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Kelly Sue DeConnick Pilots AVENGERS ASSEMBLE to Infinity this August

Black Widow and Spider-Woman slip the surly bonds for an adventure beyond the stars!

First Look: Disney’s First Animated Marvel Movie….’Big Hero 6′?


New Comics for 05.08.2013 actually slept all the way until the alarm went off

I like comics! You like comics! Let’s not get up an hour before we have to!

iFlashback! May, 5th, 2004

These are the comics that came out on May 5, 2004. You most likely were drinking a margarita while you were going through your stack.

New Comics for 05.01.2013 is going to have to go boldly where no one has gone before

I like comics! You like comics! Let’s all go to the movies!

Coming Attractions: Marvel’s INFINITY Movie Pos…Oh, it’s a Comic


Great Pages: IRON MAN #128

Tony discovers his most insidious foe in this defining story.

C2E2 2013: Aaron & Garney Pit THOR: GOD OF THUNDER Against Malekith the Accursed

Straight outta Svartalfheim

C2E2 2013: After Two Decades, Peter David’s X-FACTOR Run Ends in September

Will we ever see its like again?

C2E2 2013: Paul Cornell & Alan Davis To Make Wolverine KILLABLE in August [UPDATE]

This is different from when Hugh Jackman makes Wolverine “kissable.”