Marvel Heroes MMO Details & Teaser Trailer

The long wait is over, finally some details about the Marvel MMO have come to light.  Called Marvel Heroes, the massively multiplayer online game is in active development by video game studio Gazillion.  We spoke with Brian Michael Bendis about the project last year, as he’s on the creative team developing the game.  Today, Gazillion released the below trailer along with some additional details:

  • The game will feature Marvel characters ranging from the heavy hitters like Iron Man and Thor all the way down to Squirrel Girl.
  • Players will be able to customize characters, drawing upon costumes from the characters histories in the comics as well as tweak powers so to make each character custom tailored to the player.
  • Locations in the game will feature classic spots from the Marvel Universe, like Xavier’s in Westchester, The Savage Land, Hell’s Kitchen and of course the ever popular Midtown Manhattan.

In addition to Bendis, the creative team at Gazillion behind the game are led by David Brevik, the creator of Diablo and Diablo II.

You can get more info on the game at the website or follow them on Twitter @MMMSociety


  1. Ok im interested

  2. Not a big video game guy, but yeah, looks good.

  3. It’s cool that you can be an actual Marvel Character. But what happens if everybody wants to be Iron man?

    • Article on IGN that I read basically said that you could have a whole party of Iron Man if you want. So it doesn’t look like they care in that regard.

  4. Some interesting choices. It’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up play wise to City of Heroes, DCU Online, and Champions Online (which began life as the Marvel MMO).

    • Actually all of the explanations I’ve read is that it’ll be more like the Diablo franchise from Blizzard.

    • Makes sense. The footage looks as if it’s isometric and the lead on the project was responsible for Diablo and Diablo II. That will definitely make it stand out in the crowd.

      Clever move to time the trailer to go out after Diablo III launched too.

  5. I love video games, I love comics and I love action RPG gameplay like this, so I’m absolutely ready to get my hands on this.

  6. will it only be a PC game?

  7. I’m playing Diablo III at the moment. But I am so ready for this.

  8. Hurray for Squirrel Girl!

  9. I really hope Machine Man is in this.

  10. OK, I’m going to start lobbying to have Darkhawk included. Who’s with me?

  11. *crickets chirping*

  12. I know have dreams of being Beast and bouncing around the battlefield.

  13. Pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood

  14. If they said everyone from Iron Man to Squirrel Girl I’m sure theres’s room for Darkhawk. Game looks fun, hope it just starts out free like DC online should’ve to begin with, I wanna make time for these games, I really do, we’ll see.

  15. I know it is by a different gaming studio but to me this looks like it could be along the lines of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I have been waiting for a third one for years and this looks promising. Really hope this is good.

  16. This looks good, but the thought of playing on-line with 50,000 snarky assholes all using Deadpool makes me want to pass.

  17. I’m not a gamer, but the website says this is free-to-play so I’ll definitely check it out (then quit after five minutes when I realize I’m complete crap at it, like every almost other video game I’ve played in the last 20ish years).

    Here’s my n00b question — how does a “free-to-play” MMO game like this generate revenue?

  18. all the way down to squirrel girl? that’s girl soaring popularity (and villian @$$-kicking prowess) will prove to be more than a match for those “heavy hitters”.

    In all seriousness, I’ll be trying this out, comic licensed video games seem to be getting better, maybe this one will get it right just like the Avengers movie did.