TEASER: “SNIKT” with Cornell & Davis

Marvel is rolling out some more teasers of upcoming book announcements related to Marvel NOW! and we got our hands on this one, exclusively for you, because, well, once you see the names involved, you’ll understand why we’re excited:

Now, unless they’re making a major swerve here, it looks like it could be Wolverine related written by Paul Cornell with art by…ALAN DAVIS? Could this be? Could Paul Cornell be returning to Marvel Comics after the past couple of years at DC Comics? You all remember how much we loved Cornell’s Captain Britain and the MI:13, right?  And paired up with one of the greats (and my personal favorite artists) Alan Davis? This is all too much for me to handle…


  1. Um, Cornell & Davis? Yes, please!

  2. I don’t like them that much and I certainly prefer other characters than Wolverine.

  3. Take my damn money already!

  4. Not to ruin anyones dreams but it could also be Shane Davis since he’s been doing a bunch of marvel covers lately.

  5. God dammit! Here I am trying to spend less money on comics, and here comes Marvel to say “Look! We’ve got a shiny new Paul Cornell book for you to buy!”


  6. Well we already have the Cho wolverine book, wolverine and the xmen and wolverine max so i’ll dare to dream this could be an X-23 book.

    • That’s what I was thinking too.

    • My take is that it is just “Wolverine.” Which would be like, Volume 5 or something? All of the other NOW! teasers have been the adjective that is eventually revealed to be part of the title. But Snikt clearly would not work in this case. But using my own logic, just plain “X-23” would also work. I just figure the “Wolverine” title has been around so long that they are not going to abandon it. Maybe they are pulling the same trick as with All-New X-Men, making you think that it is the new X-men flagship title, getting you hooked on it, and then bringing back Uncanny so that you end up buying both.

    • @TheRealVenom – My friends had said similar things, I like Wolverine but he is overexposed. I hope that this is X-23 since her old book was cancelled.

    • Let’s just hope it’s not Daken

  7. man i just want one that says “Aarron Bendis LaFuente- Amazing” cuz i desperately want to read an awesome Spider-Man book

    • So shouldn’t it say “Aarron Bendis LaFuente- Awesome”? 😀

    • I’ve been wondering what David LaFuente has been up to lately. I really liked his work on Ultimate Spider-man, but he’s pretty much disappeared since the death of Ultimate Peter Parker.

    • He was on New Mutants for a while. He’s going to be penciling an A+X story about Doop and Iron Fist.

    • Oh yeah, he did that Fear Itself arc of New Mutants, right?

      Has anyone been paying attention to the creative teams on A+X? Is it just one-off pairings, or could an Iron First (or Doop?) book drawn by LaFuente be forthcoming?

  8. Have they mentioned when Marvel NOW! is officially over? Or are we going to keep seeing these one word teasers for a couple of years yet.

  9. Wolverine NOW!

  10. I would love to jump into a new Wolverine on-going… but I know eventually some dope will let Loeb write and arc and I would just have to drop it again.

  11. Man, I hope DC doesn’t lose Cornell to Marvel after they just snatched him up

    • iIsuspect he had a two and a half year contract with them, Action to the end of Demon Knights would do it. it would suck if he was done with DC books.

      I’ll call this as an adjectiveless Wolvie book.

    • I recall reading a rumor a couple months ago saying that Cornell was wrapping up Demon Knights & replacing it with Marvel work. Which is what is now happening. I’m guessing his contract with DC is up. Since the New 52 started, DC’s had more than a couple creators leave. Wouldn’t surprise me.

    • No reason creators can’t jump back and forth to keep things fresh. I would’ve liked to see him on Demon Knights a bit longer but oh well. Hopefully he’ll get a nice long run on Saucer Country.

      His voice seems better suited for Marvel, I think. And maybe he realized he prefers Marvel’s editorial style after being at DC for a while.

  12. I hope its daken

  13. It’s actually Cornell West and Sammy Davis Jr.

  14. I’m guessing this is the standard Wolverine book. Savage Wolverine by Frank Cho is a different sort of book. Just like I couldn’t see Marvel not having a book named “Uncanny X-Men”, same goes for “Wolverine”. Next up “Amazing Spider-Man”?

  15. If I didn’t hate Wolverine I would be all over this but I’ve learned my lesson that even writers I like can’t make me enjoy some characters and Wolvie happens to be one of them.

  16. Could some of you tell me what is so appealing about Wolverine? I am not saying he is a bad character, I just want to know why people like him so much.

  17. When Cornell confirmed that he was leaving Demon Knights, he did hint that he had something else up his sleeve, so . . .

    I would love the combination of Cornell and Alan Davis on a book, but can’t get excited about buying a Wolverine title. Plus, it doesn’t seem like the best match between creator & character. Oh well, at least, I’ll still have Saucer Country . . .

  18. I know it’s unlikely, but how sweet would a new X-23 book done by these two be??

  19. Is Marvel ever going to try another type of advertisement? They’ve been doing these for years. It seems like it would ONLY cater to someone who is deeply familiar with the source material.

    I mean I know they are supposed to pay lip service to attracting new readers but this is just so freaking insular.

    How is this supposed to draw someone in who doesn’t know that SNIKT is the onomatopoetic expression (in comics alone!) that stands for a Wolverine or Wolverine Derivative from unsheathing their claws?

    • Simple. It’s not.

      Everyone knows the new reader market isn’t what people think it is. The bread and butter remains current and lapsed readers. They do this because it’s how they market to their current audience. You’re supposed to do that, you know.

  20. Obviously “snikt!” is the sound of the Black Knight sheathing his sword in the new MI13 book, right?

  21. That is a great creative team. I’m not even a huge fan of Wolverine, and this is very tempting.

  22. Whether it’s Wolverine, Daken, or X-23 I am down on getting this IF the team is Cornell (AND) Alan Davis.

    If it isn’t Alan Davis I am not up for getting this. (No offense to anyone else named Davis who would be doing this)

  23. I’ve had terrific enjoyment from Paul Cornell’s writing @ DC, in particular, his work on Action Comics, Knight & Squire & Demon Knights.

    I am pleased for my Marvel brethren, who will doubtless welcome him back warmly.

    Yet another quality writer tires of micro-muddling from DC Editorial.

  24. I know it was just a joke up above, but I would read the hell out of any comic written by Cornel West. Especially Wolverine.

  25. IF that’s Alan Davis, count me in. i really liked his Logan from Schism.