Captain America… Reborn?

For a few weeks now Marvel has been running a teaser image in their books featuring a big white star against a black chainmail background.  It’s an image clearly meant to imply Captain America in some way and speculation about its true meaning has been rampant.

Does it refer to Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Captain America: White?  Or maybe Ed Brubaker and Steve Eptings’ project about the early days of the Marvel Universe?  Or is Marvel bringing Steve Rogers back form the dead?

Well, we got a major new clue today as Marvel has released their July solicitations.

REBORN #1 (of 5)
Written by ED BRUBAKER
Penciled by BRYAN HITCH
50/50 Covers by BRYAN HITCH & ALEX ROSS
Variant Cover by JOHN CASSADAY
Solicit to be revealed soon
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

What could it mean?  I mean, besides the obvious (which it rarely is).  Clearly Marvel wants us to think that they might be bringing Steve Rogers back.  I’m not sure that I buy that, at least not until I get some more information. 

If there is one thing that Marvel is good at, it’s building hype and awareness for their books.


  1. Well I know one thing:

    Brubaker as writer; Hitch as artist; and Ross doing covers?

    How do you say ‘must buy’ in all languages?

  2. Assume it’s exactly what it sounds like. How would you feel about that?

    Personally, it’s hard for me to imagine seeing Steve Rogers come back and being pleased with that. I’m not a fan of undying in general, and I really like Winter Soldier Cap. I want to see that character spend some more time coming into his own and living up to the mantle he has taken; his journey seems like it has a lot more miles in it, and I would hate to see it end prematurely.

  3. I think its a bad time to bring Steve back. He doesn’t have a place in the Osborne-run world and his story would just put an odd kink in that entire status quo.  Also, Bucky hasn’t had nearly enough time to simmer as Cap. 

    Granted these are just my opinions but I think they both lend to the idea that Steve probably won’t be back.

  4. If it’s Brubaker bringing him back (and I do think that’s a big if) I’m assuming it’s part of the overarching story he’s been working on all along.  I don’t think Bucky’s journey has to be over just because Steve’s not dead.  And Steve has had periods of not being Cap.  He could be around as a character with Bucky still carrying the shield.

  5. Do want.

  6. Well let’s consider the timeframe for Bucky as Cap right now.

    It’s been 1 year and 3 months since in real time Bucky has been Captain America (CA #34 came out in January 2008). But how long has he been Captain America in the comics timeframe? 1-2 years? Cause it seems to me they have flash forward the Secret Invasion plot line to the current Dark Reign stuff. Then you got to factor in how long Steve has been dead in comic’s timeframe as well.

    In theory, I think Rogers has been dead for 2 years in the Marvel U and Bucky has been the new Cap for about another year or two. So maybe it’s been five years total in comic timeframe for Steve being dead? That’s more then enough time to have him come back from the grave.

    But I’m just shooting out theories here. Cause god knows what passage of time has occured in comics.

  7. @Ohcaroline-Yeah, IF they are bringing Steve back, I would prefer that Brubaker is the one to do it.  That would totally mean it was part of his overall story.

    I seriously hope that isn’t the case though.  I like Bucky and think he is just hitting his stride.  Either way, I’ll be picking up this series.

  8. In Thor #11, the ghost of Steve clearly states that he does not want to return.

    Bringing him back, regardless of how they go about doing it (lol magic and/or time travel) or what will happen once he’s returned (re: ohcaroline’s post)would be one of the worst things Marvel could possibly doat the moment.

     I could go on and on about how Captain Bucky should stay and and is what/where Captain America should be in this day and age, but that’s a whole other comment/blog.

  9. @TheNextChampion: it has only been about 1 or 2 years, give or take when Civil War came out, since Cap’s death. Dark Reign began around the time of Obama’s presidency. (Which, of course, I’m sure is purely coincidental.)

  10. @Dude: But how long has it been since Cap died in Civil War to Bucky taking the mantle? How long has it been since Bucky has been Cap since then? It’s stuff like that, that makes me think it’s been a long time in the Marvel U.

  11. The latest issue of Captain America has Sharon talking about how long its been.  I belive total was around 9 months, no more than a year since Steve’s death.

