Kinect Star Wars: The Dancing Game?

Kinect: Star Wars is officially released tomorrow but footage from the video game has already shown up on the Internet.

It seems there is a dancing element to the game. This makes sense. Dancing games are huge. Why can’t Han Solo and Lando Calrissian have a dance off with each other?

They even changed the lyrics of popular songs to be more relevant with the Star Wars universe.

I’m feeling like a star
You can’t stop my shine
I’m loving Cloud City
My head’s in the sky.
I’m Solo
I’m Han Solo
I’m Han Solo
I’m Han Solo

What do you think? Genius or Travesty? We here at iFanboy vote GENIUS.




  1. DJ Lobot is currently my favorite thing ever.

  2. There is a song to the theme of YMCA called “Empire Today.”

    As a long-time Star Wars fan, I love it. It’s so ridiculous and cheesy.

  3. This is the greatest thing since Masters of Teras Kasi.

  4. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I’ve added the ‘Trash Compactor’ to my list of dance floor moves.

  5. I also like that in the background there is a stormtrooper ignoring his job and just getting letting loose. Maybe he is on their equivalent of shore leave.

  6. Jesus fucking Christ! HERESYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I say!

    Seriously though, there’s a guy that call these shots and demands or even think it’s hip or cool to have that… And he gets paid to make those decisions right… And I mean, why is he still ALIVE!? 0_o

    Jar-Jar Binks was a dickslap to the face of fans from Lucas himself, but this, this… HERESYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    /Nerdrage mode: off.


  8. Holy crap, those ARE the droids i was looking for!111111

    This was perhaps the greatest thing i’ve seen in a while. Those lyrics…those grooving storm troopers. And yes DJ Lobot was rad as f#ck.

    Wish i had a freakin kinect

  9. Chewie Hug? Falcon Flight? Double Blaster?


  10. Reminds me too much of the dance scene in “Jedi.” Don’t like it.

    • No. This is totally the scene from The Empire Strikes Back, when Han and Lando had the dance-off in Cloud City. However, the continuity is wrong because the dance-off happened BEFORE Han was frozen in carbonite.

  11. If anything is deserving of a Skywalker “NOOOOOOOO,” it’s this.

  12. This is just crazy, I have feeling that this isn’t the only dance sequence in the game too.

  13. Where is the G.D. apocalypse!?! Humanity is no longer worth saving. Society needs to got smote!

  14. Let it be known that I do not hate fun. You are the one who hates fun.

  15. I’ve been singing this Han Solo song all day.

  16. Never having played a dance game, I don’t know exactly why it keeps saying Billy Dee’s crotch is “AWESOME,” but you know what? I agree.

  17. It’s not too far-fetched, they’ve been doing Star Wars Dance Off at Disneyland for years now:

  18. And I’ve just noticed that the carbonite grabber arm picks up a Death Star disco ball out of the carbonite pit. I need this game.

  19. “You have chosen… wisely” to crib a line from Star Wars’ Kissing Cousin. There is nothing about this that isn’t a good decision. Oh Star Wars, you vast money making machine you.

    (Also, was that the Outrider? Is Dash Rendar in this?)

  20. Okay you guys…
    This is so frustrating. SW Kinect completely stole this from a rapper by the name of Mc Chris.
    The kept the original song’s music, but the idea and chorus were done first by Mc Chris.
    Please check this out!

  21. Picking this up tomorrow along with my r2d2 Xbox. Cannot wait!!!!

  22. I don’t know what’s more disturbing:

    The fact that this is real
    They used a young Harrison Ford model to do the dancing

  23. Hey, man, George Lucas has five, I mean, three kids to feed!

  24. This is Awesome!

  25. Vader dancing to “The EMPIRE State of Mind” or Chewbacca’s “WhoLet The Dogs Out”?

  26. Well, I think this officially destroys the last shred of credibility and relevance Star Wars had.

  27. YES! YES! YES!

  28. Yeesh after watching that I’m starting to think maybe Greedo did shoot first.

  29. This is mesmerizing. Watching these clips is its own psychedelic drug.

    I would strongly recommend watching the first clip that comes up after the video on this page. Holla Back Girl re-purposed to Hologram Girl. Jabba bobbing his head to the beat. Slave girl Leah. Dancing Jawas. Boba Fett. It’s glorious.

  30. Just ordered it based on my kids doing the “double blaster” and “Not a Scratch” for the last 24 hours.

  31. Wow! I had no idea that I’d been doing a move called the Double Blaster for years! Life is so much cooler now!

    I have a Kinect, but no games for it. That ends today.