Achtung! Ze MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS German Trailer ist Gute!

If The Dark Knight Rises isn’t your thing, and neither is English, then Marvel has good news for you. You can’t tell what they’re chanting in that other trailer anyway.

You will note more Captain Amerikaner and Black Widow (both from countries way up in the “blew up a lot of things in Germany but no one seems to be holding a grudge” camp), than in the American trailer.

What’s good to know is that in both versions, Loki seems to show equal disdain for cars. I expect the Japanese trailer will show much the same thing.

Remember to continue using the official name, Marvel’s The Avengers. I got an email about that once, and if nothing else, we respect the law around here.


  1. “I Hear Nothing, I See Nothing, I Know Nothing!!”

    Seriously though, Thor and Cap are going to go at it in this movie? Already an ‘A+’ movie in my book.

  2. What’s German for “Hulk Smash!”?………… thinking it’s just Hulk smash w/ an accent . Anyone?

  3. Oh, will you stop making jokes about the German accent, Josh F.? It hurts so much.

  4. I still don’t understand how my neighbours can watch this. Don’t they want the original? Subs are the way to go.

    • I prefer the original with subtitles. German translations used to be ok for me when i was a kid. but nowadays i hear when the translators dont get it. Especially pop cultural references often dont survive the translation. Can’t imagine watchin “the wire” in german.

  5. DAMN! The girl who speaks German at my office is out the entire week!

  6. I am german and I don’t sound like this!
    They’re just used to it. If your English is not good and you grow up with it you won’t even notice the difference.
    I have to say though I saw the german trailer and got goosebumps because I can’t watch english movies in german any more. 🙂

  7. Not quite as epic as the Englsih

    As for The Dark Knight Rises, they are chanting BANE! BANE! MATARLO! MATARLO! Means Kill Him in Spanish

  8. That Captain America suit….. i don’t know about it

  9. ich bin ein Avenger!

  10. You know, I think Germany might have gotten a better-cut trailer than we got.

  11. Vas!?! Kaptain Amerika! SHOOT HEEEM!

  12. Kapitän Amerika, Eisen-Mann, Donar, Falken-Auge, der Hüne und die Schwarze Witwe sind: Die Rächer. Rächer, versammelt euch in der Rächer-Villa. Dort warten Spinnen-Mann und Vielfraß.