  12. We’ve only had one arc outside of the "Death of Cap" storyline starring the Bucky Cap (and it wasn’t that good). it really feel like they haven’t given him any time in the role. maybe after a year or two in the New Avengers, then Bucky would stand on his own, but he isn’t fully formed in the role yet and Cap shouldn’t return until Bucky’s really filled his shoes (or utter failed in doing so)

  13. I overheard from some comic shop chat that some theorize Brubaker’s entire run has been a tribute to Bucky and now that he’s had his spotlight, they are going to reintroduce Steve Rogers who will bring an end to the Dark Reign and that Bucky will die in the process. All speculation of course but I thought it was an interesting take. I’d prefer to see Bucky stick around a while longer though.

  14. INorman Osborn is still in charge, yes? Why wouldn’t he restart the Super Solidie prject? Also Steve’s a solidier. He’ll come back if he s needed/asked t. It’s in his blood. Finaally, Bucky could just be getting shot  of the juice to complete his ascension.

  15. If some hack was writing this (hypothetical resurrection story that could be something completely different), I’d understand the objections.  But if it’s Brubaker, if it’s HIS story that he’s been working with from Day One, why not give him a chance to tell it?

  16. I can’t place Bucky as Cap proper until he’s taken charge of the Avengers at some point. So far he’s only pussyfooted around and been generous enough to lend the team his apartment. I’m kind of disappointed really, and dropped the book shortly after Bru’s epic ended.

    This series will undoubtedly bring a lot of bickering to IFanboy before it’s over. I’d save myself the argument by waiting for it in trade, but ya know I just can’t do that.

  17. What’s the latest on Captain America: White anyway?

  18. They’re not bringing Steve Rogers back… they’re going to retell and rework his origin similarly to DC’s "rebirth" stories. Probably just setting things up for when he actually does return.

  19. @s1lent: I believe it’s coming out in…..2050?

  20. @Bibble  That’s not what DC’s Rebirth stories are. 

  21. It’s their story obviously, and I know Steve Rogers will be back at some point, I’m just not ready it. I hope it’s a red herring of some sort. 

  22. @Bibble-I find it hard to believe that Marvel is doing that.  Steve’s origin has been retold several times, each time it never really changes.  Plus, why blatently copy DC’s "rebirth" with "reborn"?  And "rebirth" was about bringing silver age characters into modern comics.  Steve has been around and fleshed out in modern comics, so there is no reason to retell an origin.

  23. @drake Hal Jordan was also fleshed out in the modern age. He was also ass raped by Ron Marz.

  24. @muddi900 – wow, I am so glad i missed that issue

  25. I might have to break my "no miniseries" rule if this does turn out to be the return of Steve Rogers.  But if it’s not, I’m more than happy with Bucky Cap.

  26. My guess, and maybe I’m way off base, is that fake fifties Steve Rogers is going to "go public" and tell the Marvel U the he’s the real Cap. Then he’ll join up with Osborn’s Avengers team… and the REBORN mini will have a Dark Reign banner on it.

  27. @ohcaroline  yeah, i think he meant "Secret Origins" which would be pretty badass

  28. The black in background makes me think that this isn’t about the return of Steve.  This might be a play on some Dark Reign thing or might even have to do with the evil 50’s cap that’s been running around.  It could even be a Marvel Knights thing.  My hope is that Marvel is smart enough to know that the fans want the return of Steve Rogers, but just not this soon.  As others have pointed out, there’s just so much more story to tell with Bucky.

  29. @WonderAli That sounds like a pretty good guess. I just have no idea why they wouldn’t do that in the main book.

     I must give Marvel credit for intriguing me.

  30. While I do want Steve back at one point, i think it would do an incredible disservice to bring him back now. Let Bucky fight on as Cap a little while longer. Besides Dark Reign is just getting into full swing. Cap coming back would trigger another Civil War in the Marvel U.

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Steve shouldn’t come back. He’s a steroid user. Bucky is more deserving of the title.  

