The Joker Returns in BATMAN #13 Courtesy of Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo

Batman writer Scott Snyder has been teasing all weekend on Twitter that the villain of his next major storyline would be revealed today. And now it has. And as villains go, it’s a doozy.

In a storyline ominously titled “Death of the Family,” The Joker returns in Batman #13.

The Joker is Batman’s A #1 archenemy so some people might be reading this and thinking, “okay, what’s the big deal?” With the launch of The New 52 we have only seen The Joker in Detective Comics #1 in which he was subdued by Batman and sent to the revolving door known as Arkham Asylum where he had his face cut off by someone called Dollmaker. Since that issue, one of the most asked questions in comicdom has been, “When are we going to find out what happened to The Joker?” DC has done a great job of building up excitement about The Joker by waiting so long to reveal him again. And now they’re bringing him back into the spotlight via their most popular book guided by arguably their most acclaimed creative team.

On DC’s The Source blog, Scott Snyder said:

Joker is my favorite villain of all time. Not just in comics. In everything – film, books, TV. He’s the greatest, hands down. So this story is something extremely important and personal to me – something I’ve been building in my head ever since I started working in Gotham. Basically, this is my big exploration of the Joker, my Arkham Asylum or The Killing Joke, only bigger in scope. Bottom line: it’s the biggest, baddest, most shocking Joker story I could tell. This is Joker completely unleashed. He has been away for a full year planning this revenge, watching, plotting, setting things up. And now he’s back. He has his traps set, his knives sharpened… And wait ’til you see him. Greg’s sketches literally gave me chills. Point blank: This is Joker like you’ve never seen him before. He has a mission. He has a secret. And he has a serious axe to grind with Batman. It isn’t going to be pretty, but it’s going to be a wild ride. Thanks for taking it with us.

And Greg Capullo said:

When Scott told me that he’d written a Joker story for our next arc, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Talk about a dream come true! For me, the Joker is the ultimate rogue and the villain I most wanted to draw. I gotta tell you, after hearing what the story is about, this isn’t a dream come true. It’s a nightmare! A macabre and bloody, flesh crawling nightmare. We hope you’ll have the nerve to face what’s coming. Warning: It ain’t for the faint of heart!

Batman #13 is scheduled to hit comic book stores on October 10th.


  1. Man, when is Bruce going to get a chance to take a breather and chill out … 😀

    • He really does need to take a nice little vacation for himself.

    • I can’t see batman and chill out together without thinking of Mr. Freeze and all his awesome puns in Batman & Robin.

    • I agree…especially with the true final battle of Court of Owls yet to finish. So we get a (hopeful) conclusion to that absolutely dynamite story in issue #11, then I’m sure issue #12 will be some lead up to the Joker…maybe Bruce can take a vacation to Metropolis…then #13 all hell breaks loose…yet again…

  2. YES! YES to all of this!

  3. Totally called it!


    Fuck Jean Grey.

    Joker’s back.

    Shit’s about to get real.

  5. EVERYONE LISTEN!!! THE PRINCE OF CRIME HAS RETURNED!!! wonder what he plans on doing this time.

  6. The Joker is Dr. Hurt. Duh.

  7. Oh Yeah. The Joker written by Snyder will be awesome!

  8. This is such a relief! 😀 And by Snyder/Capullo, how can this go wrong!? It can’t!!!

  9. Please Mr. Snyder, wash away all the horrible of Detective Comics #1. It was so bad. That was the only time a comic book was so awful, I wanted to wreak physical vengeance upon it. I wanted to punch that comic in the face. I have faith in you, good sir.

  10. Oh freaking sweet!

  11. I think i just wet myself…..

    I really hope that will be the cover.

  12. i was just thinking this morning about how Snyder hasn’t used many of Batman’s rogues….great to see the Joker on deck.

  13. I totally saw this coming…

    yet I am freaking out with excitement man! I love that teaser picture too. October cannot come quicker!

  14. Man, so many people are going to die. Can’t wait. 😀

  15. I sure hope that piece of art is the cover.

  16. Definitely looking forward to this. I was underwhelmed with the Joker’s appearance in “The Black Mirror” (one of the few things I didn’t love about that tale), but imo Snyder’s grown as a writer since then.

  17. I’ve been over the face-off thing for a long time now, but that image is one of the greatest pieces of art I’ve ever seen. I always viewed Capullo as a copycat artist, someone you hired ’cause he could draw like the last guy on a book. When he took over for Liefeld on X-Force, his art looked like Liefeld’s; he changed his style to more resemble McFarlane’s when he started drawing Spawn. I missed everything else he’s done over the years, but I’m really enjoying his Batman work.

  18. whooo weee! Cannot wait for this one. I’m already uncomfortable just imagining it.

  19. I already buy this book… do I have to buy two copies now?

  20. ive been loving batman by snyder and capullo. but,ill be the dbag to say it. this doesn’t excite me like you,would think it should the last thing i,want is another joker story. what i loved about snyders batman stories is that they where original stories. he,and Jock on detective with james Gordon jr and BatmaN the court if iwls. niw im going to buy it dont get me wrong but i wish they would have kept joker off the page for a while longer.

    • I agree 100%.

    • I beg to disagree. Of course, it will be a joker story. But NOT “another” joker story. It will be new. It will be Snyder’s version of the character.

      It might even redefine batman, the joker and comics, just as much “The Killing joke” or “Death in the family” did in their own era.

