First Look: X-Men: First Class Trailer

Rumors that it would premiere during the Super Bowl turned out to be false, instead 20th Century Fox was going to go the social media route by debuting the trailer to Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class on their Facebook fan page. But then it leaked every where else first:

20th Century Fox has also released a new still image of Magneto via Entertainment Weekly:

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3.


  1. YES!  Much better than the other comic book trailers this year.

  2. HELL yes.

  3. I like it. I wasn’t interested in this movie from the set photos an promo materials but the trailer has me on board.

  4. Nice totally cant wait for this movie now

  5. Really impressed. 

  6. wow. i’m surprised. Looks pretty interesting…and it has an SR71 Blackbird. =)

  7. Looks Good

  8. @wally I gasped when I saw the Blackbird 🙂

  9. So like X-men Black ops? Intriguing.

  10. Whoah! Glad to see a “retro” Blackbird 🙂

  11. At first I was like “Meh.” But now I’m like “YEAH!” Amazing how a great trailer can pump you up for a movie. This looks really good.

  12. Not to bad, love the fact that this and Captain America are using period settings. Makes them stand out from the crowd just that bit more. Also, Magneto VS Soviet fleet looks amazing.

  13. I’m really surpised I liked the trailer… Seeing the streak Fox was on, I really had no hopes Vaughn or no Vaughn.

  14. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  15. Wow! I was taking this movie as a joke until this. Why oh why did they not show this during the Super Bowl? So excited.

  16. What was up with that scene with Angel Salvatore?

  17. Amazing.  I’m sold. 

  18. I would like this movie to come out not, please.

  19. I kind of don’t care about anyone in this but Magneto and Xavier. I just really interested to see their relationship unfold. 

  20. Now that was a good trailer. I’d been hesitant on the movie, after seeing that I definitely want to see it.

  21. O sh!t YES!!!!

  22. @heroville She’s in the movie, not sure what you’re wondering about.

    @LBolt Matthew Vaughn is fantastic, I always had faith it would be good.

  23. I might have lost my mind when I saw the blackbird wait I think I found it nope it’s totally gone.

  24. annnd now im interested

  25. This just made the top of my “Most anticipated superhero-movie list”! WAUW!

  26. @gobo  Why is she meeting Magneto and Xavier in what appears to be the bedroom of Jeannie’s lamp?

  27. WOOOOOWWW!!! I am so pumped for this now! That last scene gave me EXTREME CHILLS! Fassenbender is so perfect as Young Magneto it is scary! And McAvoy shows a lot of potential. Everyone looks great, but its weird that there was no shot of Kevin Bacon. Either way can not wait til June!!!

  28. totally agree with @Avenger117. 

  29. The 15 year old X-Men fan in me just did a quadrupal back flip! The Classic Blackbird! Ho—leee—crap!

  30. Clearly, the trailer was a big success… it has made members of their core audience go from “don’t care” to “awesome!”

    I am one of them.  That was a great trailer.  And Charlie X reminds me of Ewan Macgregor… 

  31. @SpiderTitan  Kevin Bacon was in there very briefly.

  32. I really hope Sideshow Collectables sells a replica of that Magneto helmet. 

  33. Damn, I’m pumped for this and didn’t think I would be, given all we’ve seen and heard of the film so far.

  34. Very nice. Looking forward to the movie

  35. wow this might not suck i mean i had faith in vanugh but with them not even completeing filming yet they cut together a really good trailer. my only problem is i want to hear what the other x-men are going to sound like i know the pitch is xavier and magneto but if the supporting casts performance can’t back them up i worry.

  36. Looks good to me. 

  37. Got to weigh in and say I had no interest in seeing this (after the debacle that was X-Men: The Last Stand), but this trailer has wet my whistle. And seeing the SR-71 made my day.  Let’s hear for period pieces!

    Anyone think that the look and feel of Watchmen (the movie, that is) has encouraged other writers and exec’s to set these comic book movies in the past?

