Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #79

But who did you think he’d fall fo–



  1. And the JLA isn’t even invited. Typical.

  2. For Grant Morrison, this is in canon!

  3. Batman looks very concerned about finding himself in this situation.

  4. Hope he made her sign a prenup because if things go wrong he doesn’t want her getting half the batcave… especially that half with the giant coin and dinosaur .

  5. lol who is the girl?

  6. If Thomas were alive I’m sure he would have been breathing a sigh of relief…

  7. Geez Robin looks jealous.

  8. Look at Batman. He knows he’s in too deep.

  9. Dick Sprang era + Batman = a weird situation IN EVERY PANEL.

    BTW, just offering light-hearted fun. I also absolutely love the Sprang era of Batman.

  10. Why are the the grumpy guys from The Muppets at Batman’s wedding?

  11. The best part is the “to a girl” phrase from the crowd…

  12. See, Wertham?! Batman LIKES GIRLS!

  13. Either that’s a really long church or they squeezed a lot of people in that tiny building.

  14. Statler and Waldorf?