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Marvel Heroes MMO Details & Teaser Trailer

The Marvel MMO written by Bendis is real! First look at gameplay!

TRAILER: The Walking Dead Video Game

Every wanted to be one of the Walking Dead? Now’s your chance to do so, while sitting on your couch.

Kinect Star Wars: The Dancing Game?

It’s like You Got Served but with lightsabers, and droids and Wookiees.

Your First Look at THE WALKING DEAD Game

Even though it’s a hellish landscape of death, you too can live in the world of The Walking Dead.

FORUM: ‘Batman: Arkham City’

Batman is the night. Are you the night too?

September 2011 Grab Bag!

It’s time for the Grab Bag! Mike’s scoured the Web for a few things he thinks you’ll enjoy…

First Impressions: ‘Batman: Arkham City’ the Video Game

Molly played Batman: Arkham City at PAX Prime 2011. Here are her first impressions of this much anticipated video game.

Dr. Strange Gameplay Trailer Released for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! Capcom unleashes a mystic multitude of new videos for the upcoming Xbox 360/PS3 fighter.

Molly’s Best Comic Book Video Games

Comic Books + Video Games = AWESOME!!!