    It still feels like a gamble to me, as the teens may not be able to relate in any way. 

  38. Wow, I was not expecting that. Going in with low expectations always helps, but DAMN. That looks gooood.

  39. Wow! Quite impressed with the trailer. Reminds me a bit of X2. (And it seems Azael is in the movie as a Nightcrawler replacement from that brief scene of him in action.)

  40. Well, that’s a hell of a thing!

    113 days.

  41. I LIKE IT!


  43. Who’s the bug girl suppose to be ? Pixie ? help X-Men fans …

  44. Wow that really upped my expectations I thought this was going to be a wash out but the historical setting might actually be good. Was Angel the girl with the Stacy X shoulders too?  

    I could have done with a shorter beginning with the old footage and more new stuff. 

  45. @tazz  Bug girl is Angel Salvadore from Morrison’s New X-Men run.

  46. 1.  @Conner, I am guessing that you meant to type “‘now” instead of “not”.

    2.  This is a perfect exmple why one should not pass judgement on a movie bassed upon an unofficially leaded image. 

    3.  There is so much I love about this project tha I had to poss a thought for the first time in a few years.

  47. … speaking of typoes…that should have been post not poss.

  48. @bean leaked, not leaded

  49. It does look pretty cool.  Still skeptical despite Vaughn’s record but that’s basically my policy with all these movies.  I just hope they don’t have some contrived way that Xavier will lose his hair during the movie.

  50. How much cooler is that Magneto helmet compared to the crap they had on the other movies? Was that Hank turning into beast?

  51. Point and match Gobo.

    Please note: I was not tring to make fun of Connor but clarify what I thought was an honest error.

    Sometimes I hate this darnd wireless mini keyboard. 


  52. Coner.  Not Connor nor Conner.

    I think its time to go to bed.


  53. Looking good, could actually be fun, not sure I like the…. continuity of the whole thing, but HEY! Could still be a fun movie

  54. I wonder if they are going to do an awesome Bernard Herrmann/Lalo Schifrin -type period score or more horrible music like X2, Last Stand, and Wolverine?

  55. This looks pretty good.  Not surprising because it’s Vaughan, but a little surprised because of the amount of time he’s had to make it and the fact it’s Fox, which has been a very director-friendly studio in the past.  Seems like things might be changing for the better.

  56. This looks good. Could get lost with the bigger more high profile movies, but wouldnt it be funny if this beats thor and cap.

    funny thing about the typos, i didnt catch a single one. I read them all as intended. of course i spell for siht.

  57. Has Marvel even been advertising this? Maybe they want it to fail so they can get the rights back.

  58. lol. that looks really good.

  59. Well I probably HAVE to go see this, but I am only going to watch with one eye, and hope its ok.

  60. How underwhelming.

  61. I had faith in this movie before, but, Wow.

  62. Wow. I laughed when I saw the screens but holy hell this looks awesome

  63. Oh my, Vuaghn is about to blow up big! oh yeah!

  64. @Baldrick  This trailer certainly gave me that Watchmen trailer feeling. (I really enjoyed the first Watchmen trailer with Smashing Pumpkins playing in the background.)

    Actually, I wonder if MAD MEN has influced the ability to set movies into the recent past? Total speculation on my part, and would love to hear if someone knows some actual facts.

    @stasisbal  What I hear is Superboy spills chemicals on Xaviers head and he loses all his hair. 😉

  65. @ Conor Yeah I saw him twice now that I re-watched the trailer a few times out of excitement. He looks interesting with the 60s look. Also is that girl with the wings Pixie? She’s like a teen now how was she in the First Class at all? Whatever still psyched to see this flick!

  66. @SpiderTitan  This isn’t the first class from the comics, it’s the first class from the movies.

  67. Wow, I’ve gone from dreading this, to slightly piqued curiosity, to anxiously awaiting this movie.

  68. @SpiderTitan  It’s Angel from New X-Men. Homonym switch so the team isn’t just a sausage fest.

