The Walking Dead with No Pictures! Yet Still by Robert Kirkman!

Hitting bookstores (assuming there are any at that point) on October 11, The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor is an original graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic book series, and Jay Bonansinga. The second season of the AMC TV series The Walking Dead conveniently starts five days later on October 16, maximizing use of the TV marketing, and driving people to look for ancillary product in the week long wait between episodes.

But wait, this is related to the comics. Much like Greg Rucka's Queen & Country novels, this story seems to take place within the world of, and coincides with, the ongoing comic series. You may remember the Governor from the comics, when he presided over the town of Woodbury, and you may also remember that some serious stuff went down when they clashed with Rick's gang. Rick had to take them down single handed!

That might be breaking the Walking Dead rule.

Me? I'm all for it. I love a good prose book that goes along with comics. Plus, when I think about what all the story possibilities that are going on in addition to Rick Grimes and company, well, there are a whole bunch of roads to take. One of those roads is a gravy train, and I can't blame Kirkman for stopping at every spot along the way. Kids gotta eat, right?

If you want to pre-order it, you could do that.


  1. is this in the comic continuity or the tv shows?

  2. I’m interested.

  3. @mikeandzod21  The first sentence in the second paragraph:

    “But wait, this is related to the comics. Much like Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country novels, this story seems to take place within the world of, and coincides with, the ongoing comic series.”

  4. you are very clever and very sneaky Mr Flanagan!

  5. They had a give away at Comic Con. I just missed it! I do have it pre-ordered though

  6. i don’t know if i’ll be interested in this, but it sounds like a cool idea. To me, writing a novel that takes place inside an existing, ongoing comic book world really has the potential to elevate the medium and get that story out to more people. 

    I think my wife might be more inclined to read this than the comics for example.  

  7. I’m very excited for this. It will be cool expand this world and tell new stories. Seeing as this is about the governor, I’m sure I’ll be thoroughly appalled throughout.

  8. I had no idea Rucka had done this with Q&C.  It’s something I’ve often wondered why more writers don’t do. In any case, it’s definitely on my buy list!

  9. As a guy that reads Star Wars, Mass Effect, and Gears of War expanded universe material…..this news makes me giddy.  I wonder if there will be another one for the upcoming Walking Dead game?

  10. I’m in so Kirkman can add an extra room onto his mansion.

  11. So Kirkman plotting and Bonansinga writing? Usually I’m a sucker for these kinds of things but I don’t know if I can see it working in a non-visual medium. The reason the Q+C books work so well is because they’re so wordy, so full of little details. I don’t think zombie prose works nearly as well as live action or comics. We shall see.

    Let us know if it’s good iFanmen!

  12. I’m interested in almost anything pertaining to Walking Dead.

  13. Squeeze the $$ sponge big guy.  Walking Dead perfume next.

  14. I think about the Governor arc every time my daughter watches Toy Story 3.

    Because Lotso is the Governor.

    Think about it. 

  15. @Jimski  mi-BLOWN-nd.

  16. I’m getting worried about all these Walking Dead items…over exposure is a destructive thing. 
    Having said that, I do have this on order at my LCS.