VIDEO: Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ Trailer Goes Live

Whedon. Downey Jr. Evans. Hemsworth. Johansson. Renner. Ruffalo. Jackson. And of course, Gregg. We’re inching closer and closer to the 2012 premiere of a feature film containing Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, the Hulk, Nick Fury and even Phil Coulson himself! You’ve seen the snippet at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. You’ve seen the spreads from Entertainment Weekly and the delightful spy photo memes on Tumblr. Now it’s time for the big show.

Assemble ’round the monitor for your first look at Marvel’s The Avengers trailer from Marvel Studios!

Steve and Tony together again for the first time

Watch it here! We’ve got official options for you!






  1. Loki is back. Plus some other guys, but mainly Loki!


    Ten year old me would not believe his eyes if he saw this.

  3. I apologize for the “why are they so afraid to mention the Hulk?” comment I was mentally pre-typing. Always stay through the end.

  4. Nearly stood up and did a happy dance in my cubicle. Watching Steve Rogers talk to Tony Stark, while Thor smirks rakishly just made my day!

  5. I can’t wait until May

  6. Yep, still can’t wait to see this.

  7. This is going to be incredible.

  8. ARGH!
    Curse you Quicktime!
    Now I have to wait until I get home to watch this.

    Steve Jobs continues to thwart me…

  9. One, please.

  10. wow, just wow.

  11. I’m definitely feeling Ed Norton’s absence. Still, as RoiVampire rightly noted, ten year old Pyynk is dancing in the damn streets.

  12. Slightly underwhelmed as there were no BIG set pieces. I mean, where’s the helicarrier, where’s the real feeling of destruction and mayhem (other than a few cars blowing up). Is Loki the only BIG BAD? I want to see something other than a human figure raining down destruction upon our brave boys (and girl). Still, I’m hoping later trailers amp up the action.

  13. The movie just finished filming. It really makes sense how this i’s essentially the trailer of them assembling (perfect song btw-love me some NIN) can’t freaking wait for this movie and I love how were still in the dark as to who Loki’s allies are, even though I’m dying to know! Already looks like Joss was the man for the job, indeed.

  14. For real, this is a real thing. I seriously just watched Steve Rogers and Tony Stark bickering while Thor just laughs. That just happened. We live in the future.

    • I know I know! Roi these are the times I have dreamed of Avengers, Justice League, and other super hero movies coming out all the time! It is finally here hoperfully they get it right and we can have this until our death; that would be fantastic!!
      Now all I need is for there to be a Flash and a JLA movie and I will retire for good I think!!

      Just sayin’,


  15. I’m in wait and see mode. I’ll be the first to admit I know very little about the Marvel Universe,but I was a little underwhelmed with Thor, Cap, and IM2. Don’t get me wrong. I loved robert downey jr’s Tony Stark in Iron Man 1. But a little of that goes a long way for me. Nevertheless, it is pretty exciting (and epoch-making in many ways) to see a big team movie (does XMen count?)

  16. I think I just came in my pants.

  17. So far, so good. I’m still concerned there’s just too much going on with this movie, but if there’s anyone to tame the beast, it’s Whedon.

  18. One word..That was an unbelievably awesome trailer…wait, that was six words.

  19. Dude. What?

  20. I… with the… and they were… did you see…

    I am one big goosebump. Bring this shit home, Joss.

  21. I feel… very happy of myself! This is beyond mathematcal, its.. algebraic!

  22. I watched it on my phone, and maybe that wasn’t the reason i wasn’t thrilled with it, maybe it was the music (which sucks cause i love me some Reznor).

    I’ll watch it in HD when i get home and see how i really feel then.

  23. FUCK YES!!!

  24. What this trailer needs is more cowbell, and a Chuck Norris thumbs up to boot.

  25. fuck I wish I was a bigger Marvel fan. Looks rad.

    Now if this movie works – and it looks like it’s gonna – will DC follow the formula with a Justice League movie? So at the risk of being totally off-topic, let’s see what they’ve got so far….

    1. Batman: Ive hear rumors that Christian Bale wouldn’t star in a JL movie. And honestly I can’t see a JL movie without Bale as Batman. Hopefully Nolan will direct.

    2. Superman: We’ve only seen still photos of Zack Snyders reboot of the franchise (prominently featuring Henry Cavill’s super-junk). I’m not really a fan of Snyders hyper-stylized film-making but dude loves comics , that’s always a plus.

