Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #197


Know what else is man’s work? Figuring out perspective and the horizon line in the comic you’re drawing.


  1. That comment just made my day.

  2. leave it to a guy named Dick to be a sexist

  3. Dear lord, that’s a shockingly horrible drawing.  Did Bruce take the Monster Truck Batmobile?  Because he’s the size of one of its tires.  Yeesh.

  4. They really racked their brains before settling on "Silk Factory LTD." And I say they made the right choice.

  5. Anyone know if I can install a detection gear in my car? Do they sell them at most autoparts stores or do I have to order it over the interwebs?

  6. Maybe the Dynamic Duo are racing to the Bat-Storm cellar?

  7. Who robs a silk handkerchief factory?  It there a big demand on the black market?  The best part about this robbery is that only takes one guy, cause one guy could carry a lot of silk handkerchiefs.

  8. The panel looks like a bad Photoshop – too bad there wasn’t Photoshop back then.

  9. "is Man is work."

    I guess Grammar is a job for a woman, nevermind that Dick is supposed to be a young Genious. 

  10. ^no

  11. Was this a superdickery find?? Cuz’ it should be.

     Also, Grayson wears boy shorts and pixie boots. When your career begins with boyshorts and pixie boots, it doesn’t matter that your Batman now, you’ll be remembered for wearing boy shorts and pixie boots.


  12. Lay down the law Robin.

  13. This is slowly inching towards being my favorite ifanboy weekly article. I think whatever is posted next week will solidify it…

  14. @Calebthetimetraveler: that’s grammatically correct, "man’s" is in the possessive, not a contraction (sorry, I’m a huge grammar nerd and my ocd wasn’t letter that fly)

    And seriously? Mr. shorts and pixie boots is talking about something being "man’s work"? Kinda like the pot callin’ the kettle black 

  15. Do most "men" don green pixie boots too?

  16. This could explain why Dick gets the most hot tail in the DC universe.  Does Starfire really deserve our respect with that pornstar outfit of hers??

  17. I have a funny feeling that in a couple pages Dick is going to learn an important lesson in gender equality.

  18. What’s even weirder is the textbox is is angled toward the centerpoint. 

  19. Preventing silk handkerchief is most certainly man’s work. 

  20. @deezer- Thank you, I couldn’t find it in my heart to jump on him right away.  one should not criticize grammar when they themselves are no "genious".

  21. Why would a silk factory put the outline of a bat on their building? That makes no sense.

  22. And that right there is why Barbara Gordon will never get together with Dick Grayson.

  23. This shot also points out why it’s important to have well-defined calfs when you wear boy panties.  I mean, check’em out. They’re like bulging soup cans! 

  24. There are so many things wrong with this panel.

    Who was the artist for this?

  25. What a Dick.

  26. Lots of Batman ones lately. Yeah… this is pretty bad….

  27. The more I look at this the more I feel like it must be an MC Escher work. 

  28. Is Gotham located in Man’s Country?  This would make sense in that case.

  29. Dick’s probably pissed because Batman’s wondering about Batgirl, and Robin feels his sexiness is going unnoticed. 

    As for the art…’YEESH!’  I’m suspecting some prescription drugs or alcohol may have been a factor.  Where the eff was the editor on that one???

  30. This looks like classic Dick Sprang. is it?

  31. Yeah, that line under the pic cracked me up

  32. Either that’s the biggest batmobile I’ve ever seen or Batman’s as tall as Jim Lee. (Buz-zing)

  33. Does Dick tell Starfire to go make him sandwiches too?

  34. I’ll forgive Robin for this, since this was probably the time that he thought girls have cooties.

  35. I’d just like to voice my agreement with previous comments pointing out that anyone in man-panties will find entry into the He-Man-Woman-Haters club difficult.

    BTW- I always enjoy this column. More please. 

  36. That’s fantastic.

  37. did they just shrank?

  38. Conor–Your next one should be Avengers (vol. 1) #4; Page 8, panel 1….Cap was awake the whole time!!!

  39. You know looking at this again just reminded me… I can’t draw, so I retract all jokes made.

  40. and i thought they were lovers…