BREAKING: Amy Adams Cast as Lois Lane

Another big piece of casting news dropped on a Sunday!

Speculate no further for we have ourselves a Lois Lane. According to the LA Times Hero Complex blog a certain Ms. Amy Adams will be playing the big boy scout’s love interest in a role Snyder says will take the character back to her plucky FDR-era roots in the upcoming film Man of Steel.

The thrice Oscar-nominated actress was not on Paul’s list for potential leading ladies but rumor has it there may be an Ursa in the mix so this possibly is not the last female casting news we’ll be seeing from this production.

This announcement comes out on the heels of the not-so-good reviews for Snyder’s new movie Sucker Punch so it really is a good news / bad news kind of weekend depending on your outlook. Does the news of Amy Adams give you renewed hope for a good Superman movie in spite of Sucker Punch? Let us know in the comments!

Man of Steel is slated to hit theaters in December 2012.


  1. Adams can easily capture the attitude and spunk of Lois.  This is a fantastic choice. 

  2. “Plucky”. A plucky Lois Lane played by Amy Adams. That’s perfect. I love that so much!

  3. wasn’t expecting suckerpunch to be amazing anyway so, my opinion on the director hasnt changed much. Most directors have at least one terrible movie anyway…

    as for the actress…all I know her from is the embarrassing film she did set in Ireland that was borderline offensive and even then, I barely saw ten minutes of it so I have no idea how good/bad she is 

  4. does this actor have the ability to play a bland one dimensional character? i don’t know

  5. Sublime casting choice.

  6. I woulda loved Rashida Jones as Lois….but then I would love Rashida Jones for any female role ever. This is good too I guess…now bring on the bad guys!

  7. I can’t think of better casting for Lois.

  8. She was great in The Fighter. I think she will make a great Lois. Still not sold on Snyder but having a script from Goyer helps.

  9. The cool thing was that she was in the first season of Smallville as a freak of the week! Is very serendipetous

  10. After the suckerpunch reviews I had absolutely no expectations for this movie. I like amy Adams so I guess it’s a good sign….

  11. I would have preferred Rebecca Hall. She’s proved she can do an American accent, but also, she looks the part. It’s nothing against Amy Adams. She’s a stupendous actress but for Lois Lane…eh.

    Again, Rebecca Hall.

  12. Im having a hard time picturing her with dark hair, but at least we know she can act. Though Im concerned that shes almost a decade older than Cavill, apparently Lois is a cradle robber.

    Im still excited about Snyder directing, I knew Sucker Punch wouldn’t be Citizen Kane, my biggest worry is that Goyer is writing it. Yeah yeah he co-wrote Dark Knight, but I remember he co-wrote that, whenever he writes anythign by himself we end up with Blade Trinity or the Unborn…. The Unborn, people. At this point I just maybe Geoff Johns is able to polish the script before production, just like with Green Lantern.

  13. Can anyone name one actress cast to play a character that has the same hair color as the character in the comic- I mean- even one?

    Blake Lively as Carol Danvers?!

    At least this actress isn’t retarded.

  14. I think she will do a great job.  I’ve liked all the casting so far.  I’m crossing my fingers about Snyder.

  15. @ericmci – Ferris. Sorry.

  16. No way! That is “super” awesome!

  17. Very interesting. I am both excited and skeptical about her as Lois Lane. She was great in the Fighter but idk if she could carry that Lois Lane persona that that character would need in order to make the movie work. Only time will tell. Let’s hope that Brainiac’s the villain! That would be sweet!

  18. I like it!

  19. 1 problem: She’s 36 and looks old on screen.  Enchanted: The 1 weird thing was that her eyes have alot of wrinkles around them.

    Maggie Gyllenhal anyone?  Remember how old she looked in “Dark Knight?” 

    The guy playing Superman/Clark is 27.  Ooh, that’s not good.

    She’s a great actress, but when they make the sequel, she will be 40.  40!!

    Not everyone looks as young as Jennifer Aniston at 40.

  20. @KickAss  First, how old are you that you think 36 is old? And, you got a probelm with old people?

    @ a whole bunch of other people: Suckerpunch isn;t Snyder’s only movie. He did make a bunch of other moviees that didn’t get terrible reviews.

  21. can’t they find a real brunette to play lois? kate bosworth looked pretty bad in the last one, but i guess we’ll see with amy adams

  22. re Amy Adams age: Coates was around 25 when she played Lois, but Neill was 33 or so. So 36 would not be unheard of. Besides, women are now accepted as “hot” or “desirable” well into their 50s and beyond. Many people don’t even have kids or get out of college/get their shit together/move out of their Mom’s basement until well into their 30s now, anyways. Lois is a career woman. She would be out of college and working at the peak of her profession. 18 + 4 years of college + 2 years Master/Graduate degree + 4 local news + 4 regional news + 4 national news = 36. Not really unbelievable. It’s OK dude. She could still look good at 40, as hard as that may be for you to fathom.

