There’s a story bartenders tell about the devil. That at closing time, he chooses a bar and walks in the door. He’ll want to talk about his day. If you listen and survive, he’ll give you a tip. The story isn’t true, but occasionally it amuses Mephisto to play along. And when he’s spent the day spying on all the earthly gods and what exactly they’re going to do about FEAR ITSELF, you’ll want to hear what he has to say.

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Richard Elson
Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Stephanie Hans

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  1. Hopefully this little break in the Loki story will be justified. But I trust Gillen cause he writes a really good Mephisto. Too bad Braithwaite couldn’t do the art for this, but Elson is a pretty good replacement from the earlier Thor run.

    • I’m not sure we can necessarily consider this a “break”, given Loki’s machinations and subtle manipulation of both Mephisto and Hela … who knows what shall be revealed in the next couple issues.

  2. Hmm… a fill-in artist might be just the chance I need to skip a month, in order to try out more DC #1’s.

  3. Disappointed by the fill-in, but it was clearly publishing at a rate unsustainable by Braithwaite. Better a fill-in story than messing up the amazing tale he and Gillen are weaving. Still, considering this is mid Fear Itself tie-in, this will be kinda weird.

  4. that cover… that’s fucking great.

  5. Totally fine with a “fill in” issue that entails Mephisto venting at a bar. Not sure how I feel about the focus being taken away from Loki but Gillen’s characterization of Mephisto has been fantastic–and Loki’s manipulations are still driving the story.

  6. Just as a “In Passing” thing…

    i) While this doesn’t actually star Loki, it impacts his story pretty heavily.
    ii) It also sets up the next two years of JIM stories.

    It’s not an extraneous fill-in.


    • Thanks for the clarification Kieron!

      Does this mean ‘JIM’ is going to turn into a Mephisto centric title soon? (Or just him as the big baddie?) Either way I’m excited for the future of this title.

    • Not wanting to give away spoilers, no, the book keeps Loki as its lead for the foreseeable future.

      The issue basically does a lot to both set up a variety of future threats* and the larger infrastructure it all happens within.

      Er… that doesn’t make it sound exciting, I know, but stripping all the spoilers out of it can leave it sounding dry.


      *With a quick count off the top of my head, 4 stories I’m doing are introduced herein.

    • Curse you, Gillen! Now I must possess the secrets you tease!

      My wallet! She weeps!

    • Kieron; Not to kiss your ass, but this is handily one of the best books at Marvel right now. Dammit man.

  7. In the midst of Fear Itself, how can something be THIS good?

    • Anyone remember Jason Aaron’s Black Panther tie-in to Secret Invasion? In the midst of Event Madness there is always something very much worth reading.

    • this is no doubt marvel’s best title right now. fuckn fantastic. besides, how could something not be this good when compared to or in the midst of fear itself.

  8. this and dark horse’s baltimore are the two most underrated books on the shelves. seriously, this book is what comics should aspire to be. smart, epic and sympathetic to its mischievous hero. i wonder, will gillen inspire sympathy for the devil? although i must admit, im going to miss braithwaite on this issue. but am super stoked for a devil story. make mine gillen!

  9. gillen has never failed me.

  10. POTW yet again. I think I would marry this book if I could.

    The art wasn’t as stunning as Braithwaite’s and I obviously missed Kid Loki, but Gillen’s Mephisto is just outstanding. Just a wonderful character to read. I hope he remains a constant thorn in the side of Li’l Loki throughout the run.

  11. I simply cannot say how much I’ve been enjoying this series since it’s change over. Gillen has made this one of my favorite books and made it so easy to walk away from Thor (not big on Fraction’s handling of him and bailed on Feat Itself after the second snorer issue). I didn’t expect to like this Young Loki so much and this issue, even being without Loki, has to be one of my favorite Marvel single issues this year!

  12. Fantastic issue!! I absolutely love the representation of the pantheon of devils here (and how Kid Loki’s roughed gallery so far are all “the devil” of some sort or another. Even without Loki, this book is just too fun!

  13. This i’s the first issue of Gillen’s JIM that hasn’t been my PPTW however, just waaaay too many great books this week and this was still kinda a light-feeling Segway issue (even though it still IS the main Fear Itself story in my eyes! I keep getting confused when people bash that event cause Loki’s battle against the Serpent has been classic so far)

  14. Made me laugh and feel uncomfortable all the same time, now that:s good comics.

  15. great story. good art. i like seeing other godlings brought into this and hearing their grievances, funny. the only thing that puzzles me: around page 10 or so, mephisto confesses that he has never impersonated satan. but, i’ve read that he in fact did in order to trick johnny blaze into becoming ghost rider or, rather, acquire his soul. was the devil, not surprisingly so, lying? or has the continuity been changed and im just not aware of it?

  16. Another fantastic issue even without Young Loki. Can’t wait to see what happens next issue and beyond — thanks, Gillen for the teases about the future direction of the title. Glad to hear that Young Loki will be around for awhile.

    And I always did suspect that Mephisto was quite vain about his sideburns . . .

  17. So picked this issue up based on all the word of mouth, How many have i missed so far?

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