    Good idea. Plus with WW3 Angel in X3 it’s a clever subversion of the original team’s lineup in my view while retaining the movie continuity already established.

  69. I had zero faith that this would be a good movie. The trailer has completely changed my thoughts, can’t wait.

  70. At the end of the trailer my wife said, “I want to see that.” I agree with her.

  71. This trailer also really makes me want to see a fully retro Fantastic Four movie, but frankly that will never happen.

  72. Impressive.

  73. I’m shocked really.  It looks really cool.  I like the cast.  We ahall see.

  74. Hey blue and gold costumes do look good:-)

  75. Im in.

    EVEN the red nightcrawler/mephisto/nightcrawler’s dad got me sold.

  76. Full nerd: The SR-71 wasn’t rolled out until 1964, and this move takes place in 1962. #fullnerd

  77. @WilliamKScurryJr  It’s a prototype. Duh. 

  78. I’m a bit concerned about how quickly this trailer was generated.  When did they start filming??  It seems like there is potential for a crappy story.

  79. That is so cool. I wonder what Ron thought of this. Ron, if you are in the room please stand up and be counted.

  80. @SamIAm  Here you go.

  81. Am I the only that isn’t really excited for this movie? I think its because it’s so far away still. I’ll be more interested when we are 2 weeks away. I’m surprised that there was so many people skeptical of the movie before the trailer but maybe I’m just a Matthew Vaughn fanboy. After watching him talk about the making of kickass on the bluray I have complete faith in him to make an awesome movie.

  82. I’ll take 2.

  83. Wow, that looked very good!!

    My wife said ” Where is Wolverine?”

  84. Underwelming and does nothing for me.

    Looks like any other trailer and nothing grabbed me to say: “Wow! This is gonna be great!”

  85. I think this is going to be pretty sweet. Looking forward to it

  86. Looks pretty cool. Actually looking forward to it now.

  87. Snatch, layer cake, star dust … I really respect this director.  This looks better than I’d hoped.  Cuban missle crisis, civil rights era, magneto lifting a submarine from the black bird.  lord have mercy!

  88. @conor  why…?

  89. @Gabe  Why what?

  90. @spiderphilman I don’t think he directed snatch. As far as I know, he produced it. Pretty sure that’s a Guy Ritchie flick.

  91. really well cast from the looks of this

  92. @WilliamKScurryJr  @PaulMontgomery  Guys, the answer is obvious — the Blackbird is from the future!!  (Paul, “prototype” — don’t make me laugh!   William, logic and date consistency?  — please get real!)

    This Blackbird was constructed by Doc Brown, utiliziing his secret Flux Capacitor technology. Making this movie both an X-Men prequel and a Back to the Future sequel . That’s just how much movie they’ve packed into this film!

  93. what the hell!? I thought this was a reboot!? I didn’t want a tie-in to those three tragedies of yester-year! UGH!!

    Having said that…. YAAAAY!! Looks awesome!

  94. (I mean, when I see Doc Brown on the screen, mutant is definitely one the words that comes to mind.)

  95. @Anson17  Correct, he didn’t direct Snatch.

    @oopsxlandmine  This has always been a prequel, not a reboot.

  96. @marshak75  My understanding was that they started filming a while ago. It seems like pictures taken onset were leaked at least a couple months ago if not more.

  97. This could be a lot of fun. And a great way of getting the franchise back on track.

  98. can you make it so all the new posts here, have at their bottom in grey/ italics, their posts from the previous X-Men First class articles.

    It would make it easier for me to remember who is hypocritical or not.

    Do we all think the blackbird / USSR battleship sequence is from the last 30 min of the movie? I almost wish they wouldnt put 3rd act stuff in the trailers…

    dare i dream for the best x-men movie yet?