    Just based on a random list of the 11 hottest Fox reporters:

    Courtney Friel, 31
    Ainsley Earhardt, 31
    Lauren Sivan, 32
    Jill Dobson, 33
    Julie Banderas, 37
    Marianne Rafferty, 39
    Heather Nauert, 41
    Megyn Kelly, 41
    Kimberly Guilfoyle, 42
    Jane Skinner, 44
    Martha Maccallum, 47

    Check, and mate.

  23. I love Amy Adams. I may watch this just for her.

  24. i’m doing my best not to leave negative comments these days. 

  25. Casey- You’re totally right- thanks for that correction
    I always mix those two up.

    I met Lively once on commercial shoot- Not the brightest star in the sky.

  26. Are people really bitching about casting a three time oscar nomine because she has the wrong color hair?

  27. @LBolt:  And also because she’s too old.  Don’t want to leave that one out.

  28. @LBolt  Is this your first trip to the interwebs??  😉

  29. I’m down with this.  I’m down with this big time.  Great casting move.

  30. Eh….I’m not really a fan of Amy Adams. She’s not a bad actress but she doesn’t do anything for me.

    It’s funny though how the supporting cast is big names but Superman is the newbie. 

  31. This is going to be so boring.

  32. @player1 – self-proclaiming checkmate when your standard of “hotness” is Fox news’s pack of toothpick prostitutes? maybe vacant expressions on cackling mannequins is your thing, but, it’s no argument-ender. I don’t share the concerns of those who are citing the 10-year age gap, but, it’s certainly worth noting and probably unable to judge the wisdom of the choice until we see it on screen.

    Amy Adams can do the plucky/zany thing in her sleep. She could be a great choice. She’ll certainly be an improvement over Kate Bosworth, whose frigid performance seemed more appropriate for an ice beam in the fortress of solitude. 

  33. @citizenmilton: Pick any network at random. It was about the age. Not the hotness. However, all of the above-listed reporters are nice-looking career women. The youngest is 31. The oldest is 47. Seven of the eleven, or well over half, are over 36 years old. Try CNN, MSNBC or PBS, if you like. 36 is not an unbelievable age for a career journalist at the peak of her profession. Fox is NOT my standard of hotness. It was an example, picked at random. As clearly stated above. Nice try though. It’s an ageist argument, that a woman can’t be older than a man, or that a woman can’t be hot at 36 or even, gasp, 40. I don’t buy it.

    Now reset the pieces, and let’s play again. 

  34. btw, anybody bitching about the hair color needs to look at some old Superman comics, or google Noel Neill. Lois was a redhead for many years, in the comics and in the TV serial. Try a little research.

  35. @ResurrectionFlan  then dont watch it

    @player1  agreed about the hair color thing, people are so quick to shoot things down before they see footage but FAIL to know their history of a character look, and action wise.

    great choice

  36. people get hung up on silly things. Its too bad movie productions can’t hire people who know about things like hair, makeup and wardrobe to make actresses look like the characters they are supposed to play…if only. 



    (oops, sucker punch)

  38. @wallythegreenmonster  All at the behest of a thoughtful director.

  39. I digress. As Josh said, “Negativity is too damn high.”

  40. It’s not that Snyder is a bad director, I loved 300 and Watchmen, but Sucker Punch is a big cause of worry. We’ll see where this one falls, instead of being sure that it will be great.

  41. @wallythegreenmonster: 😀

  42. Nice choice!

  43. There  are very few directors who have not made a movie panned by critics.

  44. when we do a post-mordem on this movie I doubt we’ll have a problem with this decision.

  45. I REALLY enjoy Geoff John’s Lois in Superman: Secret Origin.  If they go that route, ill be happy as a kid in a candy store with a blank check on the first day of summer vacation.

  46. MEH 

  47. I can live with this. She’s proven her range as an actress as far as I’m concerned. She’s often more quirky than empowered, but that doesn’t mean she can’t switch it up.

    I do see the beginnings of a trend developing in these female comic book roles that concerns me however. I don’t fully understand why all these “American sweetheart” type actresses are landing the roles of these independent, almost dominant comic heroines. Between Lively as Carol,  Portman as Jane, Hathaway as Selina, and now Adams as Lois, the girl-next-door types seem to be landing the roles of women who are anything but girls-next-door. Are tough hot chicks really that much of a rarity in Hollywood? Or are the studios just trying to appeal to mass audiences and quirky nerds by hiring quirky “It” girls?
    @player1: I get what you’re saying, but the fact that Lois is an actual journalist for a newspaper and not a local news reporter kinda blows your argument outta the water. You’re right though, Adams’ age is hardly a dealbreaker. She looks younger than 36 IMO anyway.

  48. I was hoping for Kristen Bell or Olivia Wilde…