SACRIFICE Sells Out – Available Digitally

SACRIFICE-cover1ALast week we gave you a peek at Sacrifice #1, the new creator owned, self published indie mini series from Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose. Today marks the release of Sacrifice #1, and before comic stores even opened today, Sacrifice #1 was already a sell out at the distribution level. Self distributed, the limited print run of Sacrifice #1, which included several variant covers and retail specific editions, can be purchased at over 60 comic shops and online at TFAW.

Sacrifice has been billed as a time traveling story that involves ties to the classic British band Joy Division.  Written by Sam Humphries, who had success earlier this year with the Our Love Is Real one shot, and art by comics newcomer Dalton Rose, has gotten some early critical acclaim, showing that perhaps Humphries may have another indie hit on his hands.

But fans who want to read Sacrifice #1 and can’t get one of the hard to find issues, fear not. Humphries and Rose have also released the title, same day as print, through digital providers Comixology and Graphicly (iFanboy’s parent copy). ¬†In fact, if you’d like to see what all the buzz is about, you can read Sacrifice on Graphicly, right now below:


  1. Sly marketing I must say iFanboys…

    SACRIFICE IS SOLD OUT (at this distribution level which happens all the time and almost never leads to actual consumer shortages) BUT THERE ARE UNLIMITED SUPPLIES ONLINE (on our parent company’s site and here’s a link)

    • In the case of this particular comic, it most certainly will lead consumer shortages. If you check the books website, you will see that only about 1500 copies were printed and the majority of those were sold at the 60 shops that Ron mentions in the post (I personally preordered mine from TFAW).

      This same type of marketing was used by Humphries on his previous book, Our Love is Real, which led to a huge demand after the first printing and consequently led to a much larger printing from Image.

      It was covered extensively, by Ron, for the site. So, I don’t really see this as simply marketing for Graphicly. IT’s a story that the community, at least part of it, is interested in.

    • its always good news when a indie creator owned book sells out its first print run and has possibly enough demand for a second printing. A win for creator owned comics is a win for comics.

  2. Wow, I’m a huge Joy Division fan and I never heart of this!

  3. Question. I got my copy today and if I read it and like it more than today’s other comics, how do I make it my Pick of the Week? What if one of you wants to make it their Pick of the Week?

  4. Seems pretty cool. I may start getting my independent comics digitally. Looking at an iPad this Xmas.

  5. Based on Ron’s suggestion, I decided I would try it. So perhaps I’m a klutz, but I’ve searched on Graphicaly on my iPad for “sacrifice” “five hundred comics” “sam humphries” and “dalton rose”. None of those searches turned up anything. I continue to be amazed at how slowly and awkwardly the industry is dealing with online/digital.

  6. With this success, I’m sure Marvel and DC will try and capitalize on this and churn out their own time traveling Joy Division comics pretty soon.

  7. It wasn’t sold out at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. BTW, it’s a pretty great book!