Geoff Johns to End GREEN LANTERN Run of Nearly 10 Years with Issue #20 [UPDATED]

UPDATE: According to the full Green Lantern group solicits, Johns isn’t the only writer on the way out. Peter J. Tomasi, Tony Bedard, and Peter Milligan are also exiting Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Red Lanterns with May’s 20th issues.

Twenty issues in ten years might not seem like a lot of

Geoff Johns announced today that he is wrapping up his Green Lantern run of nearly a decade with May’s issue #20. In a missive posted on DC’s Source Blog, Johns thanks key collaborators like Doug Mahnke and Peter Tomasi as well as creators like Julius Schwartz, John Broome and Gil Kane for making this storied run possible. Johns counts over a 100 individual issues as co-pilot for Hal Jordan, from his Rebirth in 2004 through the Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and the New 52. That’s a lot of comics, and they’ll go on to define both the Green Lantern franchise and Geoff Johns for ages to come.


Green Lantern #20 Gatefold Cover

Of the big finale, Johns writes:

So what will GREEN LANTERN #20 bring? The bizarre return of Hal Jordan, the final fate of Sinestro, the revelation of the First Lantern and an ending that I hope pays off everything we’ve ever done and ever created with GREEN LANTERN. It has art by Doug Mahnke, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado and I’ve poured everything I can into the script.

I’m off to focus my energy on the JUSTICE LEAGUE universe as we head into what I hope is an exciting plan – Simon Baz and B’dg will be along for the ride in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA – and you’ll no doubt see Hal Jordan and some of the other Lanterns in the world of the Justice League before too long. And Sinestro…? You’ll have to read GREEN LANTERN #20 for that…

It all goes down in May. As for the future of Hal and the rest of the Green Lanterns? Keep your eyes to the skies. Or better yet, right here.

Who do you think the ring will choose next?


  1. Thank you Mr Johns. Greatest Green Lantern run in history.

  2. Is there anything more entertaining than a Paul Montgomery strike-through?

    Congratulations, Mr. Johns. Thank you.

    Obviously Mr. Alan Moore should come back and write a few Green Lantern stories, but I hear he doesn’t socialize.

  3. The series fizzled a bit in the New 52 landscape, but Johns’ Green Lantern run was almost always a topic of discussion on my podcast and for very good reason. Who would have thought in a 9-year-span of great stories that we’d be putting GL in the same category as heavyweights like Batman and Superman.

    Well done, Sir Johns.

  4. Damn has it been that long? I’m getting old.

  5. Thank you Geoff for all your work on GL. It’s probably a safe bet that we would never have had a GL movie ( quality of said movie notwithstanding ) Animated series and a whole family of GL books if it wasn’t for all you did for the character. I also hope you can do something similar to aquaman.
    Now the question is, do I wait for the inevitable GL by Geoff Johns omnibus or stick to my trades 😀

  6. This run reminds me a lot of Brubaker’s Cap run. Early arcs totally reinvigorated the character and world but the latter years were a lot of wheel spinning and mediocrity. Both will be looked back upon fondly.

    Johns seems to be phoning it in nowadays though. Maybe less books will lead to more focus.

  7. Wow… I remember reading Rebirth #1, fresh off the shelves. I was never more excited for a comic.

    Under Johns’ guidance, Hal Jordan achieved the heights of fame he always should have had. Who would have expected a DC universe where GL was second only to Batman in popularity? While the title has seemed a little directionless of late, it’s been a strong title nonetheless.

    And what a cadre of artists! EVS, Reis, Mahnke.

    Sad to see it go, but here’s hoping DC’ll be able to pass the baton to someone interesting.

    • I remember way back when this clerk at my LCS asked what else I was into besides comics and I replied instantly “Sci-Fi!”. He put the “Rebirth” mini-series in my hands and said if I didn’t like it he’d give me a refund, I’m sorry to say I took it back 2 weeks later and got the refund. I wasn’t ready for GL back then. Later on I got the trade and re-read it, and committed to reading all of Johns’ run on GL. Hard to believe there was ever a time when Hal Jordon and Green Lantern weren’t big names…

  8. Awesome run, this guy is just the best, hope he’ll write an ongoing J’onn J’onzz series

  9. I’ve enjoyed his Green Lantern in the New 52 more than it appears many others did, but I’m also really excited for new blood on this. I feel like simply a changing of the guard could catapult this title back to the top of DC. Whoever it is has a lot to live up to though.

    I hope this change prompts DC to release the beginning of his run in omnibus format soon, it’s one of the best recent superhero runs.

  10. I am just glad he is staying around at DC… one of the only writers that is keeping DC going… :’D

  11. Geoff Johns’ run on GL must go down as one of the greatest in comics. It had it’s ups and downs, as a ll runs do, but the good that he did for that character cannot be overstated. Hal Jordan matters at all because of him.