    3. Green Lantern: While the movie blew all sorts of dick, Ryan Reynolds is a fun actor to watch and he would kill in a JL movie. Just fix that costume.

    1. Wonder Woman: Well there is that failed TV show they recently shopped around. Oof. Try again DC. Hopefully the Arrazello/Chang run will show them the way.

    2. Aquaman: Didn’t James Cameron make an Aquaman movie staring that dude from Entourage? Heh. Really, this one could prove to be too difficult and I can see them not including him in the JL lineup.

    3. Martian Manhunter: Don’t think this movie would ever get made. Not too many people are familiar with old Jon Jon. But maybe if the new movie John Carter From Mars succeeds there could be a chance. doubtful

    4. The Flash: Again, the TV series were lame. Get a good actor and an awesome director and writer and this could be the next big movie franchise.

    • I can feel your pain my friend I am huge DC fan first and then Marvel and then everyone else! I would love there to be a JLA movie like next year although I think it is going to be another three years at least. Marvel did a great job of getting the Avengers characters right and introducing them to everyone before doing the big movie and kudos to them! Any time i can get some of my favorite heroes on the big screen no matter which company I am pumped!!
      JLA would be the next logical step for WB for the movies since every character is well known unlike Black Window and Hawkeye for Marvel no one really knows them and they will be fine. DC everyone knows Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and now the Green Lantern! Poor Martian Manhunter and anyone else can be part of the movies story line.

      Just sayin’,


    • “Dude loves comics” is not always a plus. Daredevil and Ghost Rider?

    • @ResFlan

      I may not like his style but Zack Snyder is by far a better director then Mark Steven Johnson. I sense that Synder has a respect for the comic book genre and I do like how he tries the stay as close as he can to the source material.

      300 wasn’t that bad. Watchmen suffered from being the unfilmable comic. I am rooting for Superman to be awesome.

    • Sad to say but I think Green Lantern’s box office letdown sealed the fate for ever seeing a Flash or Aquaman film. I dig the Flash a lot but the public is not going to pay money to see a guy running real fast in red long johns. As for Aquaman. It wasn’t an accident that this was satirized in Entourage. Snowball in hell’s chance.

      Best bet in my opinion would be to go the animated route with a $200+ million dollar budget, cast Bale,Cavil, and Reynolds to voice act, and Brad Bird to direct.

    • I loved the Flash TV show 🙁

  26. Fuck on.

  27. This is the culmination of 4 years of excitement for me. this may actually motivate me to go to my first ever midnight screening for a film! I cannot wait!!! So awesome to see all these guys on screen at the same time!

  28. I was on board right until the end when Tony Stark compliments Bruce Banner about turning into a “giant rage monster.” Now I am TOTALLY on board.

  29. Between the trailer going up and the Marvel Android app going live, Marvel owns this day

  30. I might not be able to like this movie, but you can be damn certain I will avenge it!

    ….ahh…see what I did there? Classic me.

  31. Nice one AdamOfEarth; clearly classic of you!
    See what I did there? Classic me.
    This movie will rock and I will see it three times in the theater just to make sure we get more super hero movies no matter what.

    Just sayin’,


  32. This thing has only just wrapped, the most exciting thing about this trailer is that there’s still a lot of work to do on the effects – expect Trailer 2 to be significantly more epic / amazing.

  33. Great trailer! I can’t stop watching it! Really excited for this now.

  34. I just had some weird sensation flow through my body… something between a mangasm and a nerdgasm. I need a cold shower.

  35. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

  36. When does the real trailer come out? With things I haven’t seen already?

  37. I hope the movie ends with all of them getting lunch at Applebees

  38. awesome, been watching this preview all day. thanks

  39. Looks like Robert Downey Junior standing on top of a big puddle of sick.

  40. Wow all I can say is wow

  41. I can’t think of a song that would fit that trailer better.
    I am so friggin excited for this movie I might cause a scene at work.

  42. This looks fucking awesome! Definitely one of my tops to look forward to…and I’m a DC guy…

  43. I think my three favorite things that are not ScarJo or RDJ snarkiness…

    1. Thor vs. Cap
    2. Cap with Machine Gun (I just can’t get enough of that)
    3. Loki choke-slamming Tony Stark out a window

  44. YES.

  45. I really badly want this to be good. I’m excited

  46. This exists! 😀

  47. As someone who generally hates team books and so doesn’t read The Avenger…

    That looks incredible. I just want to like… swim in it.