  32. As awesome as Steve Roger’s was, I really think they should keep Bucky as Cap. Too soon, in my opinion,

  33. let steve rest for a bit.  also, i think Brubaker’s smarter than this, and that it’s a huge misdirection. i wonder if it is just simply a retting modernization of steve’s origin (it was called operation rebirth)

  34. @wonderAli that’s what i’ve been thinking. or at least hoping. I think it would be okay for steve to come back, but we could really use at least five more years Bucky-Cap doing his thing without steve around.

  35. i want to go to there

  36. if brubaker is writing this then theres NO WAY steve rogers is coming back. its just a tease and guess what, it will take my 4 dallors

  37. I would hope that what we get is something similar to what WonderAli is talking about. But if it’s Steve coming back, consider Captain America dropped. I love Brubaker, but I don’t care about Steve Rogers. The character was written to his logical conclusion in Captain America and Civil War, not much else can be done with Steve. But Bucky is an open book, with years of stories as Cap ahead of him.

    Also, Marvel’s very unsubtle attempt to cash in on DC’s Rebrith "franchise" is pretty laughable. I wonder if this will be another Identity Disc "coincidence?" (For those that don’t know, when DC put out Identity Crisis, Marvel changed the title of a Villains Team Up miniseries to "Identity Disc" with a very similar looking font. They claimed it was the title all along, but IRCC the writer or artist said differently about halfway through the mini. It was pretty bad, too.) 

  38. @paulmontgomery  Are you suggesting that if Steve Rogers were to return that he has an asterisks on his chest and shield?

    In all seriousness, if Marvel were to bring Steve Rogers back it would trivialize his death.  I think the best way to tell a Steve Rogers story is through flash back or via a World War II story.  The plot device of having a man "out of time" can be fullfilled by using James.

  39. Oh well if this is some Dark Reign tie-in nonsense then count me out.

    Even with a creative team like that I dont want this new status quo to kill everything Brubaker has been doing with Cap.

  40. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    But Brubaker’s writing it…

  41. @Paul: Well even IF he’s writing it and he wants to do a Dark Reign tie-in with Cap…..still have no desire on reading it.

  42. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That’s fair. Just saying he isn’t likely to "kill" everything he’s done, considering he’s the one that done it.  

  43. My two cents are that this feels like the rebirth of the Super Soldier Program under Osborne so he can find a replacement for Rogers, or maybe he will use "Bad Cap."  Either way, the black background makes me think this won’t actually involve Rogers, at least not initially.  But I could see him being reborn at the end to do the actual day saving.

    Wow idle speculation is fun! 

  44. People, this is clearly a DC and Marvel cross-over story to tie-in with Barry Allen’s return. There is no other explanation!


  45. Marvel Zombies 4 appearence or a Marvel Zombies 5.

  46. I predict this will be Evil/Norman O.’s Captain America storyline. I also predict that regardless of it’s ties to Dark Reign, I will probably buy it.


    Wait, has anybody checked to see if it’s the real Ed or "Evil Ed"? 

  48. @Prax–thats funny dude, because I remember Cap #25, Fallen Son, and Cap #34 comming out way before Batman #681, Battle for the Cowl, and Batman & Robin. I think you have your "very unsubtle attempt to cash in" theory backwards.

  49. And just food for thought gang: I hear the new 3" Ultimate Cap figure comes with a "clasified" Shield document recording a conversation between Tony Stark and Reed Richards where they talk about bringing Steve over from another (Ultimate) reality…

  50. We totally need a visualization tool to map out death and undying statistics in comics. Bringing Steve back now would seem pretty premature. Unless Steve is the key to undoing the whole Dark Reign mess. That would be interesting.

  51. What’s the point of killing someone if they don’t stay dead?

  52. @Camden: Sales.

  53. I think it’s pretty obvious guys. Brubaker is writing the series that focuses on Steve as a black lantern. That’s the only possible explination I can see.

  54. @Animalvader1 I’m talking to the fact of running a title with a similar name to a title DC has used twice now to bring back "classic" version of characters, not plot points. And we can have this argument till we’re blue in the face because I could argue that Blue Beetle was killed in Coundtown to Infinite Crisis and then replaced in the pages of Infinite Crisis  before Civil War hit the stands, etc., etc.