    That said, like Bendis on Avengers, it’ll be really nice to see what another writer can do with the character. Watching the GL animated series has really made me excited for some more focused Space Cop stories rather than the sweeping, capital “C” Cosmic stuff that Johns’ has produced (with great distinction). Onward!

  12. While I’ve wavered off of GL as of late and felt that his run could have more effectively ended at a couple of previous points, there’s no denying that Johns’ run is a hallmark of all of comics.

  13. Bring on the omnibuses!

  14. I just can’t believe it. Johns brought me back to comics after a 5 year lapse. His Green Lantern is the very best DC has ever published. I had promised I’d never drop the title as long as Johns was writing it, but after 10 years, I guess it gets harder to come up with great new storylines. And in fact, it hasn’t been as energetic since the end of Blackest Night.

    I salute you, Mr. Johns, for an amazing comics run. Legendary, as a matter of fact. Thank you for the stories!

  15. This… this is a sad day.

  16. Good. Green Lantern hasnt been as great since Sinestro Corp War.

    I would like to see someone like Joshua Hale Fialkov or Gail Simone.

  17. say what you will about the movie, but it’s almost entirely thanks to Johns’ run that GL got enough notice to warrant a movie. Sure it hasn’t been as strong since the build up to Blackest Night, but Johns always made GL a solid read and he made me fall in love with that corner of the DCU. Thanks for the epic run Geoff!

  18. I have mixed feelings about this. I’ve been on board since Rebirth, so this is the end of an era, and that’s always sad. But on the other hand, I’ve been thinking about dropping the title lately and arguing with the Compulsive Completist in my head. Looks like Johns made the decision for me. Everybody wins.

    Geoff Johns was instrumental in helping me to get excited about comics again back in 2004. It truly has been a (mostly) wonderful run, and one I’ll always hold very close to my heart. Looking forward to seeing how he wraps things up.

  19. I’ve been reading since Sinestro Corp War and while Johns’ run has had some ups and downs (along with the other GL books) all in all it has been a great ride. I’m currently only reading Green Lantern but it has been quite good since the New 52 re-numbering. Unless the new creative team intrigues it’s a good time to walk away. I’ve been reading GL for a good while now.

    As others have said, Johns was at the forefront of making Green Lantern not just a great comic, but a big franchise for DC.

  20. I would like to see Brandon Graham take on Green Lantern.

  21. To new beginnings!! Geoff will be missed, but whoever gets the writer’s chair next (how bout Bruce Timm?) it will be someone special. Hopefully not Lemire or Snyder, those guys have enough books right now with more on the way. I want the next guy to give GL his full attention.

  22. So ends his 2nd substantive & highly successful run.
    (His 1st being ‘JSA’, which remains my personal favourite.)

    I’ve been enjoying his storytelling since ’99 & he holds much responsibility for my ‘getting back into comics’, too.

    I hope this shift gives him a creative ‘shot in the arm’ & I’ll continue to follow his work; when he’s on form, he’s stellar.

  23. Johns was the main reason I was even reading Green Lantern. I may have to drop the book after his run ends. But if Mahnke is still doing the art, that would probably keep me reading. I wonder who is taking over the writing chores with #21?

  24. This is at just the right time. There’s nothing more he can do with the franchise, in my opinion. I’m glad he is stepping aside to focus his energies elsewhere unlike Bendis who should have left Avengers after the Siege event. Not to get off topic, but Johns’ GL run will define the character and franchise for years to come, and will be considered one of the best runs of all time.

    Here’s to hoping he can do the same for Aquaman.

  25. Geoff Johns and his work on GL: Rebirth brought me into Green Lantern comics for the first time…..back when I thought his name was Jeff (lol). I’ve been in love with the character ever since, and by extension, Johns’ writing. I’ve read everything Johns has ever written, and have enjoyed it all……

    Congratulations on your GL run Mr. Johns, and I hope to continue reading your work with other characters for decades to come.

  26. Geoff Johns’s GL book has been the spine of my DC reading for the best part of a decade It’ll be weird without it.
    Whoever is coming in next has some big shoes to fill.

  27. I like some arcs more than others but I sure have enjoyed John’s run on GL overall. And the fact that he got me to continue n with Hal when I really started the GL books with Kyle is a feat unto itself.

    He had some fantastic storylines and I’ve had years of fun reading the title under his stewardship. What more can I ask?

    Well, other than he keeps up the great work on his other titles, that is!

  28. Thank you, Geoff. Those were character-defining 10 years that will not be forgotten.

    So if we learned anything from the way DC has been operating… June, Scott Lobdell on Green Lantern!

