  15. Morrison needs to do a hip post modern take on the whole shirt thing !

  16. Who knew that Superman was a teabagger even back then. 

  17. “PLUS TAX!” LMFAO!!!!

  18. This is easily my favorite ever “great moments”

  19. See, sometimes you have this one shirt that just fits you right, enhances your build and makes you confident in your look. I feel superb when I know I’m looking just right. If some rips my best looking shirt, I would be upset. Don Draper has extra shirts in his office for when he gets his shirts ripped, albeit for different reasons. Anyways, he should have seen this one coming, being Sups and all.

  20. Hate to know how much those slacks cost. See anyone trying to rip those?

  21. please tell me thats not Jimmy Olsen.

  22. curb your enthusiasm: metropolis. 

  23. great excerpt or choice of panel