Ain't It Cool News has a whole bevy of purported costume designs for Captain America:

If this is indeed real, this is better than I could have ever hoped. The design seems to fit with the description that was leaked the other day and if they are indeed fake, someone spent an awful lot of time on them and the are to be commended. The website says that this is the design they saw which was called an "approved costume test."

But I hope the design is real beause my biggest fear for this film has been the costume design and this is fantastic. It keeps all the classic elements while creating something functional and era appropriate.


  1. I’m going to say this is fake but regardless looks awesome.  If it is not I’m pleased and if it is I can’t wait to see the real deal.

  2. Color me excited, as long as Joe Johnston doesn’t mess this up.

  3. Whoa indeed!!!

  4. What’s with the Urkel supenders.

  5. excellent!

  6. Gotta have the pouches.

    Nice design, a bit like the Ultimate version but slightly different. If this is truly the costume then good for the costume designers for getting it right. 

  7. Looks darn good. I know it’s something simple, but I’m liking how they put the red stripes in by making it part of the straps of the harness/armor. That could have came off as hokey in pretty much any other way.

    Thumbs up if it’s real!

  8. Needs wings!

  9. Totally needs wings. The head is the oddest looking part.

  10. I really don’t get the brown — the guy is going to stand out with the bright blue and the star/A and the shiny shield anyway, why not keep up the red/white/blue color scheme all the way through?  The brown gloves and boots just clash.

    I can get behind this change in the costume because I’m sure the real costume would look stupid on a real person, but I’m concerned that this Ultimate-esque take on the costume will extend to an Ultimate take on the characterization, which would pretty much be my worst nightmare.

  11. It looks good, until you realize that this guy’s going to be running around with 1940’s soldiers in a war zone.  It’d work for the Avengers movie, but I think they should’ve really toned it down for the Captain America movie. Definitely looks too modern.

  12. Can’t believe people are really asking for wings. Everything about that costume is utilitarian. It’s a perfect soldier suit, but colored in an over the top color scheme. Wings make no sense except to fanboys that aren’t fans of change.

  13. Everything from the neck down looks good. (That’s what she said?)

  14. If it is real, at least it’s got it’s colors! I’m tired of seeing black leather comic book costumes haha

  15. throw some wings on there and we’re golden.

  16. @throughthebrush: They’re not brown, they’re red. It’s the lighting. Click through to AICN to see other images of the suit where you can clearly see they’re red.

  17. @throughthebrush The brown does look odd in some of those pictures. Oddly enough it looks like a deep red (almost a maroon) in others. I think it’s mainly due to the fact it’s a computer rendering. Can’t wait to see an actual picture.

  18. I agree with KahunaBlair about the wings. Don’t need ’em. It’s going to be hard enough getting people to buy into this costume without the wings on his head.

  19. @KahunaBlair

    I understand the lack of wings, but I also understand the people who want to keep them.  The thing is, all of this "let’s try to make it look realistically like World War II!" stuff is completely counter-intuitive.  Why should we try to construct our image of what kind of costume people in the 1940s would have created for a propaganda figure when the character was actually CREATED in that period?  Clearly, Cap’s original costume IS what would have been created in World War II, and to pretend otherwise is denying the character’s history.  I’m not saying it would actually work on a real person, which is why I’m ok with the change, but I also don’t see wings hurting this concept — it’s clearly an image that appealed to real 1940s Americans.

  20. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’d totally wear this just, like, around.  

    The cowl/helmet looks even better in profile or 3/4 view. Really is a top notch design.  

  21. @Conor They look brown to me in all the images — maybe it’s my computer’s resolution.  I’ll wait to see it in reality to judge the color issue.

  22. I wish it was more minimalist to be honest. I think there is too much going on here.

  23. Since everyone’s sarcasm meter is broken, I think I have to point out that I was joking about it needing wings.

  24. The other images on AICN are pretty cool, too. And this DOES seem to match that detailed text description that came out several days prior. Doesn’t mean any of it is true, of course, but I have to say that this beats my expectations, though it doesn’t seem very WW2-ish (specifically thinking of fabric/texture here), if the movie is essentially gonna be a period piece. Maybe this is the modern costume that would eventually appear in the Avengers?