      I can’t wait for this. Bad thing is… I’m a trade-waiter. I think I’m going to die of impatience :/

    • disagree

  21. This is fantastic news, can’t wait for this!! That picture is more than a little haunting…..

  22. I call your favorite villain ever, Snyder. And I raise you, favorite fictional character ever.

    I am so happy to read this news, I’ve already seen Snyder write a terrific Joker in Detective Comics. This is gonna be good!!!

  23. Still not loving Capullo’s work. Snyder is solid enough to keep me on board though

  24. i have a confession to make: everytime bats and mr j go toe to toe, i’m always rooting for the joker.
    EVERYTIME. i can’t help it.
    i wonder if that makes me a bad person.

    • It does.

      But that artwork is incredibly haunting. I was mesmerized by the face being held up, but then I noticed the teeth and was like “geez that’s creepy.” Then I realized the Joker was watching my through his cut up face. WHO DOES THAT? WHO DRAWS THAT SO WELL? The answer, of course, is Capullo. I am just hoping they make a Batman Black and White statue using the cover to Batman 10.

    • Exact same reaction. Until I enlarge the pic I thought the teeth were a smudge or flare or something on a poor quality scan of the image or something weird. When blown up big it really hits how creepy this will be. I kinda don’t want to know what he’ll look like…..but obviously I do.

  25. I’m super pumped about this. The New 52 is what got me back into comics, and stuff like Snyder and Capuullo’s Batman is what has kept me in the game. Can’t wait! While I would normally be worried when a writer raves about how violent an arc will be, I trust that Snyder can bring some real weight to the violence.

  26. well this sound ominous lol.
    october’s gonna be an interesting month 🙂

  27. third story for snyder is huge one for witing Batman

  28. Am I the only one worried that Joker will no longer have a face in this storyline? That will annoy the Hell out of me.

  29. Dude, if that’s the cover. I’M SO IN! (ehem, I’m in either way, just saying the picture would make a sick cover)

  30. If that’s the cover… I think it’s safe to say one spot in “The week in covers” is already locked up

  31. Omg im so excited for this

  32. Pretty awesome. Snyder doing Joker is going to be creepy as hell. Any bets as to the community POW % for these issues? 98%? 99%? Going to be crazy.

    I just hope Tony Daniel’s stupid face cutting off crap has little to do with it. Annoying enough to have to see it referenced in the teaser. That really was a dumb way to launch the character in the new 52.

  33. I am pretty excited for this. I expect Synder and Capullo to write an incredible joker story.

    Although i can’t help but think that cutting off the Jokers face was just an excuse to draw him more like the Heath Ledger version with Dollmaker giving him a new face so he will wear the makeup to make himself recognizable as The Joker.

  34. Am I the only one who thinks the joker gets to much credit? In my opinion the Green Goblin blows the joker a way he’s like the joke and Lex Luthor in one person

  35. THIS!!!

    That HAS to be the cover. Soooo good.

  36. Sweet! Love Snyder and Capullo’s input on the story arc, more intrigued having read that,thanx!!!

  37. hehe, Capullo said “to get ready to “face” what’s coming, I can’t stop giggling about that

  38. After what’s happened with the Court (and Batman’s detective skills), I couldn’t care any less about this. Guessed this a mile away. I loved Snyder’s work before the New 52 on the Bat books (Gates of Gotham is one of my all-time favorites), but something happened when he jumped on Batman. Oh well, headlines will tell me all I need to know and I’ll see if it’s worth my time then. Until then, Detective Comics and The Dark Knight is where the Batman I enjoy is at (until Daniels leaves 🙁 )

  39. There are plenty of villains who haven’t yet made an appearance. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Riddler more than Joker, to be frank.

  40. Snyder writing Joker is going to be fun and horrifying at the same time. Fun, because he’s a character that fits in Synder’s minset. Horrifying because….well the same thing really. I can only imagine the horror he’s going to make Joker unleash. Also, Capullo drawing him is going to be magic.

  41. shady’s back, back again…guess who’ back, guess who’s back…la da da da….. LOL

    • Y’all act like you never seen a guy in white makeup before,
      jaws all on the floor
      like Babs when Joker burst through the door
      and started paralyzing her ass worse than before
      her dad first got divorced, throwin’ her over furniture
      its the return of the “Oh wait, no wait, he didn’t.
      He didn’t just kill who I think he did, did he?”

  42. It’s Snyder and Capullo so it will be great. However, I’m surprised. I thought with TDKR finally arriving that the next story arc would involve Bane. Still waiting for a great Batman vs Bane storyline and I was hoping Snyder and company would accept the challenge.

  43. Hell, these guys know how to hype their comics. Love Snyder and Capullo quotes.

  44. I know where my money’s going… And it ain’t AvX.

  45. Yes!

  46. so will everybody be as suprised/excited when __________ is announced as the next villian to be released in the new 52?

    • That would depend largely on who ______ is.

      Joker’s a popular character, and long-term Bat family reprecussions often follow whenever he appears. Personally I can’t think of another villain who gets me this excited when he shows up. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

  47. And there I was thinking of switching to the Volume collections of Batman, that ain’t gonna happen now. Bring on Joker!

  48. The Emaginaut The Emaginaut (@the_emaginaut) says:

    Anything short Joker feeling up Batman or shootings Robin in the spine will be disappointing for me.

  49. Loving Snyder/Capullo’s Batman – hope they get around to more of the classic villains.