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Name: Skott Jimenez

Bio: I've been collecting comics since 1990, Ghost Rider Volume 2, Number 1 is the comic that began my collection.Currently I have over 5,0200 comics and my top book is Fables.http://fanboyunlimited.blogspot.com/


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February 8, 2012 12:52 pm That's one of the reasons I don't even consider digital 'comics' When I pay for something that I like, I want to actually own something. I have over 5,500 comics in my collection, plus who knows how many trades and graphic novels, and I would never give them up for a digital 'copy' I do my best not to trash digital but it's difficult when the impression is given that somehow digital is better and more sophisticated than a real comicbook. Digital is good for those poor souls who don't have a shop near them, though DCBS is a great way of getting books, or have a really bad store to deal with, I've dealt with a few in my time, 2 when I lived in Portland, but beyond that I don't see the greatness of them. I love sitting on the couch or on the floor with a cartoon DVD playing on the TV and read comics for hours. I love getting around 20 50 cent kids comics at conventions and giving them to kids I know and REALLY love seeing them sit down and enjoy them. Gives me hope for the future. But these are things you can't really do with a digital 'comic' Glad it's something people are willing to settle for but it isn't the same as actually having a real issue. NOw, if only we could get better stories and not these stupid reboots and retcons...
February 6, 2012 1:57 pm I am not now, never have been and never will be even remotely interested in digital 'comics' I get stuff emailed to me from friends and such wanting me to check out this or that comic and I simply don't look at them. I can't sit in front of my computer or look at a screen on anything and 'read a comic' I don't really see anything that makes them better.
September 14, 2011 9:00 pm I simply cannot say how much I've been enjoying this series since it's change over. Gillen has made this one of my favorite books and made it so easy to walk away from Thor (not big on Fraction's handling of him and bailed on Feat Itself after the second snorer issue). I didn't expect to like this Young Loki so much and this issue, even being without Loki, has to be one of my favorite Marvel single issues this year!
September 9, 2011 2:00 pm Years ago I was big into Chaos! Comics. They put out a book, Omen, which had 5 different covers, all shipped equally. At this time I had 3 stores in my area, after getting 4 of the 5 at two of them I went to the last one, Collector's Zone. He had the cover I needed and was charging $9.99 for a $3 book the day it came out. I asked why and he said it was a special cover. I told him there are no special covers that they were all shipped equally. He said I didn't get as many of these ones as I did the other. I consider that a special cover. I told him I won't pay more for a book because he didn't know how to order his books. He said fine, good luck finding it cheaper. It took a few years but I found it at a show in a 50 cent box. I don't like going to that store, it just has a strange vibe to it.
September 7, 2011 3:33 am Fraggin' LOVE Lobo! He's awesome and so much fun. I've got every single comic/oneshot/miniseries whatever he's been in. Wish they would do more with him. So far he hasn't even been mentioned in this new watered down DCnU, which is probably good, some bastich would probably redesign him and force him to wear a collar like some geek. It's interesting, I love Ghost Rider up until Hammer Lame. After that, EVERYTHING after that has been garbage. I've been re-reading the 90's Ghost Rider series and loving every issue of it. Silver Surfer? Sometimes he whiny but he's another of my favorite characters of all time along with the awesome Darkhawk and Sleepwalker! Can't forget the ORIGINAL Death's Head! For some reason I dig the fringe characters from the main universes but then you try something like Preacher or Transmet and I simply lose interest. Watchmen will flat out put me to sleep. (But I'll read Fables any day of the week, been collecting that since #1 and I totally love me some Arsenic Lullabies!) Also, I say frag (and it's variations) AND bastich in every day conversation. Nothing wrong with that, Clyde.
August 29, 2011 1:57 pm I think a lot of it mainly depends on what company got you into comics. I'm more Marvel than anything else because I started reading Marvel comics when I began my collection. I have friends who I introduced to comics but started reading DC and now prefer DC over Marvel. It's a preference but we still look in on each other's universes to see whats going on and we have branched out a lot over the years.
August 24, 2011 1:16 pm Been loving this series since it began! It's perfect!
August 22, 2011 3:31 am Should do one on character make overs. I'd certainly put Lobo in that one. He went from a god-awful purple and orange body suit to a pretty sweet ass biker look.
August 22, 2011 3:29 am Normally I have a good time trashing comicbook 'based' movies but these Ghost Rider movies just piss me off so much...I just want this to bomb so miserably and die a painful death at the box office that no one will EVER make another one again. The first one was offensive to this Ghost Rider fan of 21 years. Just watching the filmed abortion of a trailer for the second one shows me hollywood really doesn't give a damn about the material and these 'directors' should be waterboarded. NOTHING about either of these movies is right. Except the names and that's about it. I look forward to trashing this crapper as much as possible until it opens.
August 11, 2011 1:54 pm I'm getting worried about all these Walking Dead items...over exposure is a destructive thing. 
Having said that, I do have this on order at my LCS.