Could You Rock the Al Ghul? DC and Marvel Comics Beard Style Guides

Here at iFanboy HQ, we slave over hot reviews and buzzable commentary all the live-long day, often neglecting to shave for weeks or months at a time. But we don’t just cultivate out of neglect. We take pride in our beards. And for those who can’t grow them..well Josh is very encouraging.

Sometimes we experiment. Conor is a bald American, and that raises important cosmetological questions. Chief among them: Where should the sideburn portion of his beard end its climb? At the height of each ear? Should they connect at the top? Hook around? In past years, Ron has even sported facial hair motifs long thought to have died with rebel soldiers in the Battle of Chickamauga. For a time, Josh sported an approximation of a beard composed of hair grafted from Chris Neseman’s lower back.

For facial follicle fanatics, this DC Comics Facial Hair & Beards Style primer will no doubt serve as a hair raiser:

(We are saddened that DC Comic’s greatest beard of them all–Granny Goodness–did not, ahem, make the cut.)

DC Comics Facial Hair Styles: A Primer

That Shamus Beyale, the creator of this infographic, does not himself own a beard, makes this all the more impressive.

UPDATE: Here’s one for Marvel:

Marvel Comics Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide


  1. Hahaha, yea, that picture rules, but your blurb above it is pure genius Paul. How dare you upstage the focus of the article like that!

    Blurb is a weird word… wait. Is it a word?

  2. I’ve been working on the Aaron personally. And I think Paul has started to hallucinate erotic fanfiction that he writes about his friends.

  3. No Chief? Otherwise, beard-strokingly good!

  4. LIKE

  5. Even in the classifications of facial hair, Hector Hammond gets no respect.

  6. I would love to try to Al Ghul, but my beard is too curly.

    I may grow the Kurogan for NYCC…

  7. Stubbly Knightfall Batman is a favorite too.

  8. The Batroc is my favorite! How could Batroc have not worked as a villain?


  9. I technically sport a Vandal Savage/Bishop. I’ve always wanted to try a Van Dyke like Oliver Queen, but my mustache isn’t that full.

  10. Mine’s most like the Hercules or the Thor except I don’t have a connectastache

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I guess mine’s a Thor, verily. Bad things happen as I venture Aaron territory.

  12. During grad school in the mid 90s I used to grow my beard out to do fun stuff on the weekends. I trimmed down to the Al Ghul once. I got some pretty weird looks. I wish I would have taken a picture.

  13. I’m rocking the Starman, but I’d love to upgrade tot he Volstagg.

  14. I’m proud to say I’ve grown the Strange, the Savage and will one day rock the Aaron.

  15. Mine is closest to the Thor, but red.

  16. How long until Alan Moore starts ranting about how all these beards are just rip offs of HIS beard?

    Side note: “Alan Moore’s Beard” is the name of my fake band.

  17. I probably can’t lay claim to anything other than an infantile Aaron. And it’s red. Sigh.

    New Personal Goal: combine the Aaron with a Rothfuss.

  18. The Levitz, The Gordon and the Al Ghul of DC, and The Logan and the Stan from Marvel!

  19. I’ve seen something close to this but featuring Sam Jackson’s hair styles from his many movies in an issue of Entertainment Weekly. To say the least it was hilarious.

  20. The Comedian’s gotta be really tough. Not sure if I want to get hit with a whiskey bottle by a Vietnamese hook like he did to get the effect…

  21. I thought that Slade, Ollie and Warlord all had the exact same Van Dyke and that’s why people got them confused

  22. I guess I’ve got the Batish going but when I have more than a few days away from work it transitions into the Hercules. I have to admit the General looks worth a try.

  23. Right now I have the Tony. Although I have done the following:

    the Strange
    the Starman
    the Oliver (not blonde though)

    If I could grow a full fledged beard I would be working on a Volstagg as we speak. He has the giant beard and awesome mustache. A winning combination.

  24. Am I the only one who noticed how nice the typography is on the shield.

  25. question mark not period sorry.

  26. 1.) I rock the bastich.
    2.) PLUG PLUG! My first column is up at! Check ’em out here!

  27. I’m usually rocking a Stark. Think i’ll try the Slade Wilson.

  28. the Reed Richards. when it hits the fan, he sprouts stubble in three panels or less.