The Top 10 Best Comic Book Tattoos

There’s one place I feel most comfortable in the world (other than my bed on mornings I have to get up early and can’t seem to emerge from my blanket cocoon): The internet.
It’s a beautiful landscape, full of funny videos, great writing, pirates, trolls, and sometimes terrifying in betweens of things that cannot be unseen. It’s a fantasy land for our generation, a magical wonderland that our minds tra la la through daily. In fact, as you read this article, you’re frolicking in the land of internet, too! Isn’t it glorious?

With my residence in the land of internet, I have come across a great deal of things that I a) didn’t know I liked b) would not really compile a list of any other time. One of my greatest internet habits is staring at pictures of other people’s tattoos… usually silently judging them, but occasionally becoming really excited. I am a fan of ink on skin (though I am aware it isn’t for everyone). I got my first tattoo when I was 18, but instead of getting something silly like a trampstamp or a butterfly, I got a golden snitch from Harry Potter. Over the years six more tattoos have followed that first one, with huge plans for massive inky undertakings in the future. I have a need to decorate myself with ink on skin, a belief that my body is merely a canvas waiting to be filled with art that is a journey of my life.

But I digress, as this article is not about me nor my own tattoos. However, it is about skin art – comic book tattoos! In my perusal of different residences on the internets, I have come across several really awesome tattoos that are forever emblazoned on dedicated fans. I have four geeky tattoos so I don’t think fandom tattoos are silly – I think they are a genuine expression of a love for something. And what more do we were at ifanboy love than comic books?

Dark Phoenix Panel

It’s no secret that I am not a big fan of Jean Grey. She’s whiny and overpowered and she irritates me. However, I love well done tattoos that are entire panels from comic books – if placed in the right spot on the body and done by a skillful enough artist, it’s a great homage to this lovely medium. This tattoo definitely qualifies as a “good” panel tattoo in my book, and according to Nicole it’s still waiting for colour. I’m sure it will look even more impressive finished!


The Joker

By Kingpin Studio in Greensboro NC

The detail and colour on this Joker tattoo are kind of blowing me away. It’s hard to accomplish a good psuedo realistic portrait, but this tattoo certainly has it. Why so serious?



I’ve come across a surprising amount of Rorschach tattoos, but this one definitely stood out to me. The colour and the detail are really awesome – I love the soft lines.


Spider-Man Chest Piece

Although I’m pretty sure Peter Parker doesn’t wear his costume UNDERNEATH his flesh, and I generally think “skin teraring away” tattoos are a little tacky, I have to give kudos to whoever decided to ink this on to themselves. It’s certainly a statement piece if nothing else.


“Death of Superman” Chest Piece

On the topic of chest pieces, this is one of my favourites. I love the colour, the placement, how vivid it is… and it depicts “the Death of Superman”, such an iconic moment in comic book history. I want to meet this guy and high five him.


The Goon

The Goon is one of my favourite comic books of all time, and this tattoo may be one of my favourite comic book skin arts of all time. It works out!


DC/Marvel Sleeve

Streams… crossing!

This DC/Marvel sleeve is one of the most impressive works of art I have seen on skin. I adore the colour and detail – look at that Dr. Doom!


Classic Wonder Woman

I couldn’t compile this list without at least one Wonder Woman tattoo! This one is pretty great, with its vivid colours and clean lines – an obvious homage to older comics.



Self explanatory. It’s beautiful.


Superman/Batman Sock

One of the most incredible tattoos I have probably ever layed eyes upon. Look at the colour!


(If any of these tattoos belong to you or someone you know, email me so I can give credit where credit is due!

Molly McIsaac is a great fan of nerdy ink. You can follow her misadventures on twitter!


  1. That Superman/Batman sock is outstanding. I can’t believe how perfect it came out. It’s like you’re looking at a painting.

  2. These are gonna look so terrible in a few years…

  3. I met this dude at a con. Awesome Rocketeer sleeve –

  4. The Dark Phoenix panel is rad without color. I’d leave it.

  5. i just got my first tattoo about two weeks ago and its the batman begins bat symbol

  6. That Death of Superman chest piece should be disqualified since that dirty hipster only got it ironically. And that Joker piece is pretty horrendous. I’ve seen better prison tattoos.

  7. Oh man, most of these make me cringe. I can’t deny the talent of many of the inkers, but to me overly representational tattoo art just looks nasty. Much prefer to see clean line iconic or abstract stuff. Just my personal aesthetic, I guess.

    The Spider-Man-under-the-chest is amazing work, but so so sooooo creepy.

  8. 2,3,4 & 5 are pretty gaudy. I understand the appreciation of the talent that went behind making them… but sometimes less is more.

  9. I think I’ve met the guy with the classic Wonder Woman tat.

  10. Found a good one on the DC message boards:

  11. This should include Wonder Ali’s tattoo, because well, she’s hot.

  12. Besides the maybe wonder woman, these look like ass to me. I mean, they are well done, but they look stupid on a human to my eye.

  13. I see a certain Green Lantern tattoo didn’t make the list.

  14. I have a Celtic cross tattoo… Jesus, the most popular superhero of all.

  15. I want to get one, but I’m nervous and a bit of a wuss. I’m thinking I’d go with the “Spidey Spotlight” on an arm. One of my best friends has a bloody Supes S shield on his bicep and the Tri-Force between his shoulder blades.

  16. (unfinished, possibly 2-3 hours more work needed)

    Flame on. . .

  17. Damn-great tats-and the agruement about how bad they are going to look when you get older. LOL lame-Who cares your old,,,Tats or not -no one looks good old.

  18. I’ve been wanting the cover to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 tattooed on my calf for years. Too bad I am broke.