    The idea of injuring/killing a character and replacing them with a new version isn’t exactly "unique" to Captain America. I would point at DC in the early 90s, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow all had the main character killed/injured and replaced. No strong versions of this pop to mind for Marvel, but I’m sure there have been a few in the past 40 years other than Cap.

  55. @ohcaroline You mean "Bad Ed."

  56. Maybe this is the return of the symbiote…?  It would explain the blackness.  

  57. Wait… what happened to Captain America to begin with?

  58. @epog: He got sent to the stone age by Darkseid’s Omega Sanction.

  59. @conor I thought he went crazy, killed the entirety of SHIELD and and became a villain. Nick Fury then tossed Cap’s shield to some kid standing in an alley way.

    On second thought, yours was simpler. :-p 

  60. I love the team working on this book but I don’t want Steve Rogers to be back.

  61. @conor Thanks I must have missed that crossover. I stoped buying event book last year.

  62. I’m in two minds about what this might suggest.

    I mean, on the one hand Brubaker and Hitch – How could I NOT want to pick that up?

    But on the other I feel that Cap’s death should be important. It shouldremain a watershed moment to stand out in Comic Book History. And I think that the only way it can be is if it’s made to last. Last in the 10 year absence from Comics sense. I think that it’s far too soon to even be contemplating bring Steve Rogers back.

    If that’s what we’re talking about.

    Marvel’s been all about the big concepts over the last few years, but frequently they don’t do those concepts justice by moving far too quickly after to a major status quo change or character death, without allowing years of continuity to bed in the chage.

  63. Okay, a little seriousness from me now…I know/knew nothing about this comic series (the only things I know about comics comes from this site and my comic shop).

    Would this possibly tie-into that whole Sub-Mariner Annual which just came out? (I didn’t read it, so I’m just guessing here…I suppose everyone is guessing, but I’m working with less facts.)

    I would hope this is new stories from the early Marvel days. This is the way you can have a character die, and stay dead, yet still have fun with more adventures (See Astro City or Hellboy comics as an example of this).

  64. Is the star symbol exclusive to Steve in the Marvel U?  


    Starro reborn = ultimate Marvel DC crossover! 

  65. But with Hitch doesn’t that mean we will have to wait months between issues? And i’m not going to buy this crap line about "Well we have been working on this for awhile so he is ahead and has had plenty of time".

    Yeah we heard that before on Civil War and Final Crisis. Still major lateness. Not saying I won’t buy it, just saying i’m already preparing myself for 5 issues to take 8-9 months.

  66. It’s nice to see a clever ad campaign coming from the big 2.

  67. How about we wait and see what it is before all the speculation about what we have no clue about?

  68. This makes me nervous. I almost got physically ill when I saw the white star in one of my comics last week. I kind of think it’s too soon, and I’m a bit worried that they’re rushing into it. We just had a mystical reboot with Spider-Man last year, and Captain America has been grounded in reality, at least in a comic-book way. So if Steve Rogers is coming back, I hope it’s consistent with the kind of storytelling Brubaker has been doing. 

    On the other hand, if this is a fake out then that’s not cool. 

    Also I like Bucky as Cap. It almost feels like that legacy thing that they have gong over at DC. I figured they’d bring back Steve at some point but I envisioned him being like a wizened mentor for Bucky, who would still be Cap.

  69. I think the most likely explanation is that the story will focus on Bucky making a personal choice to accept Jesus Christ has his Lord and savior.  All the while fighting Nazi Dinosaurs from the future.

  70. I think Brubaker is a skrull and he’s the big reveal that we never got a year ago 🙂

  71. Oh look…see my complete lack of interest in anything Brubaker does overwhelm my curiosity.  Whatever happens I won’t be getting it.  Not that I have anything against Brubaker, it’s just that his writing doesn’t interest me (Lord knows I’ve tried).

  72. If Cap is just stuck in the stone age all he needs to do is jump in the sea and freeze again. I bet thats what’s gong to happen in this series.

