Great Moments in Comics History: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #44


It looks like Jimmy Olsen got his degree at the Bugs Bunny School of Journalism.

(Thanks to Jeff Reid for the submission!)


  1. and there’s a monkey with a bat

  2. @ABirdseysView – And that’s really what makes this panel.

  3. And this money is from the streets, the sideways cap makes it obvious. 

  4. * Or monkey…but that monkey is so money he don’t even know it.

  5. I was caught beating the monkey that way once. My parents never looked at me the same way again.

  6. Superman must have felt that Lois Lane was more aggressive, didn’t he?

    Also, now Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back feels less original. 

  7. @chlop: in Metropolis,monkey beats you

  8. I don’t know if he was in any way responsible for this particular comic, but I was just in a conversation with a friend about how Julie Schwartz liked to put monkeys in everything.

  9. Superman should be able to smell that stogie from miles away. How is smoking handled in current mainstream comics? Is there a ban?

  10. How long did Olsen do this? That explains the frightened look of Brainiac’s alien monkey.

  11. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @ohcaroline: Mort Weisinger edited this issue, as he did most of the Superman stuff from the 1950s and 60s.  Apparently, he also liked monkeys as he also edited the first appearance of Titano just one year earlier.

  12. I like how Conor was trying to ignore the monkey but that’s all we’ve commented on.  He looks angry, he was probably the one fooled most by Olsen’s ruse.

  13. @ABirdseyeView – the two movement lines next to his head are there to show he moved his head slowly from side to side, so I guess you’re right.

  14. Forget about Jay & Silent Bob. Now I know where 30 Rock took their material from.

  15. For me, strawberry is the jam of jam’s.  For Jimmy, it’s cross-dressing with an angry monkey.  To each their own.

  16. I didn’t see this power of Jimmy’s addressed in Countdown. Was this before or after Turtle Boy?

    And he looks like one of those he/she’s from the early 1900’s carnival sideshows.

    And a monkey weilding – not just holding, but WEILDING – a bat. Excellent.

  17. Its an ape, not a monkey!  That makes it even more disturbing…

  18. That chimp could not look more menacing. He lures you in with the cuteness of his hat, and then… BAMMO! Whack upside the head with Louisville slugger!

  19. You got a cross dressing Jimmy Olsen and a Monkey with a baseball bat. Ah, it brings back memories of college.

    Seriously, you could do the entire Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen for the rest of time you do this article.

  20. I know the last time I got caught dressed in women’s clothing with a monkey and a bat, I was sure wishing I could contact Superman to get me out of that jam….I totaly sympathize with poor James Olsen


  22. Yeah, but I was caught with a monkey….pretty similar so I can imagine what Jimmy is going through

  23. This should be one of those fill in the caption contests.

  24. Now we know he’s a Tokyo Hotel fan.

  25. Was Morrison referring to this incident specifically in All-Star Superman (issue 3 or 4), or did Jimmy Olson dress in women’s clothing a lot?

  26. Are we sure the monkey (ape, whatever) was going to HIT Jimmy with that bat? Because… you know… *ahem*


    I also like that he’s thinking "Why didn’t I listen to Superman?" I suppose they’ve discussed this and Superman has on multiple occasions cautioned Jimmy against acting upon his strange predilection towards weird crossdressing baseball bat monkey sex.

  27. @kenkneisel: You win

  28. Why is the monkey wearing a baseball cap anyway?


    Wait, I’ve got it! Jimmy somehow talked Beppo the Super-Monkey into indulging him with a bit of kinky roleplay. I can hear Jimmy now: "You be Joe DiMaggio and I’ll be Marilyn Monroe."


    It all makes perfect sense when you think about it.


  29. can the monkey talk like in umbrella academy??

  30. Not the first time that Jimmy does drag…what worries me is what the monkey plans to do with the bat….

  31. It’s To Catch a Predator, and the cap is to make him look like a boy.

  32. I get it! Jimmy and the monkey are posing as this guy’s wife and child.  And then he finds out and pulls a gun on them.  This only allows Supes the chance to make time with the guy’s wife.

  33. @kenkneisel…."You be Joe DiMaggio and I’ll be Marilyn Monroe." ROTF, best line of the year

    He CAN’T summon Superman OR he DOESN’T WANT TO?

  34. all joking aside, that is actually pretty cool art

  35. The bj he just gave ends up saving his life.  Way to think ahead Olsen!

  36. Paul Dini should write a solo series for this character. THE CAP AND THE BAT.

  37. Damn, every snarky comment I wanted to say has already been said.

  38. Jimmy’s kinda hot.