Top 5: New Comic Book Writers to Watch for in 2012

“New” is a relative term in comics, but once you break through to the mainstream consciousness, you’ve accomplished something very difficult. Two years ago, you didn’t know who Scott Snyder was, and now he’s helming one of the best selling books at DC Comics, or all of comics, for that matter. Not long before that, you’d never heard of Nick Spencer, but you’ve sure seen his work now. It is harder than ever to break through to the mainstream comics audience today, but expect to see big things from these five writers next year.


5. Sam Humphries

Let me ask you one question: where the hell did this guy come from. I’d never heard the name anywhere, and then suddenly a week before San Diego Comic-Con, the guy is everywhere, hanging out with the pros, and all based on a book he wrote and distributed himself, Our Love is Real. He’s doing it again with Sacrifice. He’s also going to be writing John Carter: The Gods of Mars from Marvel next year. That he is working at Marvel as a new writer is no small thing. They’re doing very little outside scribe hiring these days. He hustled, and did the work.

4. Josh Williamson

Josh is a pro’s pro. The guy gets his work done, hits his deadlines, and makes it a priority to be a dependable guy editors can call on. He also has great experience in making his own comics, for quite a while, in every genre you can imagine, from the kids book, Sketch Monsters to the alien conspiracy comedy, Xenoholics. He’s getting his first shot at a regular series at DC, taking over Voodoo soon. If things work out there, he’s up for the work, and he’s hungry for it.

3. Joe Keatinge

There is no one in comics, and I know a lot of people in comics, more enthusiastic about what’s in his future. Joe worked at Image Comics doing marketing and PR, and has returned, reborn as the comic book writer he’s always wanted to be. Teaming with Frank Cho, of all people, for Brutal his debut, then following it up with Hell Yeah, and also resurrecting Glory, all with Image Comics. Joe already won an Eisner for his part in the Pop Gun Anthology to boot. Joe waited, made the connections, and is doing it right. Now, he’s got to back it up with great content. If the work is half as good as his enthusiasm suggests, he’ll be all right.

The Activity #1

2. Nathan Edmondson

Forget Who is Jack Ellis?, who is Nathan Edmondson? Following Olympus in 2009 and The Light in 2010, Edmondson helped deliver one of the strongest mini-series from Image this past year with the aforementioned series, gaining him entrance to the new 52 with Grifter. He hasn’t gotten lazy though, with the new Image series, The Activity hitting shelves tomorrow. He’s got a talent for taut thrillers, and that fits in very well with what mainstream publishers like to do.

1. Joshua Hale Fialkov

Fialkov is banging on the door of big time in a big way. He’s not new to comics, but his name wasn’t well known until now. This year has seen him bust out of little known, but well regarded books like Echoes and Tumor, to taking over spots on Iron Man 2.0, and accepting the challenge of selling I, Vampire to a market who mostly don’t want it, and turning out an excellent result. At the same time, Last of the Greats is shaping up to be something memorable. Fialkov has the kind of confidence a good writer needs, matched with enough experience in the indie ranks to avoid rookie mistakes. Plus, no one else in comics had his character sleep with Oprah.


  1. Great list. The only person I might try and fit on the list somewhere is Dennis Hopeless but I’m not sure who I’d bump off

    Hopefully a Comic Book Writer to watch out for in 2013 is Kurtis Wiebe (Green Wake, Intrepids), we’ll see how Peter Panzerfaust does

  2. Spot on. Sam Humphries, Josh Williamson and Joshua Fialkov are very exciting writers to watch. I need to check out what the others have been up to as well.

    I’d also nominate Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko. While not exactly new to the writing game, it looks like they’re pursuing it even stronger these days. Anxious to see what they work on next.

  3. All incredible picks! Besides the honorable mentions already given (specifically Hopeless and Jordan), I also think Brandon Seifert may be giving us some incredible things in the new year.

  4. #6: Josh Flanagan? 🙂

    Nice list and I agree with it. Not really a fan of their work right now, but hopefully in 2012 they’ll work on something that’ll make me go ‘wow’!

    Are you doing an artists version of this list too? Then again there have been so many great, new artists on this year alone you might need more then a top 5 to list them all.

  5. I’m really enjoying Xenoholics right now. Can’t wait to see Josh Williamson on Voodoo.

  6. I’d like to add Kurt Weibe to this list. Green Wake (from Image) has been stellar, and the solits for this new ongoing (Peter Panzerfaust) look great as well. On top of that, both books have exceptional art.

  7. Terrific list, but Fialkov has been on the radar since Elk’s Run, which was (deservedly) highly acclaimed when it came out several years ago.

    I’d love to see Sam Humphries on a big franchise book in the next twelve months.

    For me the writer who I can’t wait to read in 2012 is Michael DeForge, and Levon Jihanian’s book Danger Country is a masterpiece in the making. Are those guys too “alt” for a list like this (I doubt either of them will be doing Marvel work anytime soon).

    Agree with above poster that Hopeless is going to make some waves thanks to X-Men Season One.

  8. No, love for Shawn Aldridge (Vic Boone). That series is great and that guy i think is going places.

  9. I’ve heard all the names, but haven’t really read much any of the work except for Edmonson’s Jake Ellis. I will be sure to keep out an eye for their projects.