  73. Whatever Marvel has to do to get Steve back in the red, white and blue – I’m all for it.

    But I still don’t think that this is what this is.

  74. @conor: I agree with your opinion that he wont be brought back until the self titled film comes out.

    Which is in…..2010, 2011? So that’s enough time for me to have Bucky as Cap.

  75. So if/when Steve Rogers comes back as Cap, where would that leave Bucky?  I don’t see him as a sidekick or going back to being the Winter Soldier.  

  76. maye a Dark Captain America comic? or the Evil Steve Rogers??

  77. Maybe Steve Rogers will be reborn as a teenager and become the new Bucky???  Role-reversals are awesome

  78. @BetaRayRyan: Bucky can be the new Iron Man after Steve comes back and throws Tony’s fascist ass into prison!

  79. Actually that’s the cover to Stone Temple Pilots fourth album. Could Scott Weiland be the next Captain America?  

  80. I can’t say much, but, although I was not part of the internet frenzy when Bru brought Bucky back, I’m sure it was similar, if not rowdier than this.  And that was fantastic.   TRUST IN BRU!

  81. @conor: Dude. That hurts my feelings. I like Tony.

  82. cant wait, anything special by Bru should be good

  83. I’m sure this series is going to be good, but I’m ok with Steve staying dead a while longer. Given that, I can think of almost no better person to show up and kick the shit out of Osborne and DR crew

  84. It’s black- Cap is coming back as a Black Lantern!  Sweeet!

    And it can’t be a "Rebirth" story- it’s not written by Geoff Johns or drawn by Ethan Van Sciver.  Must be something else.

    Oh wait, I got it!  Face off between Bucky, U.S. Agent, black Cap, "evil" Cap, and all the other holders of the Cap name.  Title- "Captain America: Battle for the Shield!"  Perfect!

    On the serious tip…

    1) It is definitely "something" with the character of Captain America.  The star may not be enough, but the hint of the scale mail behind it is more telling.  Doesn’t mean it’s Steve though, or Bucky for that matter.  U.S. Agent…. no, didn’t wear scale mail.

    2) On the podcast this week, in discussing the recent issue of Cap, didn’t Ron mention that Falcon was going to track down the "evil Cap" from the ’50’s or ’60’s?  This could be a reference to that, and maybe he would join the Dark Avengers (Norman was told they needed an Iron Man AND a Captain America, so maybe he just wants to be the Iron Man from now on?).  Again, the black background could be symbolic of evil rather than death.

    3) So what if it is Steve’s resurrection?  Does that mean that Bucky would have to stop being Cap?  Maybe Clint goes back to being the real Hawkeye and Steve or Bucky can be Ronin.  Regardless, Bucky still could be part of the story with Steve around, and that would be an interesting dynamic- Bucky trying to make his own way without being seen as Steve’s "sidekick" or "subordinate."  Lot of possible conflict there.

    I agree with Conor, I think Steve’s return is a red herring.



  85. now that you have poined it out my mind goes to that female Bucky that’s now in 616.  I think some where they said that Brubaker was going to write the two Barnes meeting or something.

  86. In Christian mythology, Jesus had to die and resurrect. In the DCU, Superman did the same.

    Steve Rogers’ is halfway there already. As much as I don’t want him back (I’d prefer that the only physically and morally perfect person in the Marvel U remain dead), it’s inevitable.



  87. devils advocate;


    Firstly, bringing back the shininh light of hope in the marvel U would be a hell of a way to kickstart the end of dark reign. A bit like Gandalf returning only with less…shiny whiteness.


    Also, one of the points of Steve in the modern marvel u has always been the man out of time, the man trying to deal with his outdated beleifs and code in modern society, and the social comentary that brings. He’s been that character for so long now that the point of that is easy to lose, or to be bored with. What better way to take the charachter right back to that simple core than to kill him, leave him dead for a few years, then bring him back right in the middle of dark reign…which is the exact oppsite of everything Steve has fought for or beleives in?

  88. Bucky is cool but Steve Rogers is Cap the same way Bruce Wayne is Batman. The story is interesting but there can be no other. 