  29. The most interesting thing about this is how quickly it is going to become a mess under DC editorial. I’m giving the first replacement writer 12 issues before s/he is canned and replaced

  30. Remember when Sinestro was the White Lantern for like an issue? That was pretty good.

  31. After admiring superheroes from afar through movies, tv, and animation, I finally started reading comics in 2006. It was was Geoff’s run on Green Lantern that made me fall in love with the medium and say “Where have these been all my life?” The Sinestro Corps War stands as one of my favorite comic book stories and because of Geoff Johns, Green Lantern quickly became one of my favorite superhero characters. “Know Will, No Fear” is a motto a try to live my life by now and it’s done me pretty well so far. My sincerest thanks to Mr. Johns for all that he’s given to the character, the mythos, and to me personally.

    Now let’s see what the future can bring.

  32. Hmm… so… the entire group is exiting, eh? I’m predicting… a major death, the other corps will be gone save for the Sinestro Corps and the GL corps and we’ll be left with two GL books. One focusing on Hal training Simon Baz and one focusing on John and Guy.

    I actually have to say I’ll be sad to see Peter J. Tomasi go as well. He’s but just as much time into workshopping Guy into less of an asshole and more of a rounded character. Long live the lantern corps.

  33. The only criticism i have is maybe it was about 3 years too long but that can be said about most runs

    Abnett and Lanning would be my choice to take over the entire line, cutting Red Lanterns of course

  34. Will we find out if he got anyone to co-sign for that car lease? (sorry I dropped off after #1)

  35. I suspect Tomasi will take the seat at the head of the table and write Green Lantern proper (with Matt Kindt as my dark horse), and Sinestro Corps War II (SCWII) will happen in the next eight months to keep the readership up.

  36. This is a good thing. And I do not mean that as an insult to Johns. He has truly done great things for this franchise. But I do think things have gotten less exciting since the blackest night stuff. I think that all great creators have to know when to call it a day with certain characters.
    GL has progressively fallen farther and farther from must read for me.

    • I was never interested in Green Lantern until I picked up Rebirth on a whim. I’ve really enjoyed the run up to and a little after Blackest Night. It’s been a great run of comics.

  37. I’ll repeat myself on twitter because honestly:

    Just like Bendis leaving Avengers I thought I would never see the day where Johns decided to stop writing Green Lantern. But like Bendis’s Avengers, this feels like a year or two too late. When the Black Lantern event ended that should have been the time for Johns to leave in my opinion.

    However, Johns did get me back into Hal Jordan and Green Lantern so it is sad to see him finally leave. He made the character relevant again and turned this entire side of the universe important. Peter Tomasi should also get some love as he leaves too cause his run on the Corps was just as enjoyable as Hal Jordan’s series.

  38. One less Johns’ book on the stands is always a sad state of affairs, but he has more coming out, so I’m hopeful for a bright future.

  39. I think it is time for them to move on. Johns and even Tomasi have had great runs. Now who will take over? I’m betting Lobdell or Nicienza’s names get put on a title or two. Maybe some other 80’s writer too. Most of their other big guns are busy, so I don’t think anyone of Johns’ caliber will come on unless there’s a surprise addition to the DC roster. I wonder if New Guardians and Red Lanterns will be around much longer with the change?

  40. Wonder what the plans are, that is a lot of books to find good writers for.

  41. Did John’s run become a little stale at the end? Perhaps. Johns certainly made me love a character I would of otherwise had little interest in and I also like to think people we see this as a classic run in comic history with the likes of Brubaker’s Cap.

  42. I swear to god, if he kills Sinestro… >:(

    This is really sad news. Johns’ Blackest Night run is what got me into comics and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m excited to see what he does next!

    • He’s doing JLA with David Finch and Vibes solo series which I can’t believe, I know he’s known for reviving characters that aren’t doing well or even being used but Vibe? That character is just cheese but Geoff Johns will probably find a way to make people like him. I hear his Aquaman run is really good. Blackest Night got me into GL and he’s been writing the character a long time, it’s not as good as it was and he’s smart enough to wrap it up before its stale and move on to new. And if he kills Sinestro, a character that’s been around forever, might be exciting, it’s just a comic book character and its comix, they’ll bring him back when they want to.

  43. They should cut all the ancillary books and just continue on with Green Lantern and maybe Green Lantern Corps and that’s it. No new guardians, red lanterns, etc.

  44. Here’s hoping that Robert Venditti is the next writer on the main GL book.

    Maybe that’s why he left Constantine.

    He’s been knocking it out of the park for Valiant Comics’ X-O Manowar.

  45. Woah. It’s definately been a great run that not many comic writers (especially in DC) have these days. I have read all of the books but I’ve read the big ones and from the new 52 i’ve book his issues. However I have felt that someone new needs to come in and do something a little different. I enjoyed the good cop bad cop thing they had at the start of the New 52 and everything feels so epic after that. Maybe it is time to go back to basics.

    Either way I look at it, Johns will be missed and the other writers of the GL books. Hopefully Green Lantern can continue to be on my pull list. Good luck to Johns on all the other books he’s writing.

  46. What a classy end to a truly incredible run.

    My hat’s off to Mr. Johns. Well done, sir!