  99. @jokingofcourse  I’ll admit I really paid no attention to any of the other iFanboy articles on X-Men: First Class (the bright-lights of a trailer always attract me more easily, and thus I’m here commenting), so I don’t know how “heated” or “judgmental” comments have been in the past, and I realize I could be stepping into something here, but…

    Someone changing their mind isn’t necessarily “hypocritical“. In light of new “evidence” it’s more than fine to refine an opinion/judgment or form a whole new one.  In fact it would be more foolish to blindly hold to a stance you no longer believe/feel just for consistency. 

    (But having said all this, I can understand a certain level of frustration when others shoot from one opinion to another with little acknowledgement to having done so.) 

    As for the 3rd act, you’re probably right that this is part of the last part of the movie. But (and I don’t want to spoil anything for others) if you search online, you’ll discover photos from the filming locations and set which strongly imply there is possibly a lot more following the floating sub scene.  (But this is just me guessing based on the images I’ve seen.)

    Personally I like it when trailers use footage deleted from the final cut of a movie, since this allows the trailer to potentially establish the tone and feeling for the film, without directly ruining specificly what you’d actually see. 

  100. I am pretty confindent that this is going to be the most interesting super hero movie this year. I love what they are doing with it.

  101. It’s amazing how much people seem to have turned around on this film just from the trailer (myself included.) Really looking forward to this now!

  102. Now i have much more hope for this! Having just read some comments from Bryan Singer about the mix and match continuity I’m going to make a prediction….Alex summers is Scott dad!

  103. Could be explained away as a version of the A-12 which was the precursor to the SR-71. Would also explain why it shows up so early in the timeline.

  104. Wow!  This is a great trailer.  Movie looks a lot different than what I had in my head, which is a good thing.

  105. This could be the sleeper hit no one expected. It’s already mine. Cast is top notch. Im going in to see it with litlle expectations, let Vaughn take me on his ride. Side comment: Aren’t we all glad movie-verse is so loosely connected to the comic-verse? I am. I say screw comic book continuity, all takes on characters are just as valid, wether in print or in film. You pick the one you like best, ignore the others! My favs are the ones where talented people are at the helm!

  106. i gotta say, what a great trailer.  i had absolutely no interest in seeing this, especially with the inclusion of Azazel (he who drove me out of comics for 3 years), but this blew me away.  very excited

  107. I’ve mostly been dubious about this movie because it’s a prequel, and I think that having to stick to continuity hurt the Wolverine movie a lot.  But if this trailer is a good reflection of the film, it looks like they actually understand the reasons behind making a prequel by making it about the characters.

    I still have the urge to call this movie X-MEN: THE FANFICTION EVERYBODY WAS WRITING IN 2003.  But that doesn’t have to be bad. . . Color me optimistic.

    Also, because it has to be said, McAvoy & Fassbender = a lot of pretty.

  108. Yes! Retro Blackbird!!! That makes me so happy.

  109. This trailer has my so psyched for X-men, that I took my “Astonishing X-men” omnibus off the shelf and started finally reading it.

    I know that awesome trailer does not equal a great movie, but I’m hopeful.

  110. for a movie that is gonna suck big time… I liked the trailer… it was sweet

  111. I’m kinda excited for this now, but still think it will suck in comparison to the other Marvel movies this year.

  112. PS peeps – this was probably not on the superbowl because it’s a minute and fifty one seconds. So it would’ve cost three times as much as the other two. And happy days for that, because we get the full goodness.

    In other news, I haven’t been home since this has been posted. I’m currently at work, so I’ve only seen it sans sound so when I say it looks amazing, I mean that literally… and am pretty much dying to go home and watch it ten times over. As I’ve been on record saying the concept for this movie and the talent involved had me really excited, but the fact that it was in Fox’s fumbling hands made me extremely trepidatious. My new theory is that we weren’t getting anything from the film, not from dropping the ball, rather it simply wasn’t ready yet (due to ridiculous schedule *shakes fist at Fox*).

    I am elated!

  113. @powerdad thank you for you post. I think that’s exactly right, but I was weary to say it lest I get labeled as an argumentative naysayer [again].

