EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Marvel Asks Who are the Forgiven?

Marvel Comics sent us the following teaser image today with no additional information other than the question, “Who are the Forgiven?” and the date of September 2011. ¬†What could it be?

Who are the Forgiven


  1. something to do with the next big event

  2. S.H.I.E.L.D. spin off?

  3. Yeah it kinda has a SHIELD feel to it doesn’t it?

    There’s another teaser floating around with a guy with swords.

  4. Chamber

  5. I’d bet dollar to donuts that this Forgiven: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=33942 is the vampire character introduced in Throne of Blood. So maybe these are the good guy Vampires for the big Vampire event Marvel has been teasing the last couple years?

  6. This looks to be an Xmen event. This looks like Chamber, and the other teasers on MTV Geek and Newsarama look to be Blink and Arclight.

  7. Wow. Marvel really put a ton of thought into these. Looks like someone half-assed it on their lunch break.

  8. The Forgiven: An Art Director that should have been fired.

  9. I like the design of this guy.

  10. It looks like a 80’s marvel advertisement for a an event. To bad it’s not the 80’s anymore.

  11. They could be the real versions of the hammer wielders from Fear Itself. I quit reading it after the 2nd issue, so I am not sure. They could be what is possessing the characters who have the hammers, and they are trying to be forgiven what they have done.

  12. I’ll tell ya who won’t be forgiven. Whoever chose that font. Ugh.

  13. Ugh get a typography nerd marvel! Their next event will probably Papyrus as the logotype!

  14. they’re definitely photoshop users. look at that lovely outer glow there

  15. Marvel’s war on Typeface continues…

    Could be Chamber. Not sure what he’d be forgiven of exactly. (“We forgive you for losing your powers!”)

    • Just looked at the other five teasers. I’m seeing Chamber, Blink and possibly Monica Rambeau or Frenzy (Words make me think Monica, Visual makes me think Frenzy). The “leader” of the team from the Newsarama issue appears to be a slight rip-off of the character designs from Star Wars: Crimson Empire.

  16. I have to hand it to Marvel. Every single teaser or ad that they come out with becomes “the worst piece of advertising i have ever seen”.

    Way to blaze that trail…

  17. I think the current Captain Marvel (Noh-Varr)

  18. Wow, that glow effect is… there.

  19. the white hair makes me think either Quicksilver (he’s always looking for redemption) or Mar-Vell.

    Embrace Logic sounds Kree to me.

  20. Yay! The Twelve is back! …Wait, isn’t that guy in the Twelve? It’s been so long since the last issue.

  21. Maybe they’re mutants repowered by the scarlet witch and they’re helping her find forgivness. Y’know, or not.

  22. De-powered mutants turned vampire? A follow-up on the whole Jubilee thing?

  23. What is making people think they are vampires? I’m just taking it to mean characters who were once villains are given a 2nd chance. The characters shown all fit that mold.

  24. Woof. Is this another event? Marvel is really driving me away with these events. Every time one starts I get closer to dropping more of their titles.

  25. I’m more interested in characters and storylines than events.

  26. Just looked in my Marvel Previews for Sepetember and mystery solved. It’s for Hulk vs. Dracula:

  27. I wonder how they explanation those ridiculous shin guards. Does this guys arch enemy kick people in the calves?

  28. So does Marvel have any original ideas anymore? This looks like a White Lantern to me…

  29. Apparently they’re awful character ideas, based on that image…

  30. Regardless of glow and design, I like this dude’s attitude. Logic all the way.