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DC Histories: Batman and Superman’s Relationship

While they may be opposites, Superman and Batman have a friendship that goes back decades.

Kyle Baker Comments on ‘Man of Steel’ with ‘Mass Murderer of Steel’ Browser Game

Pretty devastating.

iFlashback! June 23rd, 2004

Nine years ago you were on your way to the comic shop to buy new comics in the sweltering heat. Check out the books you most likely purchased while sweating.

World’s Friskiest: Charles Soule & Tony Daniel Team for SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN

Power couple.

Movie Review: ‘Man of Steel’ (Spoiler Free)

Guys, he REALLY wants that Codex.

‘Man of Steel’

“On my world it means hope.”

I Remember Superman

After seventy-five years, the Superman we know and love is about to start a new chapter. Will Man of Steel change anything?

Weekly Sketch Up – 6.14.2013

Short one this week, but they’re all amazing, so it’s cool. Totally cool. Right?

Great Moments in Comics History: Superman #164

In which Superman regrets a decision.

Superman: Corporate Icon

Arguably his most important role (depending on who you ask).