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DON’T MISS: The Activity #1 with Nathan Edmondson

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The Activity #1Running Time: 00:17:17

Coming off the heels of his involvement in the DC Comics New 52 with Grifter, and the recent mini-series (and iFanboy Book fo the Month), Who Is Jake Ellis?, writer Nathan Edmondson is back with a new ongoing series with artist Mitch Gerads, The Activity #1.  Fans of realistic military video games and media will want to take note as The Activity takes us deep in an ultra secret special ops team unlike any you’ve read before. Issue #1 is out this week and you definitely don’t want to miss it!

Check out a preview of what you can expect from The Activity #1 below!

The Activity #1
Written by Nathan Edmondson
Art by Mitch Gerads
$3.50 – Image Comics

“The Act We Act”


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  1. Edmonson’s excitement about his work came through in this interview and that goes along way in stirring up interest.

    Seeing that this is the season of giving, my hat goes off to Ron for digging past the surface and delving into Edmonson’s research materials – an aspect seldom discussed when interviewing writers.

    The concept of a realistic, well-researched modern day narrative in comics is intriguing and I look forward to picking this one up!

    • In my haste to post, I recklessly misspelled the writer’s name. I apologize to Mr. Edmondson and, if his current string of titles are of any indication, its a mistake many will not make again.

  2. I wasn’t wowed by Grifter, but I am going to check this out. The talk about Who is Jake Ellis on this week’s POTW has me curious about Edmondson’s work.

  3. Every week, Don’t Miss Podcast!! You do this to me EVERY WEEK. 🙂

    *pulled* (Hopefully my LCS ordered this)

  4. might look into getting a trade of this for my little bro when its out

  5. sounds like a great book, that’s crazy how he was poking and prodding w/ the CIA. know my computer is tag:) great interview, thanks Ron

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