  89. I think Steve will come back, but becomes the next Bucky, while Bucky stays as Captain America. Sharon will become the next Falcon while Sam becomes the next Sharon. Then Steve and Bucky become lovers and invite the Red Skull over for threesome. Oh Brubaker you genius!

  90. It’s a preview for my movie I suggested that won me an IFANBOY Contest two years ago…

     Avengers: Earth’s Funkiest Defenders written by Spike Lee


    Awww hell yeah…

  91. i think the Cap running around now is the real Cap and the one that died was the 50’s Cap

  92. America! FUCK YEAH!

  93. Prediction: A situation develops in which Bucky must sacrifice his life to bring back Cap, which he does, leaving Cap alive again, and Bucky dead again, with Cap carrying the burden of Bucky’s death heavier than ever before.

  94. this book could be about anything. brubaker has my undying faith. he’s done the impossible so many times a this point that if this book was about aunt may taking over as captain america, i’d still buy ten copies.

  95. I think if Steve Rogers were to somehow return he would realize that he no longer represents todays image and views of America. He may infact leave the mantle of Cap to Bucky (at least for a while) and come back as his short lived persona of ‘Nomad’ fitting his new position in the Marvel U.

  96. Does anyone remember the ad not too long ago for Avengers/Invaders that was almost the same idea? It could be something no one is expecting.

  97. OK, this is totally out of left field, but what if the Venom symbiote attached itself to Cap? 

  98. To be honest, I don’t get the feeling of this being the return of Steve Rogers.

    I mean, wouldn’t it be way too obvious to have Cap’s star and then release a solicitation named "Reborn?"

    I think it’s just a device to draw in all the Captain America fans, or Marvel fans overall for whatever it is, but it won’t be Steve Roger’s return. I’m excited to find out what it is, though.

  99. Does anyone check old articles once they’ve slid down the page?  Anyway, much light is shed by Brubaker here:

  100. maybe 50s Cap becomes involved with the Dark Reign

  101. Um….I was watching another comic book show and apparently they got wind of what this solict is. Apparetnly we’re gonna know this week what the teaser is. Now obviously this could all be B.S. and I’m not saying I believe it myself. But if it is true and if the guys who broke the news is telling the truth. Damn….that’s all I’m gonna say.

    Since I dont wanna sound like a jerk or an idiot by giving the spoiler, or even false spoiler. I wont say with what I heard. I just hope this is true if these guys are right.

  102. im with conor.

    i dont think it is what they wan tyou to think.

    i hope they dont bring him back!



  103. o ya! i forgot about the marvels project

    it could be that….yes?…maybe…hopefully!


  104. Okay now here’s some strange news. (from

    ‘According to communication to retailers via Diamond, Marvel has announced that retailers may request direct-shipping of issue #600 (via their Diamond sales rep by June 5th) in order to receive the issue on Monday, June 15th, rather than on Wednesday, June 17th when copies that go through regular shipping would normally arrive.’

    Going on the article states:

    ‘The solicitation for the issue itself isn’t exactly subtle about it. In part, the solicitation text reads:

    Where were you when Captain America died? It’s the anniversary of the day Steve Rogers was killed, a day of reflection and mourning in the Marvel U…a time to look back on the things Steve did and what he stood for… or is this issue actually the beginning of the most wicked plot twist since issue 25? Yeah, actually it’s both.

    Captain America #25, of course, is the issue in which Steve Rogers was killed.

    Speculation is tending to zero in on hints being laid in Captain America #600 that will explain or lead into the five issue Reborn miniseries by Ed Brubaker and Bryan Hitch.’

    Finally Marvel states that (paraphrasing here): ‘Reborn will have more media attention then Civil War did’


    Okay….I think it’s pretty obvious you guys. Captain America is coming back in Reborn! What else could they be possibly hinting here with all of these secrets?

  105. I trust Bru but they better not be bringing Cap back with a black costume! Plus he would have to get his shield back from Barnes, which wouldnt be a problem. Tony is on the run. Nick Fury is not in favor. Cage and Barton are still fighting the good fight. Thor misses his bud Steve. Hmmmm…

    All the makings of a badass story if its done right.