  25. The costume design looks cool, but whats gonna make the it or break it depends on what kind of fabric they decide to use.

  26.  Looks good.  I can only hope that they use Finch’s Ultimates design for any WWII flashback scenese.  That’s an awesome design.

  27. i like it. but now i’m thinking about what Bucky is going to look like?

  28. That’s different than the costume he wears in Justice League.  Which Bucky do you think it will be?  Jason Grayson or Damien Drake?

  29. @Slockhart: I don’t think this would be the suit they use durning the WWII scenes. If I remember right, the movie takes place in both the 40s and the present. I though it was said that the WWII cap outfit was going to resemble the Ultimate Cap outfit with the Helmet and googles.

  30. I don’t know if I like eye holes — maybe removable goggles instead? You hire a handsome guy like Evans, and you kinda want to see his face, is all I’m sayin…

  31. @throughthebrush: Couldn’t disagree with you more. It’s definetly a call back to Ultimate Cap and it works. It’s actually the one thing that pulls it together in a realistic fashion. The suspenders on the other hand are a bit much. I do realize there should be something there but suspenders just aren’t cap, at least not the cap I’ve been reading for the past 9 years. Maybe if they do something similar to what Marvel did with Wolverine’s costume stripes to streamline the midsection a bit more it would be perfect.

  32. @Mangaman What exactly are you disagreeing with me on?

  33. @cromulent: Your first post.

    "The brown gloves and boots just clash."

    I feel that it just works.

  34. The helmet definitely looks better in the 3/4 or profile shots on AICN (and yay for no wings!).

    Not sure about the strap-on shoulder armour pads though. Seems a bit of an odd add-on.

  35. The image on AICN where he’s looking to the side is my favorite example. All in all I think it’s a pretty good design. I like the idea to have red straps represent the midsection stripes. Those boots and gloves definitely look brown to me. I would’ve gone with crimson but that’s a nitpick.

  36. the "suspenders" are freaking webbing, guys. webbing is really useful as a soldier, because you can attach all kinds of crap to it…like more pouches(soldiers carry a ton of those), grenades and a certain indetructible shield.

  37. @Kenzaburo: don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there’s a practical reason for it, but it doesn’t look practical to me at all. A little flashy if you want my opinion, and not the good kind. In fact I would actually coin the phrase "clashes with costume" to describe how I feel about it.

    @WheelHands: I wish they were just stripes XD.

  38. Sorry, I don’t like this at all. Not the utility belt he’ll probably never pull anything out of, or the webbing he’ll never attach anything to, or the wing-less mask. If they can make Spider-mana and Superman’s costumes work onscreen, there’s no reason they can’t make Cap’s work.

  39. @MikeFarley: I can respect that. No need to be sorry about it, you feel what you feel. To be honest when I first looked at the image I thought the person used that "poser" program which I am NOT a fan of. I’d rather see some real life cosplay version of the outfit, cartoon, animated model, anything but this "poser-ish" figure. It kind of turns my attention AWAY from the costume and towards the guy wearing it, know-what-i’mean?

  40. I do think they could’ve stayed more faithful and still made it work but I like this.  It keeps most of the key design and color from the original while making it look like a functional soldier’s outfit.  Those red straps or webbing are a great touch.

  41. I like it! Someone suggested on another forum that they maybe etch a faint wing pattern to the sides of the helmet (no white paint). That way it won’t look as lame in a long shot, but in close-up shots they’d be noticeable. I like that suggestion, it’ll be a nod to the original costume without looking silly.

