Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #169

The villains in the 1950s were really not all that challenging.


  1. batman faught flying eels as part of his training

  2. These are the types of stories missing from current comics. Umbrellapoint! Fear Itself: Umbrellas!

  3. Feel the wrath of the flying rain ponchos!

  4. Flying rain ponchos would be very frightening indeed.

  5. “before the rain hits, they do!”

  6. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Batman is always a professional. Nothing phases him at this point.

  7. It seems Batman’s having a little bit of trouble with his Umbrellas, while the Boy Wonder has cleaned up. 

  8. C’mon Conor! You downplay the danger! Have you ever had to fight a horde of bloodthirsty, homicidal umbrellas? I think not!

  9. Those umbrellas are in for a case of bad luck!

  10. @REM NICE!

  11. Why would punching a flying umbrella put it out of action lol?

  12. @wangman31888  With enough force it could break one of those thin metal support rods! LOL

  13. I look forward to this weekly!

  14. You should know this is right after they kicked Mary Poppin’s Ass.  The umbrellas were pissed.

  15. the word enemy is in quotes in the caption. even the writers knew it was ri-goddamn-diculous.

  16. @ABirdseysView  Ha!

  17. So I guess Mary Poppins was their mortal enemy back then.

  18. and this was BEFORE flashpoint changed the status quo?

  19. The Penguin is an underrated villain. Look at the danger here!