World’s Friskiest: Charles Soule & Tony Daniel Team for SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN

IGN broke the news today that DC Comics power couple Superman and Wonder Woman will headline a new ongoing series. Charles Soule (Swamp Thing) and Tony Daniel (Action Comics) will explore the romance of the New 52’s most powerful beings starting in October.

This likely means the end of Daniel’s tenure on Action Comics, but we’re still not sure quite how that’ll shake out. We have been digging Soule’s work on Swamp Thing, though, so we’re definitely heartened by this news. Wonder if weird voyeuristic Batman will serves as the book’s recurring Where’s Waldo style Easter egg.

Here’s a promo:

The S stands for ‘sensual’.


  1. Is it too early to name Soule as this year’s Remender? The dude’s pretty much rocketed out of nowhere to write seemingly half of the books the Big Two are putting out.

  2. I think Johns said that the relationship was coming to an end at some point? Did they change their minds?

    Soule’s a great writer I’m not too keen on the relationship although I feel like a Superman/Wonder Woman book is what should’ve, at least briefly, filled in for Superman/Batman when Bruce died.

    I think this also marks the first time Wonder Woman’s had two books at the same time.

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm I “might” try out the first issue just for fun and see if it’s worth reading or not.

  4. I’ll pick up the first issue to try it out. Daniel’s art in the promo looks good.

  5. Doesn’t really interest me. I’m not just shitting on DC, I just don’t care for WW and Supes as a couple. I’m happy for Diana though. Like someone mentioned above, it’s cool to see her in two (three if you count JL) books on the shelves.

    • Actually, I’m curious to see if Soule draws from the Azzarello characterization of Diana. If he does, I may be on board. I’ll check out the first issue, but if it drifts into romance comics territory, I’ll be bailing out.

    • @WheelHands

      I was thinking the same thing…about whether Soule will draw from Azzarello’s Wondy or Johns’ Wondy. If it’s the later, then I’m probably out.

      I hope that they utilize this title to help create a stronger set of rogues for WW. After Ares, Circe, & Cheetah the rest are all minor.

  6. Weird, I was reading another forum yesterday and someone was complaining about wanting another WW series that focused on her superheroics. Hopefully this can be as compelling as the Samaritan and his ladylove in “Astro City”.

  7. Interesting. I knew Soule had a big announcement to make, but I was hoping it would be that he was taking over Action or Superman proper. I’ll check this out if they actually make it 2.99, but I think that’s a slim chance, too bad because I do like what Soule has been doing. I could do without the soap opera romance angle, but take what you can get I guess.

    • I, too, am worried this is gonna be another 3.99 book. I’ve dropped a bunch of DC books the past couple of weeks – they aren’t squeezing another dollar out of me, instead they are losing many dollars.

  8. This looks good. I’m not a superfan of any of the elements involved here, although Soule has really been impressing me lately, but the combination of everything and everyone involved here looks like it could really be a great thing.

  9. I would read a supes/ ww story getting all hot and bothered. She’s hot. He should shed that Boy Scout image. What better way than this for bringing the new 52 image. Tap that bro!

  10. I’ll check out the first issue. Chances are this will not be my cuppa. All I really care about is that this will (hopefully) not derail what is going on in the main WW book. (Please God, no crossovers!)

  11. What’s going on with Wonder Woman’s lasso? At least its not forming a heart shape above their heads. And why is the sword stuck in Superman’s cape? Oh, and…why will this exist?

  12. dublindarling (@dublindarling27) says:

    soooo even though superman and lois are in the public eye with MOS, we’re going to announce a wonder woman/superman book? … that’s a GREAT idea!!!!! new readers are definitely going to love it, as well as all of those old readers who must be so sick of lois and clark!!!! wowzers!!!!!

    (seriously this makes me want to puke a little. it’s funny because I would’ve eaten a book like this UP before the new 52, when clark and diana were just friends. now I’m disinterested and disheartened. a supey/wondy team-up I would love, but fanboy fantasies do not make for good comic books.)

    • When are Superman and Lois not together? Besides here, it’s automatically assumed it’s him and Lois. At least with Spider-Man you’ve got other love interests besides MJ.

    • Spiderman is curently a different PERSON. I think that’s a bit of a bigger deal than a different girlfriend:)

      Sups & Wondy have both had a bunch of different love interests. It’s not a big deal. Kal-El once dated a mermaid. This is just an opportunity for some good stories. Cheer up.

    • Ah I forget about the body switch. Boy that would confuse the hell out of new readers! I think thats good in a way, I don’t want the comics and the movies to be mirror images of each other.

      And I agree about Supes and Wondy, its new. Whats the New 52 for if not trying new things?

  13. Neat creative team, i’ll give the first issue a go.

  14. Bleeding Cool said it best:

    “DC Announces New Slash Fiction Comic”

  15. This looks like a trade I might read someday.

  16. This is an intriguing idea for a comic. The only other example of a comic about a romantically involved couple I can think of is Cloak and Dagger, and I believe they have only starred in miniseries. I am one of the fans of “Man of Steel,” and that film really got me looking forward to a Justice League film, where a romantic dynamic between Supes and WW could be very interesting. Henry Cavill’s Superman is kind of shy, retiring, and unsure of his place in the world. Wonder Woman knows who she is — princess, demigod, warrior trained in the martial arts by Ares himself. It would stand to reason that WW would be the more confident and assertive of the pair.