    Also, everyone keeps making the joke that since it’s blue all the enemies would target him easily! Well, shit think about that. Steve Rogers with his enhanced reflexes and strength would welcome that. While the enemies are targeting him, Steve’s fellow soldiers are targeting the enemy! Now, I’ll wonder if they’ll work in a cameo with the Howling Commandos into the movie…

  42. The only thing I didn’t like at first was the mask, but looking at the other pictures, you can see at other angles that it’s more of a helmet and I think that looks really good.  

  43. pretty good. pretty, pretty, pretty good

  44. Perfect! No complaints!

  45. yeah i always figured that at some point he’d just like etch wings on the helmet and after some consideration it looks like a great design though i really doesn’t scream wwii

  46. Ya there is no way this is the WW2 costume.  I think it looks good, The helmet is concerning but i think it will look better on a person and not a picture of a person.  I think its a bit too much hood and not enough helmet.  Kinda wish it would be a ww2 helmet.  But im sure there will be adjustments if this is real.

  47. I’d have to see this phisicaly on the actor but this looks like it would work.  I think the red staps are very clever and I like the shoulder guards.

  48. Next I wanna see a Bucky. I bet it’ll have that good ol’ S & M feel.

  49. I really love it. It’s good to see Conor, the #1 Cap. America fan, love it too.

  50. Pretty darn good. I miss the wings, but that might be a hard sell as others have mentioned. I still think Ultimates had the best WWII Cap costume, because it fit the times. This would be an awesome modern costume though.

  51. I like it alot.  I for one, fall into the "no wings please" camp on this.  Now I still need to wrap my mind around Chris Evans in that suit, but I’m optimistic he will be fine.

  52. if i were to be a super-dick i would say that the A on his head seems a little small and dainty.

    and, did anyone notice that the Thor costume was made out of a weird plastically material? i hope, this costume is made out of something a little more realistic.

    BUT! that really is awesome

  53. I like it! Really wish they’d at least paint the wings on the helmet, like the Ultimates version.

  54. Everyone should also keep in mind that these are just concept art pieces. Things may or may not change on the road to actually making the costumes.

  55. The fabrics they do eventually use can drastically alter that age factor people are worried about. This costume in a solid military weave will turn the "not WWII enough" complaints for a loop.

  56. A bit tight in the crox area, needs more pant. Messing witcho all, loooks cool to me! Screw the wings, he’ll have a red bull and sprout them! Just wanna see him punch and kick some butt, hero style!

  57. I can dig it….

  58. "Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man. No time to talk."

  59. I think the design looks pretty cool.  Looks pretty functional but easily recognizable as Cap.  The vest is similar to an LBE vest that soldiers wear for carrying ammunition and other equipment.  I’m digging the boots and gloves too.  

  60. Way too modern for a WWII movie.

  61. That helmet looks pretty akward from the front. Overall though I could get behind this costume.

  62. I hope he says the "A isn’t for France" line. That one speech bubble is my favorite thing about Captain America ever.

  63. Bad AZZZZZZZ

  64. I hope the wings are at least painted on.

  65. No complaints. Let’s see Red Skull.

  66. The design is pretty cool. Has a nice modern feel to it. As far as the boots…the reddish brown looks totally authentic like ww2 paratrooper boots. Kinda like Cap America is part of the 101st Screamin Eagles or something. 


  67. "I hope he says the "A isn’t for France" line. That one speech bubble is my favorite thing about Captain America ever."

    Oh good gods no. This is Captain America, not Captain Psychotic Douschebag.

  68. I love the costume, looks fantastic!  Definitely happy with how they’ve been able to translate the costume from print to film.
    However, my buddy keeps dumping on the pictures saying they are crappy.  Yet, he doesn’t seem to be able to tell me why.  "Alex Ross should have designed it" is all he would say.
    I asked if he has taken the time to even look at the "Batman" costume…he wasn’t fond of that, lol.

  69. At first I was unsure and then I took a good look at it and now it’s really grown on me although I do miss the wings

  70. I like it but there’s something about the helmet. But I can’t say I don’t like the helmet. There’s just… something.

  71. I wish to "put a ring on it"

  72. where the hell are my wingtips??!!