Weekly Sketch Up – 11.09.2012

Blacksad by Ibrahim Moustafa

Batman by Skottie Young

Hellboy by Mahmud Asrar

Garrus Vakarian by Logan Faerber

Fantastic Four #26 by Mike Allred

Judge Dredd by Jason Latour

The Third Doctor by Daniel Spottswood

John Constantine by Evan “Doc” Shaner


  1. Wow, very strong week. not a bad one in there. Asrar is putting out awesome stuff!

  2. My love for Mike Allred just grows and grows.

  3. I really like the Skottie Young one, though that “k” weirds me out.

  4. It’s good to see Ibrahim Moustafa getting some love…

  5. Love that Constantine sketch. Makes the cancellation feel slightly less awful.

  6. Seeing Skottie Young do something other than Oz and babies makes me sad that most of what we get is Oz and babies. Jesus he’s good.

  7. Gotta say, this might be the first Skottie Young sketch that doesn’t thrill me. But then I’ve never been a fan of long-eared, long-finned, curly shoulders Batman.

    Moustafa’s Blacksad is awesome, as is Asrar’s Hellboy. But Doc’s Constantine is my favorite because … well … I can’t talk about it. The wounds are too fresh.


  8. Is Garrus Vakarian a star wars character?

  9. What a great collection of sketches!

    Oh, and…Will someone put Doc Shaner on an ongoing title PLEASE?

  10. Great line-up this week. The Skottie Young sketch makes me want to see him do a story in the Gotham By Gaslight world.