Weekly Sketch Up – 11.09.2012

Blacksad by Ibrahim Moustafa

Batman by Skottie Young

Hellboy by Mahmud Asrar

Garrus Vakarian by Logan Faerber

Fantastic Four #26 by Mike Allred

Judge Dredd by Jason Latour

The Third Doctor by Daniel Spottswood

John Constantine by Evan “Doc” Shaner


  1. xBigbyx xBigbyx says:

    Wow, very strong week. not a bad one in there. Asrar is putting out awesome stuff!

  2. My love for Mike Allred just grows and grows.

  3. Revalk Revalk says:

    I really like the Skottie Young one, though that “k” weirds me out.

  4. ManBearTed ManBearTed says:

    It’s good to see Ibrahim Moustafa getting some love…

  5. stuclach stuclach says:

    Love that Constantine sketch. Makes the cancellation feel slightly less awful.

  6. Firevine Firevine says:

    Seeing Skottie Young do something other than Oz and babies makes me sad that most of what we get is Oz and babies. Jesus he’s good.

  7. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    Gotta say, this might be the first Skottie Young sketch that doesn’t thrill me. But then I’ve never been a fan of long-eared, long-finned, curly shoulders Batman.

    Moustafa’s Blacksad is awesome, as is Asrar’s Hellboy. But Doc’s Constantine is my favorite because … well … I can’t talk about it. The wounds are too fresh.


  8. ScottE ScottE says:

    Is Garrus Vakarian a star wars character?

  9. Will Magnus Will Magnus says:

    What a great collection of sketches!

    Oh, and…Will someone put Doc Shaner on an ongoing title PLEASE?

  10. Great line-up this week. The Skottie Young sketch makes me want to see him do a story in the Gotham By Gaslight world.