  114. @ohcaroline: How does this trailer show it’s gonna be more focused on the characters?

    Other then just showing random still shots of random characters and the second half be nothing but action sequences.

    Also, maybe it’s just me, but Erik being able to pick up an entire section of the Golden Gate Bridge is much more incredible then a battleship. Still impressive, but picking up a good chunk of a bridge, with cars and people on it, is better. 

  115. Whiny, whiny, whiny… thats why I love u peeps!

    Magneto reminds me so much of Eastwood in one of those stills.

    Im pumped and primed! In Vaughn I trust!

  116. Yep…it’s a movie trailer all right.

  117. @TheNextChampion  Not to speak for Caroline, but the whole thrust of the trailer is that this is what made Erik and Charles into what they would become, and it’s also clearly set in a very tense time in American history. For me, that would track with Caroline’s comment that it’s about the characters, and it’s about how the crucible of historical events shaped them.

    Granted, it really doesn’t say much about the OTHER characters, but let’s face it — this is clearly a Charles/Erik movie, where all others are just a facet of the two.

  118. @daccampo: But yet you speak for her. 🙂

    No I get what your saying, really I do. But you know I don’t think the trailer specified that clearly. Accept for the last thing at the end with Charles/Erik talking about peace, it’s just another looking trailer for me. 

  119. “Before he was Professor X… he was Charles”

    “Before he was Magneto… he was Erik”

    The trailer specified it at the beginning.

  120. @TheNextChampion  No, I spoke for me. 😉

    The whole trailer is geared around that. “Before he was professor X…”, The Kennedy speech on TV, leading to tension between Charles and Erik, followed by little bits of action to show you the stakes and physical conflict, and then the end shows the growing schism between the two.  Seems like a pretty clear “story” trailer to me.

  121. whether or not this has anything to do with comic continuity is something i don’t really care about. I like how they are weaving this tale of showing how initially the mutants were working for the Government in a black ops type of capacity during the height of the cold war…and then further down the line in movie continuity that same government turns them into public enemy #1. Kinda metaphoric to how our real government trained and supported then allies that later turned out to be enemies decades later. Well Played. 

  122. @wallythegreenmonster  Agree 100%. Nicely put. I hope the film is as well thought out as your assessment. 😉 

  123. Wondering how they’re going to explain why Erik and Charles choose to call themselves/let people call them “Professor X” and “Magneto.” 

  124. @wallythegreenmonster  That would be pretty interesting.  It would also give another reason for Magneto’s hatred of us ‘normals.’

  125. @MisterJ –Magneto becomes Osama…except for that whole living in a cave and making videos thing.

    @daccampo –i hope so as well…i mean even if its a loose concept, its still better than “lets just have chit fly around and blow up!…oh yeah and put a blue person in there for diversity!”

  126. @powerdad  & ?
    your points are correct and well thought.
    if only posters from previous articles acted similarly.
    we wouldn’t have had knee jerk pronouncements such as “worst movie ever”
    based solely off of a photo
    and i wouldn’t be forced to find these current posts so humorous.

    really hope the real world metaphorical relationships speculated here made it into the script and are not just wishful projection of what the images could mean.

  127. Ok when I first saw the Thor trailer the comic nerd in me asked where the hell is Donald Blake, the guy who Thor Originaly shares a body with.  He’s lame and walks with a cane and when Thor is needed he hits said cane on the ground and boom, Thor appears and wackiness ensues.  Since this is a form of Origin story Blake would be good. 
    Now I check out this trailer and I see the White Queen becoming her Diamond form?  Man she doesnt’ do that until Whedon takes over in like X-men a million or something!  Same with the Beast being hairy, originaly he was just a very acrobative big dude. 
    Ok the trailers both look good  and I want to see them but I just have to quiet the nerd in me I guess but we’ve all seen Mystique and……….. sorry…it does look good though, better than I thought it would.

  128. did anyone else notice Erik is holding a gun during the JFK speech