  48. This is a pretty good first trailer. It’s got me excited and looking at each shot to see every detail.

    However, I do have 2 nitpicks….which why not?

    1) I like NIN and Trent Reznor…but man that song used just doesn’t work for me. Thematically it makes sense for the message of the film, people coming together. But it just sounds like something you would here for a montage coming up for a big WWE match.

    2) I’m going to assume that the CGI is not done yet, which is why Hulk is only shown briefly at the end. But considering the only images we’ve seen of Ruffalo for the film are this and that TERRIBLE headshot from the EW article and I’m not really sure of this casting choice. I’m not scared of Hulk being in the film mind you, I just think Ruffalo might be the weakest link acting wise to this whole thing.

    • Ruffalo, a weak link acting wise? He’s easily, almost objectively the absolute best actor in that whole group.

    • Renner, Josh, renner. But i agree Ruffalo is not a bad actor

    • I realize that Renner is a good actor, and I’m not denying that, but I kind of don’t like him.

    • @josh: Well that is a bit subjective. I think there is a ton of other, better actors on this project right now. He certainly is the worst actor in terms of make-up and costume. He just really looks out of place in all of the stills and footage shown so far. Maybe it’s just because Norton should really be in this because he was Banner originally.

      But Ruffalo was in one of my top 5 films ever with ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. So he’s got that going for him.

    • Makeup and costume have jack and shit to do with how good of an actor someone is.

      Honestly, please find me someone else who would say Ruffalo is a bad actor. Anyone. Try it.

    • Anyone know why Josh is being such a snob regarding good actors?

    • He isn’t. He was just pointing out something nonsensical that TNC posted

    • If I was a snob, I would be saying how terrible the actors are.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Hiddleston is up there in the acting category too.

    • If you don’t think Ruffalo is good you need to get yourself a copy of Zodiac. The end.

    • @josh: First, I never sad Ruffalo was a BAD or TERRIBLE actor. I said he was the WEAKEST because he is the new guy in this project. Everyone has been established as these characters already so I know what to expect. So far I know nothing about Ruffalo or his take on Banner other then the make up/costume department aren’t doing a good job making him look believable as Bruce Banner. Because Norton was the guy before there is a huge disconnect with the character for me because Ruffalo didn’t play him before.

      Paul was right on Hiddleson being up there in acting; plus I think Downey, Evans, and Jackson are better too. I’m sure when the movie is finally staring at me on the big screen my worries will go away. But all I was saying that the PR department hasn’t done a good job selling me on this guy so that’s why he’s the weakest so far in this lineup….FOR ME!

  49. Oooooo…multiple nergasm!!!!

    Even if this movie is on par with the rest, in quality, thats pretty effin good. I mean seriously… These are my heroes and their movies are getting friggin made! That’s enough for the chubby, snack gobbling, preteen in me to have a “geek seizure”.

    SUPER seriously…. these are Marvel’s Avengers made REAL! And not one misfire in the casting… well, with the possible exception of Scarlett Jo, as Black Widow. But even that’s forgivable considering they got everything else right. And in my opinion, the movie is much better without Norton. If he was gonna be in the film, he would have been,

    I’d heard he’s got a way of trying to shanghai the director’s chair, and honestly…Whedon is the pure and total shit, and there can be only one, and they got the best one.

    Nuff said!

  50. Ive watched it all day and still cant stop

  51. Past and current me are excusing themselves to their bunk. Future me is wondering how this wasn’t as good as the Great Lakes Avengers movie starring Jason Bateman as Mr. Immortal and Zooey Daschanel as Squirrel Girl.

  52. What kind of sword is that at the 1:12 mark?

  53. OMG OMG OMG That last line gave me goosebumps! Hulk looks fantastic so far!!! Can’t wait til 2012!!!!!

  54. I like how they got the Inception/Transformers distorted horn sound out of the way as early as they could. All trailers must have that now, right

  55. I wish I could go back in time and tell my 8 year old self that it was all going to be OK.

  56. Assemble.

  57. Hey, I saw lazer beams shooting down. Kree/Skrull war?

  58. Great Googley Moogley!!!!

    I am grinning and bouncing in my chair right now. And after ten consecutive viewings…I am so gonna get in trouble at work.

    Ahhh, what the hell.

    :: hits play ::

  59. That was seven different shades of awesome. I’m kinda with Josh on RDJr, though – he did slice it pretty thick in IM2.

  60. “Consider your asses…. AVENGED.”