Dr. Strange Gameplay Trailer Released for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Ultimate-Marvel-vs-Capcom-3This week is the annual GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany, and there’s a lot of exciting gaming news prepped to come out of the “E3 of Europe.” But no matter what bombshells the gaming industry manages to announce this year, Capcom has already stolen the show for me. Today, Capcom has tapped into the Eye of Aggamoto and unleashed a flurry of new gamplay trailers for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 4, including the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange!

Out of all the new characters announced and leaked at SDCC this year, I’m most curious (and excited) to see how Dr. Strange would translate to the world of Capcom fighters… and it looks like they nailed it pretty well. His gameplay looks like a hybrid of Magneto, Dormammu, and Trish, with a wide array of traps and projectiles that take full advantage of his skills in the mystic arts.

On the Capcom side of things, we’ve got new gameplay videos of Nemesis, aka the Big Bad of Resident Evil 3.

Nemesis isn’t much for words, he lets his actions speak for him. I mean, the guy carries around a rocket launcher as a firearm. This heavy hitter has several punishing moves, and probably one of the most questionable Hyper Combos I’ve seen in the game yet. I expect many, many tentacle jokes in the future.

With the SDCC announcement of Strider, Firebrand, Hawkeye, and Ghost Rider, we’ve now got gameplay videos for six of the twelve new characters in UMvC3. Capcom has promised new announcements at each “major event” in the future, so I’d expect new characters around Tokyo Game Show in September and at New York Comic Con in October. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is set to come out on November 15th.

Come on Capcom, we need us some Rocket Raccoon!


  1. I didn’t get this game when it first came out and just thought I would wait for a price drop since I already waited so long. When the price finally went down, they announced the Ultimate edition. Having Nova, Rocket Raccoon, Hawkeye, and Phoenix Wright make the wait worth it though

  2. I’m really looking forward to this! I missed it when it first came out, and now I get to pick it up on the cheap, and with more features and characters? Score. I always thought it weird that the non-ultimate edition of marvel VS capcom 3 had Dormammu but not dr.strange, so its nice to see that rectified ;).
    Though it does feel like they should have added the ultimate universe versions of characters in the game, seeing as this game borrows the universe’s name, but maybe there will be an appearance option so you can have Thor (or insert marvel hero) look like her regular self of how he does in Ultimates/ultimate universe.

  3. Small typo in the top paragraph… “Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 4”.

    Strange’s gameplay looks similar to Dorm… the beam counter hyper is an interesting mechanic… plus teleportation… looks like Capcom is still trying hard to make keep away viable. Looks like Strange will be frustrating to at mid to low level play, but a high risk character- like most keep away types- at high levels.

    Nemesis seems a bit uninspired… he might need more super-armor to be relevant because he looks like he has no real answer to smart rush down, making him just a big slow target.

  4. This would’ve been a great cross promotion of Venture Bros if they got Steven Rattazzi to do Strange.

  5. I’m glad I was reluctant to buy this when it originally came out so I can pick up a cheaper and bigger version of the game instead. The extra line up makes this a must buy. To be honest, looking at those gameplay videos, I’m still not sure this is the type of game that appeals to me anymore. But dammit, this game is going to have Rocket Raccoon in it!

  6. I traded in my copy of MvC3 and will be putting that money towards UMvC3. Bring on the Rocket Racoon footage!!!

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I hope they had an entire team working on Strange’s mustache animations alone.

  8. I never got around to buying this. Having doc Strange in it makes me regret this.

    • this game isn’t out yet. It’s semi-sequel/upgraded version of the Marvel V Capcom game that came out in february. This one’s coming out in the fall at a discounted price

    • Wow im really out of the loop when it comes to gaming nowadays. Discounted price you say? Awesome! Thanks for the heads up mike.

  9. It’s games like these that make me glad I don’t own any game console, otherwise i’d never leave my house.